#GotGVol3 – Movie Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – Budget of $250+ million – 2 hours and 30 minutes

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The Guardians of the Galaxy have set up their headquarters on Knowhere. Rocket works on his inventions, while Nebula creates business on the planet. Mantis dances while Drax watches with contempt. Rocket walks into Quill’s quarters to find him stammering drunk. Quill drinks himself into oblivion daily to forget the woman he lost twice. After Quill passes out, Nebula puts him into bed, and he calls Nebula Gamora and says I love you. Adam crashes into Rocket and tears through Knowhere. The team fights him off with assistance from Kraglin and Cosmo, but Rocket gets the brunt of the injuries. Adam flies away as the Guardians tend to Rocket’s wounds. Quill wakes from his stooper, blames himself, and puts a medic pack on Rocket. However, it doesn’t heal Rocket. It causes him to convulse. Nebula demands they take the pack off and bring Rocket to the ship.

Nebula links herself to Rocket’s circuits and scans him. She discovers a kill switch on his heart, but they need a passkey to remove it. Nebula uncovers that Orgo Corp created the kill switch on the Orgosphere planet. Nebula knows it has a force field and calls a contact to enter the planet’s atmosphere. Quill hacks into the planet’s defense system and gets into the airspace. However, Ravagers surround their aircraft. They enter, and Quill speaks to them because he wears their flames. However, Stakar isn’t Nebula’s contact; Gamora is. She is with Stakar’s faction and wants 100,000 units from the Guardians to help. Nebula agrees to the terms, and the team sets on their mission to get the passkey to save Rocket’s life.

Adam returns to his mother, Ayesha, without 89P13, and the High Evolutionary is furious. He grabs Ayesha by the throat and threatens to destroy her, Adam, and their race, The Sovereign, if he doesn’t get his creation. The High Evolutionary, Dr. Herbert Wyndham, reminds Ayesha of his strength because they and their birthing pods are his creation. He made them to be a perfect society, but they are not. Ayesha vows Adam will get 89P13 and ensures her promise by coming with Adam. Herbert knows exactly where 89P13 and his friends will go to save him and gives Ayesha and Adam the coordinates.

While in a coma, Rocket thinks about his time in a cage before Herbert started experiments on him. Herbert dreamed of using lower life forms to create a perfect society, a world without prejudice and addiction but with extreme intelligence. 89P13 was Herbert’s first shining light of success. Herbert lets his plan slip in a fit of drunken jealous rage. He couldn’t replicate his success with 89P13, who named himself Rocket. So he wanted to extract Rocket’s brain to study what made Rocket special. Rocket escaped, but Herbert never stopped looking for Rocket. Herbert sends Ayesha and Adam to get Rocket back but has a backup plan to guarantee he gets his ultimate prize.

Fans watch this ragtag bunch become a team in the first movie. In the second, diehards see them become a family. Now, prepare to watch the Guardians discover themselves. You will get eye-popping graphics, funny commentary, and assorted genres of music in this Guardians’ farewell, along with a new opener dedicated to your beloved favorites. In Rocket’s story, they reveal their issues about their past. Quill can’t let go of Gamora while he tries desperately to forget his life on Earth. Nebula fights for the family she gained but keeps a connection to her lost sister. Mantis and Drax want to grow on the team, but Nebula points out their shortcomings. And Groot worries about Rocket while being Groot. Yes, you must see four films before sitting for Volume 3. Viewers should watch Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1, Volume 2, Avengers: Infinity Wars, and Avengers: End Game (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The third installment makes jokes about the past, brings up previous events, and returns old characters for a final bow. The prior two films focused on action, humor, and an unspoken connection, but this film added an untapped emotional element for every character. Every Guardian gets an end to their tale, and audiences will leave the theater knowing that the Guardians will be alright. This film has mid- and post-credits scenes. And the final message will make Marvel fans smile.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I am Groot – Groot

You think I’m stupid – Drax

Y’all are just making up stuff that he says. Right? – Gamora

You’re a bad dog – Kraglin

Take that back – Cosmo

Come on, Drax, dance – Mantis

I told you a million times. I am not a damn raccoon – Rocket

I don’t care, Cosmo – Nebula

Who threw that at me – Adam

Be not as you are but as you should be – The High Evolutionary

I went back and got this for you – Star-Lord

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