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Abducted on Prom Night – Review

Abducted on Prom Night – Lifetime – 2 hour and 0 minutes

Four weeks ago, a man in a fake rideshare car tried to kidnap Kimber after a party. Kimber’s mom, Principal Shawna, wants to keep Kimber under lock and key. Lately, Kimber acts out in class and cheats. Her teacher sends Kimber to Shawna’s office. Shawna is deeply disappointed in Kimber’s actions, and Kimber blames her parents’ divorce after her father’s affair. Shawna warns Kimber that using their divorce as an excuse for her bad behavior won’t last long. Kimber leaves in a huff and joins her friend, Everleigh.

After classes, Kimber finds a prom-posal on her locker from her boyfriend, Austin. Kimber thinks it’s cute, but Everleigh says it’s childish. Kimber excepts Austin’s invitation. Everleigh and Kimber walk down the school steps as Joan approaches. She tells Kimber that she ensured Austin got her favorite flowers. Then, Joan asks to speak to Kimber in private. Joan tells Kimber that she misses their friendship and would like to spend more time together like they did when they were best friends. Kimber asks Joan to be her plus 2 for prom, much to Everleigh’s chagrin.

Austin gets a limo for himself, Kimber, Joan, Everleigh, and Everleigh’s boyfriend, Luke. The driver tells them they can’t drink, rough house, or put their limbs outside the limo. He can cancel the ride or add damages to Austin’s bill. And Shawna tells them no alcohol. They agree to the driver and Shawna’s conditions. Austin tells Kimber he has a few surprises for her along the way. During the drive, Everleigh asks Luke if he brought drinks. But Luke didn’t have the time. She tries to convince the driver to make a pit stop, but he won’t. Austin snuck some on board, much to Kimber’s surprise. Everyone but Joan does shots as the driver takes them to Austin’s next surprise. He decided to take Kimber and the group to the place he and Kimber had their first date. The teens dance and drink some more. As they laugh, the driver makes a video of them drinking. He threatens to take them home if they don’t abstain from alcohol for the remainder of the night and relinquish their phones. After some pushback, they all give up their phones and return to the limo. The driver puts their phone under the front wheel, gets in the limo, and drives over them. It doesn’t take long for the group to realize they are going in the wrong direction. The driver locks the doors, rolls up the windows, and tells them to do what he says or die.

Wow, there are so many mistakes it’s difficult for viewers to feel bad for them. And their mistakes cost one member of the group their life. Now, they leave a note for Kimber’s dad, Paul, but give other escape attempts zero thought. There are hints of the motive sprinkled throughout the plot. And the perpetrator’s monologue will tie it all together. When the dust settles, one person will be the undeniable villain of this story, and it’s not the kidnapper. This movie is a cautionary tale to check your rideshare’s license plate before getting in their car.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Believe me. He’s all yours – Kimber

It sucks, but it makes you tougher – Everleigh

I miss you – Joan

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Don’t Sell My Baby – Review

Don’t Sell My Baby – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Nicolette regrets missing a phone call from her friend, Brooke. Brooke was nine months pregnant when she disappeared three days ago. Brooke and Nicolette lived in the same group home run by Rachel. Now, Nicolette passes out missing person flyers for Brooke. Nicolette goes to school, and the new teacher, Sandy, takes Nicolette’s phone for texting in class. Nicolette runs to the bathroom to regurgitate before protesting. Sandy sees Nicolette at the nurse’s station and spots her symptoms. Nicolette wants to take a pregnancy test but can’t because the nurse is out. After school, Sandy passes Nicolette waiting at the nurse’s station again and uses her master key to get into the office. She grabs a test for Nicolette. The test is positive, and Sandy shares her teen pregnancy story.

Nicolette gets a call from Brooke after Nicolette leaves school. Nicolette locates Brooke even though it’s a distorted call. Brooke runs towards Nicolette, but a car hits and kills Brooke. Detective Holmes brings a traumatized Nicolette home. Nicolette remembered Brooke wasn’t pregnant anymore. So she wonders what happened to the baby.

Nicolette’s head swirls with concern over Brooke and her baby, but Nicolette needs to talk to the father of her unborn child. Jake thinks Nicolette is lying and leaves her to make arrangements alone. Nicolette worries about her future, but the answer arrives on her doorstep. Abigail from Loving Arms Adoption Agency heard about Nicolette’s pregnancy and wants to help. While it’s illegal to buy babies, desperate and wealthy couples will pay handsomely for Nicolette’s living expenses if she gives her baby up for adoption. Nicolette discusses the options with Sandy, Jake, and her friend, Vanesha, but Nicolette is uncertain. Nicolette is in danger no matter what decision she makes. Abigail and her associates are dangerous and will kill to get Nicolette’s baby.

Nicolette starts as a typical Lifetime brat lashing out at the world for her decisions. However, Sandy can see through her tough exterior. She relates to Nicolette and offers kindness with every shot of Nicolette’s venom. Soon, Nicolette lets down her guard and accepts words of wisdom, a shoulder to cry on, and ginger candy from her favorite teacher. Nicolette refuses to accept people because Vanesha and Brooke are the only ones she has in the world. Audiences will feel that Sandy is overstepping at first. However, her loving nature will ease your concerns as someone drugs and kidnaps Nicolette. And the end will put a smile on your face.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Can you leave me alone – Nicolette

I change my mind. I want to keep my baby – Brooke

I might have some insight into your situation – Sandy

She wants to make an arrangement – Jake

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Spring Breakthrough – Review

Spring Breakthrough – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Monica looked forward to celebrating 20 years with her company but got fired. Her boss, Phil, doesn’t believe Monica can keep up with the times, and the board decided to replace Monica with Kelly. Monica tells her friend, Denise, but wants to hold off on telling her daughter, Vivian. Vivian will return from law school to spend her break with Monica. But one phone call changes all of Monica’s plans. Vivian’s boyfriend, Shawn, proposed to Vivian, and she accepted. Shawn’s parents, Joy and Forrest, want to celebrate their engagement at Forrest’s sister’s hotel. Monica notices that Vivian is ring-less and assumes the proposal is fake. Vivian scoffs at her mother’s dismissive attitude and assures her that she and Shawn will get married. Monica believes Vivian is rushing into this relationship and plans to change Vivian’s mind before Vivian makes her mistakes. Monica wants to keep her job loss a secret until she fixes Vivian’s situation. Denise decides to join them after discovering Vivian’s best friend, Sierra, is attending.

At the airport, Monica forgets her book and goes to the airport store to buy another. She runs into a handsome man that compliments her reading choices. Monica trips over her words and reveals too much about herself. She leaves in embarrassment and forgets to purchase the book. He comes over to Monica with the book Monica wanted as a gift. She admits her attraction to Denise, but it dissipates when the man plays with a soccer ball. She calls him a man-child and reads her book.

Monica meets with Joy and Forrest and becomes wary when they don’t share her sentiment about Vivian and Shawn’s engagement. They inform Monica that Shawn’s godfather, Clark, will arrive late. To Monica’s surprise, her mystery man is Clark. Monica puts up emotional walls against Clark while driving a wedge between Vivian and Shawn and keeping her job loss a secret. However, Monica learns that punishment can come in the form of an answered prayer.

Be ready for an emotional roller coaster with a danceable backing track. Monica’s concerns are valid because Vivian is young and just starting her career. However, the script establishes that Monica is steadfast in her work and home life. She refuses to listen to Kelly’s ideas about updating the website and adding splasher articles. Next, Denise tells Monica to let Vivian make mistakes, but Monica won’t hear it. Monica meddles, hints, and throws shade at Vivian and Shawn’s relationship. Finally, Clark attempts to advise Monica on her personal and professional life, but she feels she is in control. She is a woman on fire, holding gasoline. The plot has amazing laughs with body counts, wild dancing, and quips. Be ready to enjoy this new HMM classic.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Oh, that was shade – Monica

At least some part of you knows how to appreciate a fine man – Denise

It’s not my dad I’m worried about – Vivian

Hey, take the win – Shawn

It’s ok. I have that effect on women – Clark

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Lethal Legacy – Review

Lethal Legacy – BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Anna doesn’t know how to keep her gallery open for another month. She ignores another unidentified phone call and vents to her friend, Kendra. Kendra suggests a night of partying and drinking but advises Anna to pick up her phone first. Anna answers Brian’s call and finds him entering her gallery. He tells Anna that her uncle, Richard, is dead, and he left everything to her, including his money, house, and company. Anna hasn’t seen Richard since her father, William, and Richard had a falling out. During that time, her mother and father died. She considers Kendra to be her only family. Anna doesn’t know what to do, but Kendra convinces her to check out what Brian says before she declines the offer. 

Brian tells Richard’s CFO, James, and business partner, Janet, about Richard’s will, and James is furious. James believes he should be in charge, but Janet tries to calm him. Neither knew Anna existed. But James feels entitled to the promotion after merging his company with Richard’s. They leave unsure of the company’s future. 

Anna and Kendra enter Richard’s home and go over Richard’s estate with Richard’s lawyer, Brian. He tells Anna she has a week to decide if she wants to head the company, but she gets the home and money, regardless. Anna inquires about Richard’s death, and Brian informs her that Richard died in his home office. They don’t know what killed him but suspect it was an overdose. Anna and Kendra walk into the foyer and meet Darren, the house manager. He offers to show them the home while Janet greets them. After the home tour, Richard’s fiancé, Vanessa, confronts Anna with rage. She can’t believe Richard left her nothing and vows to take what is rightfully hers. After getting to know everyone, Anna dates Darren, upsets James, and follows Janet’s guidance. She chooses to be the CEO while asking the medical examiner to research Richard’s death. One request sets a hailstorm of deceit, backstabbing, and murder. 

This mystery has affairs, money laundering, and murder every 30 minutes. The script eliminates suspects by killing them. If you are a fan of TV mysteries, the perpetrator won’t surprise you but confirm your suspicions. However, the elements of money laundering and windfall make this a story you can sink your teeth into. And let’s not forget the crazy Kendra. She is the friend everyone wants. She loves books, men, and saying ever comes to her mind (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). This plot seamlessly weaves mystery, romance, and humor. Of course, it all comes down to a flash drive and a gun. So get ready to dive into a predictable but entertaining mystery.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Hey, Auntie – Kendra

Or it could be a stalker – Anna

Oh, so now it’s we – Janet

You don’t deserve any of this money – Victoria

You’ll get used to it – Darren

What you should worry about is how insignificant your life is now that Richard is gone – James

What makes you think he didn’t know – Brian

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Hearts in the Game – Review

Hearts in the Game – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hazel wants to start a P.R. firm with her assistant, Jax, by her side. After averting another crisis for her client, Hazel meets with a reporter, Morgan. Morgan is impressed with Hazel’s skill but doesn’t think the story is newsworthy. If Hazel wants Morgan to write a story about one of her clients, Hazel needs to get a famous client with a stellar tale, a.k.a ‘a huge get.’ Hazel leaves deflated but receives a phone call from Mark. Mark is a sports agent and wants Hazel to represent his client. Hazel runs to the meeting.

Diego is a baseball player with a golden arm. However, no team wants to hire him. Diego froze in the last inning of Game 7, and his team lost the championship. He hasn’t told anyone why he froze, so his team dropped him. Everyone wants to know what happened, but Diego won’t explain. Now, the New York Mets are interested in Diego but are unsure. Mark desires the right P.R. person to help sway the Mets’ interest.

Hazel enters the restaurant to meet Mark and turns out the door when she sees Diego. Jax stops Hazel to find out why. Hazel admits that she and Diego dated in high school, but he broke her heart on prom night. She left her small town in Ohio for New York and never looked back. Jax pleads with Hazel to take on Diego. Jax is a huge Mets fan and thinks Diego could help get them to the World Series. Jax calls Diego the ‘un-getable get.’ Those words spark an idea, and Hazel tells Mark she will take Diego as her client. She runs to Morgan with the story of the hometown baseball hero returning home to re-spark his passion for the game. Morgan loves the idea but wants the hottest exclusive: Why Diego froze. Hazel guarantees Morgan the story and feels she is on the fast track to getting her P.R. firm. For Diego, getting Hazel to represent him is a step back into the big leagues and her heart.

This film has sports, romance, and mental illness. Diego’s story is much deeper than the Yips. His public breakdown sparks from tragedy, and it’s been unchecked for years. Hazel and Diego must accept his issues and how it affects his life and their relationship. While the script lags in the middle, it picks up as Hazel digs into Diego’s past. She gives him emotional space to open up about the chain of events that caused him to walk out on prom and freeze on the mound. She never compares struggles or disregards his trauma. Hazel handles his confessions like a well-seasoned therapist. She understands that Diego doesn’t need a coach or girlfriend. He needs an open-hearted friend with both ears open. That moment will make fans gravitate to the story.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Own it – Hazel

That’s the beauty of baseball. The theatrics, the heart, the soul – Jax

Here comes our safety net now – Mark

So you spin stories now for a living. That’s fitting – Diego

Are you sure you wanna do this – Morgan

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