#MissingMovie – Movie Review

Missing – Budget of $7 million – 1 hour and 51 minutes

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June attempts to adjust to her mother, Grace, dating Kevin. Kevin and Grace decided to take a vacation to Columbia. However, June is upset the trip overlaps Father’s Day. June’s father, James, died from a brain tumor when she was a young child. June watches a crime show reenacting Margot Kim’s disappearance when Kevin enters. He explains that this trip is necessary for his relationship with Grace, and Grace interrupts the conversation. Grace leaves June money for emergencies, asks June to clear her voicemail messages, and gives June Heather’s contact information. Although June is 18, Grace asked her friend, attorney Heather, to look in on June occasionally. Grace and Kevin leave in an Uber, and June kicks off a slew of alcohol-fueled parties. 

After a week, June gets a reminder to pick up Grace and Kevin from the airport. She looks around the trash-covered house and hires a cleaning service to tidy the home before returning. June sets up her camera, makes a sign saying ‘Welcome back from prison, mom,’ and waits. June waits for hours, but Grace and Kevin never show. June double-checks the flight status and confirms their plane landed hours ago. Grace calls Heather, and Heather sends Grace an international missing persons form and calls FBI Agent Park who can assist. Agent Park informs June that the United States doesn’t have jurisdiction in Columbia. So he will need her help. He asks June if she has access to Grace’s emails. June tries a few passwords, but they don’t work. Park tells June to wait by the phone and be patient. June calls Grace and Kevin’s hotel and asks for their whereabouts. With the help of Google translate, she uncovers that Grace and Kevin left without their luggage. June looks at photos of the hotel online and sees security cameras. The concierge says the tape overrides every 48 hours. June knows it’s a matter of time before evidence disappears. She calls Park, but he can’t get the video without wading through a mountain of red tape. June decides to find Grace with or without anyone’s help. She will uncover Kevin’s lies, Grace’s secrets, and the dark side of internet sleuthing.

This film echoes the same heart-pounding mystery you get from Searching, but viewers don’t need to watch the previous movie to watch Missing (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). You uncover June’s life and relationship with her mom through the computer screen. When Grace messages ‘I love you,’ June gives it a thumbs up. Viewers see the family did have a close relationship before James died, but teen angst drove a wedge between them. The film’s technology use helps guide viewers through June’s thought process. It’s one thing to hear someone uncover information, but it’s another to see it firsthand. June finds locations, translates languages and uses live streaming to find her mother. However, internet sleuths and the media call Grace’s disappearance into question and terrorize June with questions. You will feel fear and panic as June risks her life for Grace. With June’s camera focused on her, you see the dread as she discovers more horrific information. Be ready to yell at the screen and cheer in relief. If you like Searching, you will love its standalone sequel.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Mom, you are being so dramatic – June

I love you, June Bug – Grace

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