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Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias – Review

Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Donavan Bering and Tracy Brown are in love and jail. Donavan is a large woman, but Tracy is the threat. Tracy is serving ten years, but Donavan will be on parole soon. As they wait for lunch, a new inmate walks into the pod. It’s Jodi Arias. The world knows her as the blonde bombshell that killed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. However, the inmates don’t know about her crime because the jail controls their media intake. Jodi will await trial in jail. Tracy learns that Jodi will be bunking with her, and Tracy explodes. She thinks Jodi is a snitch sent to spy on them. Tracy warns Donavan to steer clear of Jodi because a snitch can get you thrown in the hole or a longer sentence. Tracy runs into the cell and threatens Jodi, and the guards break them up. 


After some time together, Tracy gives Jodi a loyalty test by asking Jodi to tattoo her. Tattooing inmates can get a jailmate’s privileges taken away. Jodi completes the tattoo, and Tracy trusts the young, pretty inmate. Soon, Tracy sees the guards treat Jodi differently than the other inmates. So, Tracy makes it known that Jodi is under her protection. The three women are thick as thieves, and Tracy gets Jodi’s name tattooed on her ankle. Then, Jodi presides over Donavan and Tracy’s mock jailhouse wedding. When the warden discovers the marriage, he moves Tracy to another jail. And Donavan and Jodi promise to keep in touch. Later, Donavan gets parole. Before Donavan leaves, Jodi makes her pledge to help with Jodi’s social media campaign of innocence. Donavan humbly agrees, creates pages for Jodi, and contacts people worldwide for Jodi. Donavan believes she is doing the right thing by helping a friend, but Donavan’s loyalty will ruin her relationships, job, and safety. And Tracy’s tattoo will come back to haunt her and drive her to the brink.

While the movie is bland, it is a how-to guide for manipulation. Jodi is a social chameleon. She creates bonds over any topic: real or fake. Then, Jodi collects the life stories of others and uses them in her trial to give a false account of her childhood and Travis’s background. The same tactics she used to lure Travis worked on Tracy, Donavan, and the guards. She fakes a sweet, caring, and loving nature to hide the devious vixen underneath. Jodi has a worldwide army ready to terrorize at her whim. And viewers can’t blame an inability to access media information for Tracy and Donavan’s manipulation. Plenty of Jodi’s followers were well-educated people outside the jail system with 24-hour media coverage about her and her crime. Watch this movie to learn how to protect yourself from psychopaths. 

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I thought being sent to jail was my rock bottom. Now I know, it wasn’t even close – Donavan

There is no way I’m bunking with a snitch – Tracy

There was so much blood – Jodi

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Burned by Love – Review

Burned by Love – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Last year, Ashley threw her husband, Roger, a surprise party. Roger sets foot in their home, passionately kissing another woman, and Ashley is the one surprised. Roger tried to explain, but Ashley called it quits. Roger agreed to let Ashley use their business’s name for work, but only if she bought him out. She has yet to fill her part of the arrangement. Now Ashley’s friend, Tess, thinks it’s time for Ashley to start dating again. And wants Ashley to try dating apps, but Ashley says no. However, it’s too late. Tess used Ashley’s pictures and created a profile for Ashley. She gives Ashley access to the account and tells Ashley to use it when she is ready. Ashley disregards Tess’s helpful violation and has exciting information. Tess got a call from the famous restaurateur Jacquelyn. Jacquelyn is opening a new restaurant and wants Ashley to create a mural. Ashley took the job. She will work with the contractor, Grant, to have the mural installed and completed before the restaurant opens.

The night before meeting Grant, Ashley decides to give the app a try. After a few swipes, Ashley finds Marco’s page and likes it. Marco and Ashley talk via video calls every night and have plans to go on a trip together. The night before their trip, someone robs Marco’s business and steals his hard drives. They have Marco’s financial information and passwords. They will need to postpone their trip without access to his bank accounts. Marco doesn’t know when he will have time for the vacation again. Ashley asks how much he needs to make himself whole, and Marco says $8,000. She sends him the money, and Marco says their trip will happen as planned. The next day, Ashley waits for Marco to pick her up, but he doesn’t come. She tries to call, and the number is disconnected. Ashley realizes it was all a love scam. She tells the police, but they can’t help. So, Ashley vents to Tess. Tess looks up his profile picture online and finds profiles on dozens of apps under different names. They create a webpage and blast Marco on social media. When Marco’s potential victims call him out for being a scammer, Marco traces the origin to Ashley. Marco wants revenge because Ashley’s webpage ruined his income stream. He will do anything to get his loverboy persona back.

Ashley is annoying for the majority of this film. However, viewers will gain a new respect for her in the end. Ashley is moving too fast because she gives Marco her address before they meet in person. He sends her lavish gifts and dotes on her every word. She falls for his charm and future promises. As the smoke clears, Ashley can see her glaring mistake. When Marco starts to stalk her, you will scream at Ashley’s dismissive attitude and disregard for her safety. Don’t turn the T.V. before the end of this movie. Its conclusion of triumph through unity will have you cheering for Ashley and swooning for Grant.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Since I left him, you mean – Ashley

Now, you sound like a defeatist – Grant

Bitter Ashley – Marco

Oh, please. I haven’t had this fun since the mid-1990s – Jacquelyn

Now, who wants to buy this hostage a drink – Tess

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The Princess and the Bodyguard – Review

The Princess and the Bodyguard – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lexi meditates before her day at work. She has a ceramic shop in New York and teaches pottery classes. Her parents are in town, and Lexi runs to their hotel to meet them. Upon arrival, the concierge, Jonathan, is rude to Lexi but changes the instant she says her parents are Alfred and Charlotte. Alfred and Charlotte are the king and queen of Santovia. Lexi is the princess. At 25, Lexi wanted to live life outside the palace. She moved to the US to forge a path for herself. Her parents gave Lexi 10 years to be herself, but now it’s time for Lexi to return to her duties. They are throwing a gala at the hotel in two weeks and hope Lexi will announce her return. If she doesn’t, Alfred will step down from the throne. Lexi has two weeks to decide her path. 

Lexi meets up with her friend, Krissy, at a bar. Krissy and Lexi have been friends since Lexi came to town. However, Krissy doesn’t know Lexi is a royal. Krissy sees Lexi checking out a cute guy at the bar and encourages Lexi to ask him out. Lexi approaches the man, Noah, and learns he is the bouncer. She runs in embarrassment and dances with Krissy all night. 

Lexi spots Noah on her run, at her job, and outside her apartment. She confronts Noah after he bumps into her and makes her drop an expensive ceramic vase. Noah admits her parents paid him to protect her. She grits her teeth in acceptance but tries to sneak away from him. Then Lexi calls Charlotte. Charlotte explains that the press will learn her identity, and she will need a bodyguard. Then Charlotte tells Lexi that it’s customary for the princess to have a date at the gala. Charlotte lined up appropriate suitors with nobility for Lexi. She asks Lexi to date each of them and to pick one accompany her. Lexi agrees to the dates, and Noah will be by her side. Noah and Lexi get to know each other better during, before, and after her dates. She wonders if he is the right guy for her, but not the throne. What will Lexi choose?

This film can laugh at itself. Krissy points out the story of the unhappy princess is unrealistic for modern women. However, Lexi isn’t sad until she has to make a choice. Her life in New York is a dream come true. Lexi doesn’t consider love until she goes on three blind dates. These dates are cringy and funny. And Noah’s connection to his brother, Mike, will melt your heart. Besides this, the movie is The Princess Diaries: Grown-Up Edition (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). 

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Good day – Lexi

Charlotte, please explain – Alfred

I told you I had good taste – Charlotte

Will you be a good man and hang this up for me, Johnny – Krissy

I work for your parents – Noah

Oh, it’s something – Mike

Well played, Krissy Miller. Well played – Jonathan

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The Wedding Veil Inspiration – Review

The Wedding Veil Inspiration – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emma gets ready in the morning and focuses on her five-year plan. She has accomplished everything accept become the Art History Board Chair. Her boss, Nancy, tells Emma the job will go to Emma when she retires. However, Paolo thinks Nancy won’t step down and doesn’t like the effect Nancy has on Emma and their marriage. Seeing Emma second-guess her clothes, teaching method, and family choices bother Paolo. Paolo brings a gift from his Nona. It’s a lace shawl for Emma, and Emma decides to wear it to the grand opening of Paolo’s New York lace store.

At the store, Matteo preps with Paolo. Emma enters and sees the veil under a glowing spotlight and her friends, Tracy and Avery, there. They couldn’t let the store open without Paolo’s family’s most famous lace. Emma is ecstatic to see them, but she’s upset that she forgot Nona’s shawl. She left it at work after Nancy made more changes to her teaching plan. Emma’s teaching assistant, Lily, takes pictures and asks if it’s Emma’s famous magical veil. Emma confirms, and Lily slowly backs away. Matteo bumps into it, and Lily helps him catch it before it hits the ground. Then Emma tells the story of the veil as Lily secretly records her.

Emma, Tracy, Avery, and Paolo return to Emma’s home to eat deep-dish pizza. As the women catch up, Paolo gets a call from Italy. His father is sick and needs surgery. His family implores Paolo to come home. Emma agrees, but she can’t go because of work. A few days go by, and Emma balances work and the store. She notices a budding connection between Matteo and Lily since their encounter with the veil. This interaction makes her happy, but Nancy keeps making not-so-helpful suggestions. People dub Emma their favorite art historian when Lily’s veil video goes viral. Nancy doesn’t think it’s the right impression for a department chair and tells Emma to stop making videos. Emma counts the days until Paolo comes home, but he keeps extending his trip. She worries that their marriage will become long-distance. Something Emma tried to avoid after her last big breakup. Emma wants Paolo to come home soon because Emma fears she will lose him.

Based on There Goes the Bride by Lori Wilde and a continuation of The Wedding Veil series, Emma faces a work-life balance on a global scale (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Paolo understands Emma’s fears and tries to dispel them with loving gestures. That same self-doubt creeps into Emma’s job too. Nancy attempts to make changes to Emma’s social media, clothes, and work schedule, making Emma uncertain. Emma starts to doubt her five-year plan and her marriage. Like Avery, Emma sees the fairy tale of a wedding long behind her, and real-world issues take hold. Each character experiences growth and understanding. To loyal viewers, you will get another magical wedding.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I am willing to compromise with 5 – Paolo

I really hate meetings – Emma

You’re gonna die – Tracy

You do not know that. I am very susceptible to things – Lily

I sent you three pictures of Daniel – Avery

So what? You were like the free labor – Matteo

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