#AvatarTheWayOfTheWater – Movie Review

Avatar: The Way of the Water – Budget of $350 – 400 million – 3 hours and 12 minutes

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It’s been ten years since the Na’vi kicked humans off Omaticaya, but a few stayed. Dr. Norm and Dr. Max remained because they sided with the Na’vi and continued their studies. The humans left Spider behind because he was too young to go into cryostasis. He is the son of Colonel Miles and loves to be in the Pandora rainforest with Jake and his family instead of other humans. While Jake sees Spider as one of them, Neytiri sees Spider as an alien. Jake and Neytiri have four children. Their oldest, Neteyam, is a fighter like Jake but responsible like Neytiri. Kiri is their adopted daughter. She was born from Dr. Grace’s Avatar, but no one knows how conception happened. Their youngest son, Lo’ak, has Jake’s rebellious side. And Tuk, the baby, annoys her brothers and sister. Jake is happy with his life, but he knows how quickly happiness can disappear.

During date night, Jake and Neytiri notice an extra star in the sky. The humans are back. They create a massive fireball to destroy several habitats. However, Jake prepared the Na’vi, and they are battle ready. They cut supply lines, destroy ships, and kill to keep their high ground. Spider, Kiri, Tuk, and Lo’ak go to Jake and Miles’s last battle site. They find Na’vi in full camouflage and guns. The humans cloned Na’vi bodies and implanted a person’s personality and memories in the bodies. Now, Colonel Miles is a walking Na’vi Trojan horse.

After a standoff between Jake and Miles, Miles takes Spider, and Jake runs with his kids. Jake convinces Neytiri that Miles’s driving force is hunting him. And staying will bring more devastation to her people, so they must leave their life behind. Jake and his family travel to the water and meet with Tonowari. He leads the reef people of Metkayina with his wife, Ronal, by his side. Ronal takes a good look at Jake and his family. She sees their five fingers, tiny tails, and underdeveloped arms and doesn’t think they will fit in with their kind. Tonowari convinces Ronal to let them stay but understands a war follows Jake. Jake and his family must learn the way of the water to survive on the reef. And they need to study it quickly. Cloning Na’vi isn’t the only thing humans desire. They want to colonize the planet because Earth is gone and to harvest a valuable resource. However, Miles’s need for revenge is his driving force to hunt Jake and his entire family with a captive Spider assisting.

The sequel to Avatar expands the cinematic world by introducing the reef people (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Viewers get new animals, plant life, and customs in this new environment. Animators made sure you know the reef people and the Na’vi are alike but have differences based on their territory and culture. This movie has a lengthy running time, but it doesn’t feel 3 hours long. The audience is so immersed in the scenes and culture that you don’t mind. The first hour settles you into Jake and Neytiri’s life as parents, and the next hour covers Jake and his family learning and training from the reef people. They connect to the animals, learn to control their breath, and gain strength. The third act is an enormous battle for their lives. The animators did a magnificent job blending real people with motion-capture characters. The moment Tonowari and Ronal discuss Jake and his family staying is the best-animated scene, and it had zero words. Tonowari and Ronal give each other stern looks, loving eyes, and a plea. You will laugh, cry, gasp, and cheer throughout the movie. This film goes beyond what fans expect and is worth the 13-year wait.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I see you, son – Jake Sully

Jake, your son is actually bleeding – Neytiri

It’s not so great knowing who your father is – Spider

Hi, Mom – Kiri

Are we there yet – Tuk

I trust you. You trust me – Lo’ak

Who’s the mighty warrior– Neteyam

Why so blue – Miles

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