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Marry Me in Yosemite – Review

Marry Me in Yosemite – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Zoe’s boss, Harris, has a new assignment for her. He wants her to create a new book for Yosemite, and Harris will make it a series if the book does well. Zoe doesn’t believe anyone will buy it because Ansel Adams photographed images of the park that remain second to none. She knows critics will compare her pictures to Ansel’s. However, Zoe takes on the project because she will get more books in the future. Harris gives Zoe a few weeks to take 100 or more photos with a blurb for some. 

Zoe comes to the ranger station and asks Ranger Sage if any of them do a guided tour. Sage points out some of the most-liked trails, but Zoe wants something off the beaten path. Sage’s grandfather, Cos, knows a naturalist, Jack, who understands the ecosystem and the landscapes. Through Cos, Zoe finds Jack at his remote cabin. She walks up behind him as he pretends to conduct Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. When she applauds, Jack turns in fear. Zoe learns this melophile is a fan of John Muir, and he doesn’t want her traveling the dangerous paths of Yosemite alone. He is willing to work with Zoe, but she will have to wait until next week. Zoe refuses because she needs her pictures soon, so she leaves. Sage tells Zoe about a day trail but warns Zoe it can get slippery. 

Zoe gets some great images but slips on a rock and gets stuck. Zoe calls for help until she sees a brown bear in the distance. Jack hears Zoe’s panicked cries, shoos the bear away, and pulls Zoe’s foot out of the rock formation. Worried, Sage told Jack that Zoe was going on a trail and might need help. Zoe could be a danger to herself, so Jack offers to help her immediately. This relationship of convenience develops into natural love.

The beauty of Yosemite shines through effortlessly as the writers pay homage to the dark but honest history of the national park. Hallmark shied away from uncomfortable storylines to protect a small number of watchers. However, Hallmark gave a native’s perspective of the park and described the genocide committed years ago. This scene is heavy, but it’s necessary to preserve the park’s history, not just what makes people comfortable. Acknowledging this history allows viewers to appreciate the Half Dome and the romance. The romance takes a back seat to Zoe’s goal, but it lets the romance develop believably. And the chemistry between Zoe and Jack is undeniable. 

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

A Blessing? I love that – Zoe

This isn’t a theme park, ok? People die when they go all gun-ho into the mountains – Jack

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First Class Fear – Review

First Class Fear – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sophie reassures her best friend, Emma, that no one believes the rumors about Emma on Carolyn’s website, Living Hell. Carolyn’s boyfriend broke up with Carolyn to be with Emma. So, Carolyn uses her website to tell the entire school that Emma is pregnant. Sophie walks into her mother’s classroom and tells Grace about the website. Sophie knows Carolyn’s behind it but doesn’t have proof. Grace has a parent-teacher conference with Carolyn’s mom, Paula, and promises to get to the bottom of it. Paula says she doesn’t believe Carolyn bullies other kids, but she will talk to her daughter about the website.

A few days later, Principal Dugger calls Carolyn and Sophie into his office. Both students were up for the Wilson scholarship, but Sophie won 1st place with $250,000 to any school. Carolyn got second place for $5,000. Carolyn rages that it is hers and believes Grace rigged the scholarship. The principal vehemently denies the accusations and excuses both students from his office.

Carolyn confronts Sophie and tells her to give up the prize. The school granted Sophie an opportunity to attend because Grace is a teacher at the school. Carolyn concludes that she would have won if Sophie wasn’t in school. Sophie explains she needs the money to pay for college. Grace put a 2nd mortgage on the house to pay for Sophie’s education against Sophie’s wishes. Sophie wants this scholarship so Grace will be debt free. Sophie gives Carolyn a dismissive eye roll and leaves. Carolyn vow to make Sophie give her the scholarship, or Carolyn will ruin Sophie.

Don’t let the title fool you. This movie is about the first class of the day, not the airlines. In this school, there are so many failures to act that it will make your head spin. And for an intelligent young lady, Sophie makes some dumb decisions. But with everything, this script comes down to two things. First, teens have way too much time on their hands. They spread rumors, created websites, and tagged buildings. Second, a mother’s love knows no bounds. A mother will do anything for their child, including using a shovel. Yes, Lifetimers. You will get a shovel to the face. This movie is as entertaining as it is infuriating. Also, it provides a fun mystery with plenty of suspects.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

She is the latest victim of living hell – Sophie

Any mother just wants what’s best for her child – Paula

You can’t do anything – Carolyn

It’s all so much, Sophie. I don’t know what to believe – Emma

I do understand. I don’t condone her actions – Grace

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Unthinkably Good Things – Review

Unthinkably Good Things – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After graduating college, Allison, Melina, and Reesa kept in touch while going through the ups and downs in their lives. Now Reesa and Melina plan to fly to Italy to meet up with Allison before she returns to the US. In Italy, Allison lives in a university rental, has a loving boyfriend, Nico, and teaches. Allison doesn’t want to leave Italy behind, but it’s the right thing to do because A&T provided her with the opportunity to work there. 

Reesa completed her tour of duty and got an honorable discharge from the military. She and her husband, Andre, are trying to get pregnant, but to no avail. Every day Reesa gets a new idea for a new business venture or hobby and shops for it. Reesa’s spending and flighty disposition put an intense strain on her marriage. 

Melina, a breast cancer survivor, started a restaurant, but it’s failing. A make-or-break critic will come to her restaurant in a few weeks to evaluate her food. She wants to forgo the trip to plan a menu and oversee her staff. Reesa tells Melina a week away in Italy will improve Melina’s cooking and that Melina will be back in time to meet the critic. Convinced, Melina decides to go but makes Reesa promise not to tell Allison about the declining business. 

Reesa and Melina arrive in Italy and can’t believe the spectacular landscape. They have plans to spend time with Allison and get to know Nico. They can’t believe Allison wants to leave such a wonderful place and man. As they tour the town, Allison receives a call from the Italian University. They want her to stay three more years. Reesa and Melina tell Allison to take the job, but Allison has something else to consider. A&T offered her a job as English Department Chair. Allison says the right thing to do is go to A&T, but Reesa and Melina want Allison to follow her heart. A fun-filled girls’ trip will test their love, honesty, and faith in their friendship. 

This movie covers so many issues in a kind and affirming way. It tackles infertility, military transitioning, breast cancer, judgment, and love within 2 hours. No matter who you are, you can find one woman to connect to in this story. And we all have that one friend that boosts us in our profound time of need. Reesa, Melina, and Allison’s friendship pull them together in their most difficult emotional time. However, they reveal that they keep secrets from each other. While opening up, they must repair the unseen wholes in their bond. This film is the authentic meaning of keeping it real. 

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

It’s fine. I’m just not into fashion anymore – Melina 

I should start a doggy clothing line – Reesa

It’s hard to support what I don’t understand – Allison

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Danger in the House – Review

Danger in the House – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Connor and his fiancée, Taylor, notice his mother, Mrs. June Covington, has had more dizzy spells lately. Taylor believes their housekeeper, Mary, doesn’t have enough time to care for June and the house. They contemplate hiring a full-time nurse, but Connor wants to check with June first. They invite June to a restaurant, and she agrees and offers to help interview nurses. Then June has an episode, and a woman at the bar, Nora, runs to June’s rescue. Nora is a registered nurse who is new to town. After saving June, Connor gives Nora his business card and suggests she apply for the job.

Nora arrives for the interview and tours the home. She notices a list of medications on June’s chart and spots a potential bad interaction. Connor and Taylor like Nora but decide to call her references before hiring Nora. Taylor gets nothing but glowing feedback from Nora’s previous employers and hires Nora. Connor and Taylor are ready to expand their business, prepare for their wedding, and plan their company’s 40th-anniversary party once Nora starts her job. However, June is not safe, and everyone has a secret. Who is the Danger in the House?

An abusive husband, a crazy ex, and an affair will keep you guessing throughout the plot. Everyone has a dark secret that threatens their lives and the lives of those around them. Nora hides the truth about her past and fakes her references to get the job, and Taylor hides financial issues and personal grudges from Connor. Also, Connor keeps Taylor in the dark about Emma. And if that isn’t enough, Mary is willing to blackmail to keep everyone’s secret. Don’t be surprised if you need to watch this film twice to keep up with everyone and their indiscretions. There won’t be a big reveal at the end because the plot slowly eliminates suspects for the viewers. This movie is an entertaining soap opera condensed into 2 hours.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I’m superwoman – Taylor

I love you. I chose you – Connor

My daughter-in-law-to-be runs a tight ship – Mrs. Covington

I am not going to steal from them – Nora

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Styled with Love – Review

Styled with Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rosy meets with her best friend, Mel, for a celebratory coffee. Rosy opened up her stylist boutique with the inheritance her grandmother, Aida, left her. Rosy can continue Aida’s legacy of making people feel confident and beautiful, one outfit at a time. Rosy will have a grand opening in a few days, but she needs to iron out some more details.

While Rosy plans her party, Val, the editor of Chicago Trend Magazine, walks into Rosy’s boutique. Val’s assistant told Val about a new shop in town, and Val came to check it out. Val likes the vibe of the boutique and Rosy’s mission. Rosy uses 2nd hand items to keep the price down and help the environment. Val wants to do a mini-feature on the boutique, so Rosy needs to finish her website. Before the new site goes live, Rosy needs new professional pictures. Mel has a cousin, Jaxon, who is a professional photographer. Rosy gives Jaxon a call, and he tells Rosey to meet him at Washington park.

Rosy meets Jaxon, and he takes a few test shots of her and says no. He said goodbye to the fake fashion world years ago. He wants to do serious photojournalism. Annoyed, Rosy leaves Jaxon. Afterward, Jaxon gets a call from his agent, Chase. Another magazine turned Jaxon down because his photos didn’t have enough spontaneity. If Jaxon can get some candid, fun-loving shots, Jaxon could get a job with World Traveler Magazine. Jaxon calls Rosy, but she says no. He finds her place of business and makes Rosy an offer. He will take the pictures for free if she lets him use them in his portfolio. Rosy receives the photos for her website, and Jaxon gets them for the job. Rosy says yes to the agreement, but is she saying yes to anything else?

This movie makes a statement about having a job versus having a career. When Val offers Rosy a job at Rosy’s leisure, it takes over Rosy’s life and pushes out her friends, business, and Jaxon. It takes a good nudge for Rosy to see her dream morphing into something unrecognizable. As her business and love interest fall to the waist side, Rosy discerns the truth. Is your job getting in the way of your passion? While the plot tries to make you worry, fans of the genre see the conclusion a mile away. This film has comedic moments but doesn’t captivate its audience.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I have two words for you: Impress me – Val

You should have known what – Rosy

Thanks for wasting mine – Jaxon

He’s not here – Wilbur

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Game, Set, Love – Review

Game, Set, Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Taylor works with her students when her old tennis partner, Ashley, approaches. Ashley is a lucrative tennis player, but her manager thought Ashley should play mixed doubles with a highly-known player, William. William is as known for his temper as his playing. Ashley says William has the technique, but William doesn’t know how to be a partner. In the past six months, William has had four coaches. Ashley thinks Taylor would be a good coach for William. Taylor airs her issues without hesitation, so Ashley backs off. She asks Taylor to meet her for dinner.

Taylor arrives at dinner to find William waiting. Then, Taylor gets a text from Ashley saying that Ashley can’t make it. William and Taylor know Ashley set them up. After some verbal jousting, Taylor agrees to watch them play against another team in a friendly game. Soon, Taylor sees that William has communication issues. Also, Ashley and William spend too much time competing against each other. Taylor decides to take them on a hike to see if they can become a team. But Ashley gets ahead of herself and bets William that she can make it to the goal faster. Ashley falls and hurts her ankle. Without a partner, William will have to drop out. However, he needs the double tournament to bolster his image. So William asks Taylor to come out of retirement and replace Ashley. Taylor says yes to the match and love.

Taylor and William’s connection is believable, but it’s not the driving point of this movie. Their romance feels like an afterthought or symptom of their doubles game. However, the connection between them and their respective families makes you want to tune into the movie, especially William’s. William hasn’t spoken to his family because they disapproved of him playing tennis. Taylor lost her mom, so she wants to lend a hand to heal William’s broken bond. You will want to know if William’s family can get over the past and love each other again.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Because I can – William

Generally, you listen to your coach – Taylor

Don’t be mad – Ashley

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