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In Love With My Partner’s Wife – Review

In Love With My Partner’s Wife – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Paul enters the home of his partner, Frank, and Frank’s wife, Eve. Paul lives a modest life, but Frank has a large house, a nice car, and a gorgeous wife. Paul thanks Eve for the homemade lunch and leaves with Frank. Frank and Paul stake out Jeffery’s home. Jeffery is their confidential informant against the drug kingpin, Callaghan, and a drug addict. Frank wants this bust to get a promotion, so they go into Jeffery’s home without backup. Frank goes through the front while Paul enters the backyard. Paul stumbles across Jeffery and pleads with Jeffery to put down his knife to talk. Jeffery calms down and tells Paul there is a rat on the force. As they talk, Frank shoots Jeffery. Although Paul thinks the shooting was ill-timed, Frank tells an intricate story about saving Paul’s life during an altercation with Jeffery. However, Paul worries because their best informant is dead.

Paul enters Frank’s house, ready for his free lunch and spirited conversation with Paul, but Paul’s not there. Eve thought Paul and Frank were going on a late-night stakeout, and Paul pivots to match Frank’s lie. Due to Addison’s Disease, Eve has a dizzy spell, and Paul catches her, but he notices a bruise on her neck. Paul has Eve show all her bruises and learns his partner is abusive. Eve begs Paul to keep it a secret. Paul doesn’t tell anyone else, but he confronts Frank at work. Frank tells Paul he will attend therapy, but that’s a lie.

At their captain’s party, Frank and Paul mingle with their co-workers. Frank focuses on the captain for his promotion instead of dancing with Eve. Paul extends a dance card offer to Eve, and she accepts. Frank takes Eve outside the bar and slaps her. Paul runs out to help Eve, punches Frank, and offers her a place to stay.

Paul gets a call from his captain telling him to come to work for an IAB meeting. Paul wants to inform the captain about Frank’s abuse. But the captain received a tip that Paul killed Jeffery in cold blood. Paul can’t believe the captain may consider Frank’s outlandish story. But that’s not all; Frank took Eve’s pills and made it impossible to get more. With their lives on the line, Eve and Paul go on the run to clear their name.

Viewers will spot Frank’s abusive nature when Eve puts the breakfast on the table. Frank conditioned her to make sure everything the spotless, straight, and ooze class. And each time someone doesn’t praise him, he takes his frustration out on Eve. Frank needs constant flattery for any task, even if it’s his boss or dad. And he compounds his physical abuse with mental abuse. It won’t take long for you to dislike Frank. Also, the movie doesn’t end with the typical solution because Frank adds another wrinkle to their plan one hour into the film. So you will want to watch to see the conclusion. While the writers tried to put a new spin on this tale, there is something fundamentally missing from the actors and the storyline. The film is watchable but never grabs your full attention.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You know I like to see how the other half lives – Paul

That’s why you’re single – Frank

Be safe. I need him in one piece – Eve

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She Is Not Your Daughter – Review

She Is Not Your Daughter – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dr. Bob leaves his daughter, May, and wife, Liza, at the breakfast table for work. He finds a note on his car that states, ‘she is not your daughter.’ He assumes it’s from Jill and asks his assistant to locate a nurse, Lauren, who will know Jill’s current location. Bob goes to Lauren’s home, but she’s dead, leaving no information behind. Bob goes to work and gets a phone call from an unknown caller. The caller tells Bob to meet at a local restaurant to discover who they are and what they want.

Bob goes to the café and sees Jill sitting in a booth. She regrets giving her daughter, May, to Bob and Liza. However, she threatens to tell Liza and May the truth unless Bob pays her $500,000 in 7 days. Bob explains that that amount is hard to come by on short notice. But Jill won’t hear it. She gives Bob a phone to contact her later with more instructions.

With time winding down, Bob comes clean to Liza. Bob saw Liza was heartbroken after suffering a miscarriage. She gave birth later, but that baby died shortly after. While Liza was unconscious, Bob heard that Jill wanted to give her baby up for adoption. So he bought May from Jill and gave it to Liza before she woke up. Since that day, Bob maintained the lie that May was their biological child. Liza can fathom the years of deception, but Bob adds to her pain when he tells her about the blackmail scheme. Bob tells Jill that Liza knows everything and her blackmail scheme won’t work. Jill turns to her sister, Faye, and explains to Faye the job is over. Faye won’t take that lying down and hatches a new plan that involves kidnapping, murder, and $1,000,000.

Liza is the hero in this movie. She spots Bob’s lies, protects May, and refuses to throw Bob in front of the bus. Also, Liza is quick on her feet and creates several stories to cover Bob’s tracks with May, the police, and Bob’s co-workers. Typically, Jill’s perspective is the focal point in the plot, as in the biological mother looking for her stolen child. However, Jill sold May because her finances were dire. Jill took the one-time payment to save her family. So, this movie is about one person controlling the reality of another. While May makes an understandable mistake, she has the determination to keep fighting. This film won’t be a favorite of the Stranger Danger series, but it’s a compelling watch.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Is this Jill? Why are you stalking us – Bob

You can do that, but It won’t end well for either of us – Jill

You’re lying to me – Liza

The world owes us, sister – Faye

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Twisted House Sitter – Review

Twisted House Sitter – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After a public break-up with her boyfriend, Xander, Morgan decides to take an extended, tech-free vacation from her media company. She tells her assistant, Riley, about the trip and books a ride share. Although Morgan ordered an executive car, a standard arrives. Morgan throws caution to the wind and enters the less-than-stellar car. In Morgan’s haste, Morgan realizes that she forgot something, runs into her home, turns off the alarm, retrieves the item, and returns to the car. Her driver, Alicia, tries to make small talk, but Morgan focuses on her phone. Alicia admires the entrepreneur for her style, looks, and money, but Morgan doesn’t see it the same because she lost Xander. Morgan arrives at the airport on time and hurries out of the car but forgets her keys. Alicia sees the keys in the back seat as she backs up the car. She drives to Morgan’s house and lets herself in. Alicia takes a bath, cooks, and tries on Morgan’s clothes. After a round of dress-up, there is a knock at the door. It’s Morgan’s housekeeper, Diah. Alicia creates a story that she’s Morgan’s house sitter, and Diah cautiously believes her and gets to work. Alicia thinks she has a home, clothes, and money she deserves. When word gets back to Morgan, this inconvenience will become the house sitter from hell.

This movie will make you scream, ‘the audacity’ more than once as Alicia quickly makes herself at home in Morgan’s house. Don’t be fooled because it doesn’t take long for Morgan to realize something is wrong and come home. At that moment, Alicia’s cunning and Morgan’s business sense battle it out. You have no idea of Alicia’s crazy until Morgan comes home and Alicia makes demands. However, one person knows something is wrong: Charlie. While the film has a great set-up, the final fight scene is comically bad. Bad jump cuts, lackluster acting, and illogical scenarios riddle the altercation. But the movie provides a new keychain option (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You don’t know the first thing about me – Alicia

You’re a fraud – Diah

I know what you’re doing – Charlie

Xander, who the hell has been in my house – Morgan

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Big Sky River – Review

Big Sky River – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Tara takes one last horseback ride with her stepdaughter, Erin, before leaving New York for a 3-month vacation on a ranch. Erin begs Tara to stay because Erin doesn’t want to deal with her dad, James, and James’s new girlfriend, Bethany. Tara urges Erin to use this time to connect with Bethany and James. 

Tara arrives in town and stops at a gas station. The sheriff, Boone, warns Tara not to leave her purse unattended. With a Mayberry-like feel, Tara laughs off the possibility of theft in the small town. Boone mirrors her sentiment and drives back to the station. His friend tries to set Boone up on a date, but he refuses because the woman isn’t ready to be a mother to his two young sons, Fletcher and Griffin. 

Boone comes home to a welcome surprise; Tara will be his neighbor for the next three months. They start to connect, but Boone can see that Tara has one foot out the door. Tara’s divorce became messy. And she doesn’t want to be in a relationship. At least, that’s what she tells herself. In reality, she is falling for Boone, but she’s scared. As Tara lets down her guard, she gets a call from Erin and later James. Erin discovers that Bethany wants to send her to summer camp and boarding school. She freaks out and begs Tara to let her stay on the ranch for the summer. Tara says no because she has no say in Erin’s life. After all, Erin is not her biological daughter. Shortly, James calls and asks if Erin can stay on the ranch, and Tara says yes. Tara resolves that Erin’s presence could pause her budding relationship. But it’s just what she and Boone need to get honest with each other. 

Based on Big Sky River by Linda Lael Miller, this movie takes a deep look into the life of a step-parent (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Tara has been a part of Erin’s life since Erin was a baby, and Tara feels like her biological mother. However, James reminds Tara repeatedly that she doesn’t get an opinion. When Tara finds her voice in Erin’s life, you will cheer in your seat. Boone is the complete opposite of James. Boone makes his sons his priority and looks for a woman ready to fit into their lives, not his. You will fall in love with this open-hearted cowboy. Sit back and enjoy.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Even Parable isn’t immune to crime – Boone

You are a genius, Tara Kendall – Tara

Your dad’s a real cowboy – Erin

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The Art of Passion – Review

The Art of Passion – Lifetiem – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dr. Hope and her friend, Nina, attend a gallery show. They converse about the art and the exorbitant cost with a fellow patron. That patron is the artist, James, and both women are embarrassed. The next day, Hope sees a familiar face on her exam table. It’s Maggie, an abuse victim, and she has bruises everywhere. Hope convinces Maggie to leave her husband, Arnie, and get help from Nina. Then Arnie enters the hospital and demands to see Maggie, but Hope won’t back down. He leaves with security on his tail.

Hope runs home and feels someone watching her. So she quickens her pace and unknowingly drops her phone. Then she jumps behind a fence and waits for the stalker to pass. James comes up and asks why she is sneaking into his backyard. She laughs at the happy coincidence, and James shows her around. James offers to help Hope because he has a cousin, Rita, that works as a detective. Hope says no and walks away from the handsome artist.

After not being able to find her phone, Hope gets a new one and updates her contacts. Then, she receives a message from Arnie. He has her phone and stands outside her hospital. He wants Hope to reveal his wife’s location, or he will destroy her career and end her life.

Welcome back to 90s Lifetime movies. This film has the classic abusive husband going after the helpful bystanders. Luckily, Hope found a strong, sexy, and wealthy man to help her. He is loving, nurturing, talented, and informative. He awakens something in Dr. Hope that she left behind for her career. This film is a sexy thriller that old-school Lifetime fans miss. And please remember to put a lock on your phone.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

These days, it’s just paint-by-numbers – Hope

Hey, doc. You missing something– Arnie

Full stop, sister. Please don’t tell me that’s the undergarments you plan on wearing – Nina

This is just a moment in time – James

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The Attraction Test – Review

The Attraction Test – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dr. Brooke created The Attraction Test using a biometric bracelet she coined the attraction tracker. It detects changes in a person’s biochemistry over three dates. When you and your partner’s scores average 95% or better, it’s a match. So far, Brooke’s tests are successful, and she has her first engagement. Brooke works for Pemberton University, and her test will bring attention to the school with a well-choreographed press junket. And her first presentation is today, but Brooke is nervous, so she orders some flowers for herself to calm her nerves.

Veterinarian Dr. Ryan left his bustling practice to start a doggy rescue. He makes quips, has a flippant attitude, and disregards his girlfriend’s choice of clothes and activities. But he doesn’t want to lose Taylor. So his friend, Kyle, convinces Ryan to find a way to show respect for her interest. So, he decides to go to a lecture and buy flowers. Ryan runs into the florist shop and grabs the first bouquet he finds. The manager holds it and gives it to Brooke. Ryan can’t believe the manager overlooked his purchase until Brooke shows Ryan the card with her name. It’s the flowers she pre-ordered. Ryan settles for some lilac and goes to the presentation.

Brooke gives an impressive speech, but Ryan isn’t convinced because she hasn’t taken the test. Brooke’s handlers take her off the stage, but the damage is viral. And Ryan thoroughly embarrassed Taylor, and she leaves without him. Ryan wants Taylor back, so Kyle suggests Ryan take the test to impress Taylor. He agrees. Brooke’s friend, Carly, and her assistant, Vince, convince her to take the test to prove its validity. And Vince found the perfect candidate: Ryan. Brooke puts a tracker on Ryan and herself, and they go on three dates. He hopes it will bring Taylor back, and Brooke wants to prove her study. What will Taylor and Ryan do when the test detects a growing attraction between them?

Viewers will know Ryan and Taylor’s relationship won’t last when you see them together. So, their union is a means to an end. The attraction tracker is believable because there are so many wearable devices on the market to track biometrics, so this attraction test isn’t too far from reality (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Since the conclusion is predictable, the plot doesn’t grab your attention from point a to point b. Your minds will start to wander 30 minutes into the movie. This film is for you if you need a movie that requires little attention.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I thought that was a panic attack – Carly

I don’t need men to get my dopamine fix. I have chocolate for that – Brooke

This is all your fault – Ryan

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Love in the Limelight – Review

Love in the Limelight – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Fifteen years ago, Summer wrote a fan mail letter to Nick Mendez, lead singer of the boy band, The Mendez Boys. Nick’s manager, A.C., wanted Nick to hire someone to answer his mail, but he preferred to do it because he wanted to get to know his hard-working and loving fans. He proves his point by picking up Summer’s letter and calling her. And they have been corresponding ever since but never meeting face to face.

Today, Nick doesn’t have popularity, a girlfriend, or money because his singing career is failing. A reporter caught Nick selling his car and getting dumped on the same day. Summer works in the H.R. department for a university. However, people see her as cold and distant. The dean wants Summer to have some face-to-face time with the students and the staff, but Summer only feels comfortable expressing her feelings to Nick. Then, A.C. gets a call from The Metro in Summer’s hometown and convinces them to hire Nick for a performance. Nick takes the job for the pay and to cure his writer’s block. Nick texts Summer to tell her he will be in town, and Summer is excited but nervous to meet him. However, their first meeting is smooth sailing, and they plan to meet again. Nick calls A.C. and gushes about meeting Summer. A.C. gets an idea to write a story about her. Nick’s not sure about the concept and asks Summer. Summer immediately retreats because she doesn’t want to be another woman famous for dating Nick. Summer’s anxiety grows at the thought of being on the cover of magazines, so she wants nothing to do with Nick. Nick needs to write a song, learn about Summer’s past, and survive dinner with her family to win Summer’s affection.

Get ready for the opening credits to propel you back to middle school with boy band crushes and wall posters. And maybe you have a binder of memories like Summer. However, Summer is living your wildest fantasy because she sparks a relationship with her crush. With almost two decades of communication, this romance doesn’t feel rushed. Also, the PenaVegas true-life romance makes the chemistry magical. Let’s not overlook the funny dinner conversation between Summer’s abuelita and her father, Antonio. Summer tries to hide Nick’s profession and correspondence, but abuelita spills the beans without missing a beat. This movie is a funny, easy, romantic watch for the entire family with enjoyable music.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I like my privacy – Summer

Oh wow, you’re real – Nick

I’m your manager. I’m managing – A.C.

Dude, you dated supermodels. What are you doing with my sister– Alex

If you keep your head down, they’re not gonna laugh at you – Antonio

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