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Jailbreak Lovers – Review

Jailbreak Lovers – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Toby and her husband, Pat, are empty nesters, and Toby looks for something new to fill her time. Toby works at the local animal shelter, but a local news story inspires her. The program matches dogs with inmates to domesticate the animals so the rescue shelter can find the dogs a forever home. Toby wants her local shelter to do the same, so she prepares a presentation for Warden Jenkins. 

Warden Jenkins approves the program, and Toby brings two dogs with her co-worker, Deb. Inmates Mateo and Darnell get dogs to train. As Toby gives training instructions, John walks over. He wants to join the program too. Toby promises to bring in more dogs, but John has to write a letter to the Warden asking to join. John is in jail for first-degree felony murder and robbery. He believes training dogs will bring him purpose behind bars. John gets approval, and Toby gives him a dog. After a few weeks, Mateo wants his sister-in-law to adopt his dog so he can check up on it. However, Toby can’t get Mateo’s family on the phone and has to give the dog to someone else. Mateo’s anger boils over, and he gets in Toby’s face. John steps in between them and calms Mateo down. 

Toby meets with Warden Jenkins and requests a guard to protect her. Deb won’t be able to attend training sessions as often, and Toby could use more help and a bodyguard. Jenkins tells Toby that they are short-staffed and don’t have the funding. Toby will need to handle things or end her program. John offers Toby protection and assistance bringing items from her van. Toby falls in love with John and gives him special treatment. Will she help him escape prison and leave her husband?

Based on the true story of Toby Dorr and John Maynard, the writers added some comedy and confessionals to this crazy love story. In the beginning, you learn that Toby lacks something in her mundane life. Helping dogs and prisoners become her mission, but you are unsure of John’s motives. He says it’s to find purpose, but Toby’s vulnerability could have been noticeable to John. As they plan the breakout, Toby is excited about the possibilities. If you pay attention, John slowly tests her by asking for physical contact, adult pleasures, and a phone. It’s the Harley Quinn-Joker moment. If he can get her to bend small rules for the promise of a future, he could depend on her for more extensive favors. The most surprising moment is hearing them discuss their plans after the jailbreak. They had none. They were letting love guide them, but they knew they couldn’t be together forever. As they spend time together, Toby sees the bloom fall off the rose, and John shows his domineering colors. The couple isn’t brought down by turning on each other or good police work. In honest comedic fashion, this couple’s stupidity brings the story back full circle.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Life had just become one big checklist – Toby

I can relate – John

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Ice Road Killer – Review

Ice Road Killer – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Helen drives to pick up her daughter, Lauren, for winter break. She wants to reconnect with Lauren at a cabin. While on the phone with Lauren’s school to iron out financial issues, Helen almost hits a woman on the road. Helen hangs up the phone and yells at the woman. The woman, Carly, says she was desperate to get someone to stop for her. Carly needs a ride to town to meet with her family. Helen offers to get her close but can’t take her all the way. Carly agrees and gets in Helen’s car. During the ride, Carly and Helen talk, but Helen can see Carly is preoccupied with texting. Carly opens the glove box and spots a gun. Helen says it’s for self-defense, and Carly quietly nods. Carly tries not to show Helen that she is freaking out over the gun, but Carly texts her boyfriend, Boyd, the truth. Carly wants to stop their plan, but Boyd says no. Boyd wants the rob Helen at the next stop.

Carly waits for Boyd to attack when Helen picks up Lauren, but he doesn’t, and the women drive to their next stop. Carly doesn’t know, but a trucker blocked Boyd’s car before he could attack. The trucker killed Boyd and took Boyd’s phone. Carly texts Boyd again, but the trucker messages back that Boyd is dead and she is next. Helen and Lauren ride with the vengeful trucker’s next victim. And he won’t hesitate to make Lauren and Helen collateral damage.

A lot of suspenseful events driven by stupid decisions are the best way to summarize this movie. At first, viewers will believe that Boyd and Carly are the killers, but they are the least of Helen and Lauren’s worries. Yes, Boyd and Carly are antagonists. However, they are not the most dangerous perpetrators in the film. The trucker was a past victim of the conniving duo, and the killer is on a revenge mission. As he hunts down the couple, you don’t sympathize with them. Also, you will have little empathy for Helen because she keeps making countless mistakes. Lauren is the only person using their brain. This movie is frustratingly captivating.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Don’t you watch American Crime Story? That’s how every episode starts – Lauren

Screw you – Carly

Algebra’s complicated. Your dad’s a deadbeat, plain and simple – Helen

I love you, baby. Run – Boyd

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Planning on Forever – Review

Planning on Forever – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emma presented her latest idea to her boss, Danielle. While Danielle likes the planning, she doesn’t think the client will choose the bold color scheme. However, Danielle believes Emma is the perfect choice to head their up-and-coming Seattle branch. Emma is excited about the opportunity but wants more power over her designs. Danielle knows Emma has a break coming for Emma’s sister’s wedding. She tells Emma to use that time to think about the new job. Emma will have plenty of time to think because she previously told her sister, Miranda, that she plans corporate events, not weddings. So, Emma won’t help.

Liam restores bikes but dreams of working on vintage bicycles, and he is happy to be the best man at his best friend’s wedding. Liam and the groom, Brett, have been friends for years. The moment Brett saw Miranda, Brett wanted to marry her. So, Liam is happy to assist with any of the wedding needs. At the mixer, Miranda and Brett introduce Liam to the maid of honor, Emma. They know Emma and Liam had one date that didn’t go well, but they hope the two can get along for the wedding. Liam and Emma agree to put the past behind them and get along for the wedding.

With six weeks until the wedding, Miranda and Brett get called to their job site for an emergency. If they don’t go, they could lose their biggest client. They don’t want to postpone the wedding because it falls on their 5th anniversary. So they ask Liam and Emma to be their stand-ins and plan the wedding for them. Also, Miranda and Brett agree to let them design everything without their approval or interference. Miranda and Brett want their wedding to be a surprise. Liam and Emma work together to create Miranda and Brett’s dream wedding while falling in love.

While the actors try their best, this movie is slow and uninteresting. Predictable movies should be funny, dramatic, or heart-wrenching to keep your attention. However, this film doesn’t accomplish any of those goals. And 15 minutes before the end, you get the cliché misunderstanding that is childish and non-threatening to the conclusion. Leave this film as background noise for a busy day.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

Relax. That’s not something I do often – Emma

A year, not that I’ve been counting – Liam

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Two Tickets to Paradise – Review

Two Tickets to Paradise – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Josh stands outside and gets a text message from his fiancée, Becca, asking him to meet her at the back of the building. Becca hands Josh his ring and says that she can’t marry him. Devastated, Josh sits on a bench attempting to figure out what went wrong.

Hannah looks at herself in a wedding dress, and her sister, CeeCee, walks into the room with some unfortunate news. Her fiancé, Marcus, decided to call off the wedding. Hannah locks herself in the bathroom and cries. Too embarrassed to face her family, Hannah climbs out the window and walks to the bench.

Josh and Hannah converse and realize they got dumped at the alter on the same day. Hannah tells Josh how much she was looking forward to the Oahu honeymoon. He advises her to go without Marcus. Hannah asks Josh about his honeymoon plans, and Josh admits to having none. He wanted to have a honeymoon, but Becca didn’t. Hannah challenges Josh to take the first flight out and go on his honeymoon. They shake on it and leave.

Hannah goes through her checklist at the terminal to keep herself on task and sees Josh approaching. Josh confesses the first flight was to New Jersey, so he decided to go on the 2nd flight, Oahu. Later, Hannah checks into the hotel and sees Josh in the lobby. Hannah believes this is a coincidence, but the concierge, Kailani, thinks there is something more. After a few uncomfortable run-ins with honeymooners and each other, Josh and Hannah pair up to enjoy the island together.

Funny beyond words is the only way to describe this movie. You will laugh out loud and double over multiple times as Hannah says and does the most outrageous things at the best time. The actuary plans her life to the smallest detail to minimize risks, but it’s left her wanting more from life. Josh spent so much time being spontaneous that he became burnt out. They mesh well together to create memorably planned yet unprompted fun. And let’s not forget our new favorite couple, Cal and Nick. They hold nothing back and say everything you are thinking out loud. Sit back and be ready to have a good time.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Do I seem like this is the happiest day of my life – Hannah

Why do you assume this is my fault – Josh

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