#DoctorStrange – Movie Review

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 6 minutes

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Doctor Strange and America Chavez run towards the Book of Vishanti with a demon chasing them.  Doctor Strange realizes the demon is too strong to stop.  There is only one way to win and save the multiverse, kill America.  Before he can carry out the plan, the demon stabs him from behind and grabs America.  Doctor Strange makes one more attempt to stop the demon and save America.  Then, he wakes up in bed.  Doctor Strange is accustomed to these nightmares and brushes them off.  He has more important things ahead, like Christine’s wedding.  Today, Christine will marry Charles.  Doctor Strange wishes them well but wonders what if. 

At the reception, Dr. Strange hears car crashes and people screaming.  He looks outside to see cars slamming by themselves.  He uses a spell to reveal a monster chasing a girl.  After Doctor Strange and Sorcerer Supreme Wong save the girl, Doctor Strange remembers her from his dream.  America swipes his sling ring and runs away (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Strange and Wong catch up to her, get the sling ring, and ask why the monster came after her.  She explains a demon desires to steal her power because she has the ability to jump through universes.  America can do this because she is the only version of America in the multiverse.  So, she doesn’t dream either.  Doctor Strange’s dreams weren’t dreams.  However, they were connections to the other Doctor Stranges in different universes.  America takes them to the body of Doctor Strange – that tried to kill her.  Wong remembers markings on the monster, but they didn’t look like any ruins they know.  They looked like witchcraft.  Doctor Strange decides to consult the strongest witch he knows: Wanda.

As Strange discusses the multiverse with Wanda, she says America’s name.  Strange freezes because he never said it.  Wanda sent the creatures after America.  Wanda has Billy and Tommy in every other universe, and she wants them back.  Wanda acquired the Darkhold and used it to move between universes to steal America’s powers.  Once she has America’s abilities, she can be in another universe with Billy and Tommy forever.  She gives Doctor Strange until sundown to bring America to her, or Scarlet Witch will come for them.  

This movie kicks down any preconceived notions about the movie or the multiverse.  While the days of Thanos aren’t a distant memory, Doctor Strange sets up the next ten years of the MCU.  Before watching this film, you should watch “What If,” “WandaVision,” Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Doctor Strange (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While you won’t get that awe-inspiring, stand up and cheer moment fans get with the other movies, you have a good time.  Karl MondoCaptain Marvel, and Illuminati expand fans’ minds to the possibilities of worlds yet to come.  And you may leave the theaters with more questions than answers.  You should know this is one of the most ruthless and bloody films in the MCU.  The graphics are stunning and look better in 3D.  And there are mid and post-credit scenes.  While the first gives audiences a glimpse into the next Doctor Strange movie, the second is for a quick laugh. 

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I don’t even want to know – Sorcerer Supreme Wong

I am not a monster.  I’m a mother – Scarlet Witch

A little too on the nose – Doctor Strange

Go back to hell – Christine

Rule number 1: You don’t know anything – America

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