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Snake Eyes – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 1 minute

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Twenty years ago, a young boy lived in a safe house with his father.  In the middle of the night, the father woke up his son and told the son it’s time to leave, but the father wasn’t fast enough.  The father instructed the young boy to hide.  Men came into the home and surrounded the father.  The leader gave the father a pair of dice and made the father roll his fate.  The role landed on snake eyes.  Before the leader could shoot, the young boy came out of hiding and attacked.  His father told him to run and hide. The young boy hid in the woods and heard the terrifying sound of a gunshot.  Then, the leader set the house on fire.

Now, the young boy is an adult that fights in underground battles under the name Snake Eyes.  When people stop betting against him, he moves on to a new town.  After watching Snake Eyes win, Kenta approaches Snake Eyes about joining his crew.  Snake Eyes plans to leave, but Kenta promises to find the man that killed his dad.  Four weeks later, Snake Eyes works at Kenta’s docks, hiding guns in gutted fish.  One day, Kenta pulls Snake Eyes off the line to deal with a traitor, and the traitor is Kenta’s cousin Tommy, the leader of the Arashikage Clan.  Snake Eyes sees honor in Tommy and refuses to shoot.  In a bloody battle to leave, someone stabs Snake Eyes, and he passes out.  Later, Snake Eyes wakes up on a private jet with Tommy headed to Tokyo.  Since Snake Eyes saved his life, Tommy will give Snake Eyes a home and a chance to join his clan.  The Arashikage’s security advisor, Akiko, warns Tommy about the outsider because she can’t find any intel on Snake Eyes.  But Tommy doesn’t listen and presents Snake Eyes to the Arashikage leader and his grandmother, Sen.  She agrees to let the outsider take the three tests, but if Snake Eyes fails, he will die.  During the test, Tommy unveils Kenta’s new plan to ship weapons.  He, Snake Eyes, and Akiko infiltrate Kenta’s hideout and find the guns.  The Cobra logo is on the boxes, which floors Tommy.  Tommy tells Snake Eyes that Cobra is a terrorist organization, and Snake Eyes can’t believe it.  Tommy calls Scarlett, a G.I. Joe, for more information about Cobra.  Scarlett believes that the Baroness is in charge of the Tokyo Cobra Operation because the Baroness landed in Tokyo a few days ago.

After a day of training, Snake Eyes takes Tommy’s motorcycle and goes to an underground bunker.  There, Kenta waits for Snake Eyes and his intel about the Arashikage.  However, Snake Eyes is furious because he never knew Kenta worked with Cobra.  Snake Eyes wants no part of terrorism, but the Baroness has other plans.  She comes out of the shadows and tells Snake Eyes that she has his father’s killer stashed away.  Snake Eyes has three days to execute Kenta’s plan, or she will let his father’s killer go.  Kenta wants Snake Eyes to break into the Arashikage’s vault and steal the Jewel of the Sun.  With this jewel that the Arashikage swore to protect, Kenta can use it as a weapon.  Once Kenta gets his revenge on the Arashikage, Kenta will give it to the Baroness and make Cobra the deadliest force in the world.

This movie blends eye-popping action, spellbinding storytelling, and worthwhile lessons in two hours without boring the audience, relying on a love story, or unnecessary male or female sexualization.  While it doesn’t follow the comic to the letter, this film is more enjoyable than the other G.I. Joe movies (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The plot doesn’t force the humor, the choreography is clean, and the actors display the character’s growth or downfall with great conviction.  While this movie has such blaring positive aspects, the backing track causes the dialog to become garbled.  So you will miss some critical information about characters.  IMAX and 3D are not necessary to enjoy this film, but Dolby can help.  And stay past the first set of end credits but not to the end.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Everything we want in life comes at a price – Kenta

That’s not creepy at all – Snake Eyes

I serve no one  – Tommy

He better or I’ll kill you both – Baroness

Let’s just say our goal are temporarily aligned – Scarlett

You wanna know how I got this scar? – Akiko

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