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Next Door Nightmare – Review

Next Door Nightmare – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Helen argues with her daughter, Kelly, and Kelly leaves in a rage.  As Helen finishes her meal, she gets a knock at the door.  When Helen sees the police, she knows Kelly must have sent them.  But Helen is wrong.  Kelly and her unborn baby died in a car crash.  Distraught, Helen refuses to talk to the police and attacks an officer with a knife.  They arrest her and charge her for assault and murdering her son-in-law, but the murder charges don’t stick.  A mental hospital labeled Helen with extreme codependency.  Helen spends nine months in a mental institution before her release.  It’s been one month after Helen’s release, and Grace, a social worker, comes over for a mandatory wellness check.  If Grace finds anything wrong, Helen will have to go back to the facility.  Helen puts on a happy face and takes responsibility for attacking the officer.  It pleases Grace to see Helen taking responsibility, but Grace wants Helen to join a support group for women her age.  As Helen walks Grace out, she sees a new family moving into the home across the street and introduces herself.  The married couple is Sara and Kyle.  He is a video game software entrepreneur, and she creates logos.  Kyle and Sarah met when his ex-girlfriend, Angela, introduced them when Angela was working as his PR representative.  Three years into their marriage, they struggled with infertility, and Kyle cheated on Sarah with Angela.  Sarah chose to forgive him, and they are trying to have a baby again.  Sarah admits the whole sordid past to Helen while Kyle is on business.  Helen offers to be a shoulder for Sarah to lean on day or night, especially when Sarah finds out she is pregnant.  But this isn’t an offer Sarah should take.  Kelly wasn’t Helen’s daughter.  Helen met Kelly once on the internet and fixated on Kelly and Kelly’s unborn baby after Helen’s real daughter, Layla, committed suicide.  Over the years, Helen has collected and killed several daughters.  And if Sarah isn’t careful, she will be the next one on Helen’s list.

If you watch this movie from Helen’s point of view, it will entertain you with her trickery.  Whether she hires someone or gets her hands dirty, Helen will stop at nothing to get her daughter and grandchild by her side.  Blood or not.  Don’t be confused by the beginning.  Often, Lifetime shows you the ending at the beginning.  Then it cuts away to an earlier point in time to show you the events that preceded the crazy action.  This film shows you Helen’s crazy side with another victim, then fast forward ten months.  You have an idea of her capabilities, but not how deadly she can be to others.  This movie won’t be a favorite.  But if you are rooting for the killer, you will keep watching.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

This is my daughter’s doing, isn’t it? – Helen

Please, promise me you will try to play nice – Kyle

Sarah tells me you’ve been very supportive, but I can take it from here – Judith

I think she’s great – Sarah

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Dead in the Water – Review

Dead in the Water – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Tara’s photography blog isn’t launching as planned, and she waitresses on the side to make ends meet.  As she doesn’t think things could get worse, Tara’s boyfriend, Derek, breaks up with her over voicemail.  She vents to her friend, Amy, and Amy suggests they go to her family’s lakehouse before her parents sell it.  As Tara hears the word lake, she flashes back to 10 years ago.  Her brother, John, verbally abused her about becoming a photographer.  He pushed her, and her camera fell off a bridge.  Tara walked to the bottom of the bridge but couldn’t find the camera.  After Tara walked to the top of the bridge, she found her camera there, but John’s body in the water.  Since then, Tara believes her parents blame her for John’s death.  Amy tells Tara to leave the past behind and have fun with her life.  After some browbeating, Tara decides to go.  Amy’s parents’ lake house is a sight to behold, and the women quickly make themselves at home.  But Tara feels like someone is watching her.  During a photoshoot, Tara and Amy run into Lucas – a man in need of a charger – and Amy invites him to the lakehouse.  Soon the women are at each other’s throats and flirting with Lucas.  At the end of this ill-fated trip, someone will be dead.

This movie is the definition of frenemies.  Amy and Tara both like and despise each other.  Tara loves Amy’s bravery but believes Amy is an entitled, spoiled, rich girl.  Also, Amy admires Tara’s strength but hates that Tara acts like a victim.  As much as they apologize, they belittle each other.  It’s all too easy for someone to come in and break them apart.  If seeing this relationship irritates you, then you are in one.  As you watch Tara’s current and past relationships, you will witness that she is an emotional punching bag for John, Derek, and Amy.  Use this movie to learn how to recognize and remove yourself from these toxic relationships.  After all of that, it’s easy to understand who is stalking Tara, but it’s why that will keep you watching.  And the ‘why’ is the creepiest reason in a Lifetime movie ever.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m not big on lakes – Tara

You’re welcome. I made it from scratch – Amy

Aren’t we just all works in progress – Lucas

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Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Blackmail – Review

Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Blackmail – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After Robyn’s safe return, the Jones women get back to work.  But someone has the family in their crosshairs.  Pam, Kayla, Carrie, and Tara get messages containing blackmail.  Pam’s message has evidence of her affair with William, and Kayla’s message has pictures of her kissing another man.  Carrie’s email contained IRS documentation, and Tara received a spreadsheet of her drug sales.  While each keeps their blackmail quiet from each other, they convene to talk about the next steps to take.  Pam wants to handle it among the family because she doesn’t know who to trust.  Tara takes the lead and uses her hacking skills to uncover who is behind it all.  Next, Pam plans to discover who terminated the Harborside deal.  A ghost trust purchased the land, and Pam wants to know who is behind it.  Uncovering the truth will have them looking into Theodore Jones’s death, the company’s past, and the library’s microfiche.

The best of the series will leave you wanting more.  This movie series needs to become a TV series or a quarterly movie series.  The Jones women have so many more stories to tell.  With Robin’s final betrayal, the writers created more tales to give the audience.  Also, they added Sheldon’s treacherous ways, William’s arrest, Leo’s threats, and Lance’s disappearance to unveil in the future.  The ending brings the women together, but so much hangs in the balance to tear them apart.  This movie can’t be the end to the Jones clan. LMN, bring these strong women back ASAP.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You leave that to me – Tara

We don’t pay him to be offended – Carrie

I prefer to think of it as a severance package – Pam

It’s a good thing you didn’t take those vows, William.  In sickness and in health would have really tripped you up – Kayla

Pretending to be happy to have me back – Robin

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Labor of Lies – Review

Labor of Lies – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lara feels alone in her pregnancy.  Her best friends prefer to go wine tasting than baby clothes shopping.  And her husband, Sam, works all hours of the day and night to repay the IVF debt and save the baby.  Lara goes online to find a pregnancy support group, and Bump Buddies comes back as the first result.  Lara creates a profile, and it doesn’t take long to get a match named Jamie.  Jamie extends an offer to video chat.  They chat about their husbands, friends, and pregnancy woes.  They make plans to meet up at pregnancy yoga, and Lara is happy to have a comrade.  But Jamie holds many dark secrets.  First, she promised her unborn baby to a baby broker.  The broker gave her $25,000 upfront, and Jamie will get the rest when he gets the baby.  The broker’s bodyguard, Darryl, doesn’t trust Jamie, so he decides to follow her.  Second, Jamie told her estranged husband, Tony, that the baby is his, but Tony demands a paternity test when he gets back from Paris.  The third and biggest lie, Jamie isn’t pregnant.  She has to get a baby, dodge Darryl, and fix a paternity test before Tony gets home.   Too bad Tony moved up the schedule to come home two days early.  What will Jamie do to get Lara’s baby?

This movie is a thriller because it starts where most Lifetime movies end.  In most of these, the final fight happens when the baby is born or when the birth mother is alone, but this film keeps the battle going.  The number of lies Jamie tells to keep up the ruse is astounding.  She lies to Lara, Tony, the broker, Darryl, and herself.  When she gets close to getting caught, Jamie quickly backtracks her lies.  But it’s only a matter of time until she gets discovered.  And that moment will come down to a phone call.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I got it. You have a very classy way of threatening people – Jamie

She’s smarter than she wants us to believe – Darryl

Nothing’s too good for my bump buddy – Lara

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Love in Whitbrooke – Review

Love in Whitbrooke – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Amber sits with her boss, Roland, to discuss her future with the company.  For years, the company had Amber travel around the world, but now they want her to stay in London.  Though they are offering her more money, Amber likes her jet-setting lifestyle.  But Amber promises to think it over.  Roland warns Amber that she has eight days to give him an answer, or they will have to go with another candidate.  When Amber gets home, she receives a phone call from her mom, Barbara.  Amber’s father, Rick, sprained his ankle.  And with the Founder’s Day Festival happening in a few days, Barbara needs help preparing for the festival and running the family’s café.  Typically, they rely on Amber’s sister, Charlene, to help, but Charlene is 8 and 1/2 months pregnant with her second child.  Amber books the next bus to Whitbrooke to assist her family.  Before she boards, the driver asks for her ticket.  Amber shows him the phone, but the driver wants paper and won’t let her board.  She offers to pay, but the driver will only take cash.  Seeing that Amber is out of sorts, he offers to let her ride without a ticket.  Grateful, Amber boards and heads to her parents’ home.  After a day of reconnecting, Amber tells Roland she is still undecided about the offer.  However, she doesn’t tell Roland that she will have little time to think.  She will be working at her parent’s café and watching her nephew, Teddy.  After a day of screwing up coffee orders, Amber relaxes at her parents’ home.  Then, Jason knocks at their door.  Amber remembers him as the bus driver.  She doesn’t know that he is one of the last two descendants of the Whitbrooke founders.  He wanted to be a travel writer.  However, when his parents died, Jason moved back home to take care of his little sister, Molly.  Now, he needs help with the festival, and Amber offers her project management expertise.  Together, they will bring out the best and aspirational sides of each other.  With that comes love.

This movie presents one of the most mature relationships on UP TV.  Amber and Jason both yearn to do something more fulfilling in their lives.  Amber loved to paint but put it aside to make money in the corporate world.  Jason put travel blogging to the side for family obligations.  As they work together, Amber and Jason talk about what they want and how their lives would change if they went after it.  And her job offer deadline pushes their romance forward.  While the movie drags in the middle, the initial setup and ending are highly entertaining.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Are you offering me something – Amber

It’ll be $6 and you don’t even have to make contact – Jason

It’s time you do something for yourself – Molly

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