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Nobody Will Believe You – Review

Nobody Will Believe You – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After their move, Hannah and her mother, Melanie, have wildly different views about the town.  Melanie’s new spa is shaping up quite nicely and will be ready for its grand opening soon.  However, Hannah’s first day at school reminded her that she is an outcast.  The popular girls ignore her, and her music teacher, Mr. Kurtz, wasn’t impressed by her audition for his intensive music program.  While she isn’t great, Hannah isn’t the worse, so he accepts her into the program.  The school’s guidance counselor, Mr. Garrett, offers a sympathetic ear whenever Hannah needs it.  As Melanie and Hannah get pick-me-up mac and cheese, Hannah receives a text from a boy she bumped into at school.  His name is Tanner, and she develops a quick crush.  Soon, they text regularly and share sweet pictures.  After a social media fail, Hannah, saves Amber’s life.  Amber is a popular cheerleader that makes everyone miserable.  Amber lowers her guard and tells Hannah that her step-father killed himself.  Next, Amber invites Hannah to a party.  Hannah’s life starts to look up, but she feels like someone is watching her.  She tries to ignore the feeling until someone leaks nude pictures of her to the whole school.  Devastated, Hannah doesn’t realize this is step one in someone’s murderous plan.

While this movie offers a decent mystery for the price of admission, the how goes by in a blur.  The writers put more focus on exposing the killer’s past than explaining how the killer framed Hannah.  And some of the timelines don’t add up.  For instance, the killer stalks Hannah but appears behind her in a building two seconds later.  During the killer’s monologue, the backing track drowns out the explanation for why the killer picked Hannah to frame.  This revelation is helpful to the overall plot.  Why make this new girl a target in your scheme? Even with all the Lifetime tropes, this movie is watchable.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I don’t wanna be the victim – Hannah

I’ve done all that stuff, and I’m still restless – Zoe

I know it sounds corny, but it’s ok to feel your feelings – Garrett

It’s not fair, but I’d rather win than lose – Amber

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Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Letter – Review

Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Letter – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Detective Murphy interviews each of the Jones women, individually, about Carlos’s shooting but gets nothing from them.  Although the police backed down, Pam tells everyone to keep their eyes and ears open.  With a billion-dollar deal on the table, enemies will come at them from every angle.  Pam believes she knows one enemy, Web Devereux.  He sent threatening letters in the past after they didn’t take his deal to buy their company.  But Pam has one more person she wants to keep an eye on, Robin.  With her controlling interest in the company, Robin only needs 2 of the Jones sisters on her side to sell the company, and it worries Pam.  Carrie extends her kindness to charities but not to her baby sister, Tara.  Carrie is more focused on the new man in her life, Lance Jenkins, an investment banker.  But will her interest change when Tara uncovers his past and his lineage.  Kayla can’t focus on the business because she is keeping her attention on her fiancé, William.  She believes he is cheating, but she doesn’t have proof.  However, Tara took her eye off the ball and wants to quit school and doesn’t want to attend college.  While her sisters are steadfast against it, she has a few cards up her sleeve to make them see things her way.  With each sister having a high level of mistrust, they have no idea Robin’s in trouble until they get a ransom demand.  Either the sisters pay the money, or they will kill Robin.

The second chapter in this saga keeps dishing the dirt on this Pacific Hills royalty.  With a recap, in the beginning, you don’t need to see the first chapter to enjoy this installment.  But the first one is a marvel to watch.  Each woman has a crooked or new person in her life, so you aren’t sure who kidnapped Robin.  However, you will watch and scrutinized everyone’s actions and reactions.  This part will have you chomping at the bit for part three.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Why is that important – Carrie

You may not realized it, but you need me more than I need you – Tara

Carlos Gardner paid a price – Robin

I like the way you think Mr. French – Kayla

I think Robin is shaken – Pam

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College Professor Obsession – Review

College Professor Obsession – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After losing her track scholarship due to an injury, Jenny starts college in the winter semester with a part-time job and goals to run again.  Her R.A. Kyle introduces Jenny to her roommates, Beth and Sara.  Beth greets Jenny with open arms, but the sulky Sara barely says a word.  At the student union, Jenny learns the tragic fate of Sara and Beth’s previous roommate, Elaine.  Elaine fell off a roof during a party, but some believe she committed suicide because her grades dropped dramatically.  This admission spooks Jenny, but Jenny decides to stay in school.  When she and Beth come back to the dorm, they find a hooded man in their room.  Jenny stabs him in the shoulder, but he runs away.  Beth believes it’s her ex-boyfriend Dane but changes her mind when she doesn’t see a wound.  Kyle agrees to put a new lock on the girls’ dorm.  During her first class, Jenny’s history teacher tells her that her participation isn’t wanted.  Then, her psychology professor, Dr. Davrow, tells her to dress sexier if she wants good grades.  Jenny can’t believe Dr. Davrow exchanges sexy outfits for marks.  When she tells Beth, Beth tells Jenny to play along as she does.  At first, Jenny says no, but she changes her mind to get a scholarship.  When Dr. Davrow goes too far, Jenny decides to report him.  Now her life is in danger.

Dr. Davrow will give you the creeps.  This professor goes beyond any level of decency and adds victim-blaming to his list of depraved actions.  He is a character you will love to hate.  The movie tries to point you in another direction, but the perpetrator’s maneuvers will give them away.  You will watch to prove you are right.  This movie won’t be a favorite, but it’s not a waste of time.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

If I wasn’t as blond as I look, I would swear you were trying to get rid of me – Beth

Don’t. Don’t make her wrong. She’s not wrong. We are – Jenny

I wouldn’t do that – Dane

Beth is a fake as $20 Prada – Sara

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Crashing Through the Snow – Review

Crashing Through the Snow – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Maggie attends the Christmas pageant for her youngest daughter, Sophie, but feels out of place.  Her ex-husband, Jeff, brought his new girlfriend, Kate.  And Maggie’s oldest daughter, Mia, would rather sit with them.  Maggie puts on a brave face because this is the first time she will be without her daughters during the holidays.  When Jeff lets this information slip, Kate invites Maggie to their Christmas vacation in Aspen so Maggie can be with Sophie and Mia.  Maggie says yes.  After they land, Hector, Kate’s house manager, meets Maggie and the girls at the airport to take them to the estate.  Kate’s family home blows Maggie and the girls away.  Kate’s dad, Ted, introduces himself, and Kate directs Maggie to a guest room, and the in-suite steam room astonishes Maggie.  After a quick steam, Maggie walks out and sees a man standing in the room.  He’s Sam, Kate’s brother, and he’s back from Tokyo to surprise his family for the holidays.  And he wants Maggie to vacate his room, but Ted tells him to show Maggie some hospitality and let her sleep there.  After a bumpy introduction, Kate tells Sam that Maggie creates campaigns, and he is intrigued.  Seeing the unspoken competitive nature between Maggie and Kate, Sam offers to help because he understands what it is like to be in Kate’s shadow.  But Sam’s help comes at a price.  He needs Maggie to create a pitch deck for him.  He wants to run a restaurant at a local hotel and needs Maggie to help him create a better deck.  She agrees to help.  However, this self-proclaimed klutz has no idea what it takes to be a top mom.  Their collaboration sparks a moment of love that everyone can see.  Will the mom competition get in the way?

While it’s easy to believe that Maggie and Jeff will reconnect, the plot shuts this thought down at the beginning.  This movie is a love story between Maggie and Sam.  But the not-competition competition between Kate and Maggie can be confusing until you hear both women talk about their connection to the children.  Kate wants Maggie’s children to love her, but she feels they will never accept her as a part of the family.  But Maggie worries her daughters will replace her if she doesn’t achieve every milestone with them.  While it’s a different story for the channel, it just doesn’t grasp your attention.  Keep this one on the back burner for a rainy day.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I didn’t realize my room came with a floor show. Do you take request?  – Sam

How many times do I have to tell you, this isn’t a competition – Maggie

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