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Space Jam: A New Legacy – Budget of $161.9 million – 1 hour and 55 minutes

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In 1998, LeBron missed the winning shot in a basketball game, and his coach, Coach C, tells him it’s because he focused on a Game Boy and not the game.  Since then, LeBron has put every ounce of his focus into the four lines on the court.  And he wants his sons, Dom and Darius, to do the same.  While Darius excels at basketball, Dom does not.  Dom wants to focus on the video game he is creating called Dom-ball.  LeBron’s wife, Kamiyah, encourages LeBron to focus on what Dom likes and not basketball.  When LeBron checks out Dom-ball, he is impressed but confused.  The video game goes beyond the fundamentals and gives players style points.  When LeBron uses his famous maneuver in Dom-ball, the game crashes, and Dom loses his best character.  LeBron tells Dom that setbacks happen and to work through them because there are no shortcuts.  LeBron goes into a meeting with Warner Brothers and takes Dom with him to see their new technology.  The technology is called Warner Brothers 3000, and it will launch soon, and having LeBron promote it will make the technology skyrocket.  They want to scan LeBron and add him into any movie, T.V. show, or video game they produce.  It’s all the fun with little work.  While Dom loves the idea, LeBron thinks it’s stupid.  LeBron doesn’t know, but the creator of Warner Brothers 3000 sees and hears LeBron insult his work, and he is furious.  The creator is Al G. Rhythm, and Al is an algorithm that lives in the server-verse.  He wants to take over the world and get the recognition he believes he deserves.  Dom tells LeBron that tech is his first love, and he will attend E3 Game Design Camp instead of basketball camp.  When LeBron says no, Dom leaves the meeting, and LeBron goes after him.  Al redirects the elevator to the server room and sucks them into the server-verse.  Then, Al takes LeBron’s phone, hides Dom, and gives LeBron an ultimatum.  LeBron can get Dom back if he wins a game of basketball.  If LeBron loses, he and Dom will be stuck in the server-verse.  LeBron thinks it will be an easy win, but Al sends LeBron to the rejects to find teammates in Tune World.  The only person left is Bugs Bunny.  Al convinced all the Toons to leave, and Bugs is ready for his revenge.  Al didn’t tell LeBron that he is not playing regular basketball, but LeBron will be playing Dom-ball with a worldwide, captive audience.  

Based on Space Jam, this movie adds family love and makes fun of its plot for being similar to the first (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  In the server-verse, viewers will see plenty of Warner Brothers classics like Harry Potter, Casablanca, Game of Thrones, and Star Trek, to name a few.  Spotting the Easter Eggs will keep adults focus on the movie more than the plot.  It’s easy to forget the number of iconic movies that Warner Brothers has in its arsenal.  With all those Easter Eggs, the film offers three lessons for kids and adults alike.  First, While fundamentals are great, it’s better to have fun.  Second, it’s ok to be yourself, and third, there are no shortcuts.  Don’t be fooled; you do get an exciting and Looney game of basketball with all the classic Looney Tunes you love.  And you do get Michael Jordan.  While you may not buy it in stores, you will get your money’s worth watching on the big screen.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You can’t be great without putting in work – Coach C

Everything between these 4 lines, is work – LeBron

I’m his mother, he better hear me – Kamiyah

He’s more than an athlete, he’s a king – Al G. Rhythm

You make me hate basketball – Dom

You missed your queue – Bugs Bunny

Been there, done that – Lola Bunny

I look expensive – Daffy Duck

Yeah, you’re a bad dad – Tweety Bird

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