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You’re Not Safe Here – Review

You’re Not Safe Here – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Ava hides her graduate acceptance letter when Shane, the father of her unborn child, walks into the house.  Shane’s job search wasn’t fruitful, and he feels hopeless about the future.  Shane sits on the couch and finds Ava’s acceptance letter between the cushions.  He reminds her that they don’t have money for her to go to school.  But when she tries to object, Shane hits her.  He grabs her, throws her against the wall, and belittles her.  Later that night, Ava sneaks out of the house and runs to Kyle.  Kyle gives her a car with a full tank of gas and a hug.  As Ava drives down the road, she calls her estranged sister, Lilla.  Ava explains to Lilla that she needs a place to stay for herself and her unborn baby, but Ava doesn’t tell her sister about the abuse.  Then the light rain becomes a downpour, and Ava crashes off the road.  She wakes in a bed she doesn’t know.  William enters and explains that he and his wife, Valerie, found her on the side of the road.  The roads are closed, the phone lines are out, and there is no cell service for miles.  William is a doctor and offers to care for Ava and her baby until the roads are clear.  Seeing the dire predicament, Ava agrees to let the couple help her and her unborn baby girl.  However, two people are looking for her, Lilla and Shane.  When Lilla finds Ava’s phone next to a crashed car, she looks around for help and sees Shane.  He introduces himself as Ava’s boyfriend, and they decide to work together.  Lilla doesn’t know about Shane’s abusive past and that he killed someone to find Ava.  Under normal circumstances, being off the grid while a murderous ex-boyfriend is looking for you is excellent.  But Ava is oblivious to the danger William and Valerie will inflict if Ava doesn’t save herself and leave their home.

This movie is about twisted loyalties and redemption, but don’t mistakenly look away.  Missing five minutes of this film will leave you lost in the weeds.  This film has a lot of moving parts.  First, you have Ava leaving Shane and staying with William and Valerie.  Then, Shane goes on a maddening hunt to find Ava and repair his family.  Next, Lilla attempts to reconnect with Ava, but she has no idea of Ava’s location.  Finally, Valerie wants Ava’s baby, and out of misguided love, William will do anything to fulfill Valerie’s wishes.  This movie crashes to a bloody end of redemption with no one calling the police.  Be prepared for an entertaining watch, but you will need to give it your full attention.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I couldn’t save Shane from himself, but I can protect our baby – Ava

I’m just glad she finally listen to me – Kyle

When you’re with the right one, you don’t need anyone else – William

Sorry about those – Valerie

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Malicious Motives – Review

Malicious Motives – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Katie and Ashley go to the same school but live in different worlds.  Katie is poor, and her sister, Sasha, is a poor excuse for a guardian.  Sasha and her boyfriend, Brett, tell Katie to steal drugs from her volunteer job at the hospital, but Katie won’t do it.  At school, Katie is overlooked and unpopular with everyone.  Ashley is popular and puts her focus on passing the driver’s test.  Ashley gets a cramp and tries to leave class, but she passes out instead.  At the hospital, doctors explain that Ashley’s liver is failing, and her family is not a match because Ashley has the rarest blood type in the world, AB negative.  The doctors will put Ashley on the donor list, but she has hope.  Since a liver can come from a living donor, there is a greater chance of finding a match.

Katie comes into Ashley’s room and talks about school.  Ashley remembers seeing Katie around but doesn’t know much about her, but that will change because Katie has the same rare blood type Ashley does.  Katie grabs a donor form and mentions to Sasha about donating, but Sasha thinks its dumb.  So needing parental consent, Katie forges Sasha’s name.  After the surgery, Katie wakes up to an angry Sasha standing by her bedside.  Sasha demands to know what Katie got in return for her liver.  When Katie explains she did it out of kindness, Sasha threatens to tell Ashley’s family that Katie forged the form.  Katie lies and says they will give her $5,000.  Sasha wants the money, and if Katie doesn’t deliver, Sasha will ruin Katie’s new life with her new friend.

What happens if you push a nice girl too far? Well, Sasha, Brett, and Ashley will know by the end of this movie.  And only one of them will be alive to learn the lesson.  This movie goes beyond the expected by adding twists and turns throughout the plot.  In a family of con artists, you would expect sweet Katie to rise above after she and Ashley become best friends.  However, Katie falls into learned behavior and does everything to gain the family she has always wanted.  However, it is up to you to decide if Katie is a misguided girl gone evil or a devious girl set free.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You saved my life, I just saved yours. Consider us even – Ashley

And risk my job – Katie

This is why everyone feels bad for you – Sasha

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Murder on Maple Drive – Review

Murder on Maple Drive – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Willow takes her big sister, Tess, out for a ride to a spectacular home in an affluent neighborhood.  Tess’s husband, Mark, walks out of the home and surprises Tess.  Then Mark gives Tess breathtaking news.  He bought the house as a gift for her because she passed the bar.  Looking at the size of the home, Tess has no idea how they can afford it.  After prodding Mark for information, Tess finally gets the truth.  There was a murder in the house.  The previous couple, the Clarks, died in a murder-suicide after Mr. Clark killed Mrs. Clark and himself.  This morbid information allowed them to get the home for cheap.  The next day, Mark leaves for business, and Tess starts to unpack.  As she dumps the trash outside, Tess’s neighbor, Shelby, comes by and introduces herself.  Shelby invites Tess on a walk and won’t take no for an answer.

During the walk, Shelby spots Mr. Seever, an older, cranky, weird man.  Then, she points out Dave, a handsome neighbor that keeps to himself.  When Tess tells Willow about the walk, Willow can tell that Tess has a crush on David.  Even though Tess thinks David is cute, she is loyal to Mark.  When Mark comes back, Tess tells Mark that the house is creepy without him.  She doesn’t like being there alone.  He reminds her that he is the sole breadwinner and needs to work to afford the home.  Once Tess gets a job offer, he can cut back.  Mark goes out of town again, and David asks Tess to let in a plumber.  As she walks around David’s home, test finds a locked basement with sounds echoing from behind the door.  Before she could investigate, the plumber interrupts her, and she leaves.  Later that night, someone breaks into Tess’s home.  Just before the robber attacks Tess, David jumps in and saves her.  She watches over David to ensure he is ok after suffering a head injuring.  When Tess leaves David’s house to go home, Mr. Seever tells Tess that Tess is wrong for being in a man’s home when Tess is married.  And if she isn’t careful, she could end up like Mrs. Clark.  This statement and the deep scratches on her floor nag at Tess.  She doesn’t believe Mr. Clark killed his wife and himself, and she will risk the life of her family and herself to find the truth.

This movie gives a quality mystery for the first hour with memorable jump scares.  But the second hour becomes the typical Lifetime movie.  After a while, you believe that Tess needs to spend more time finding a job than spying on the neighbors.  You only uncover problems when you look for them.  And Tess finds problems everywhere she looks.  While this movie starts as riveting, it loses steam.  Even with its The Shining moment, the plot gives the killer’s identity away too soon to keep you in your seat (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  But there is some justice at the end for one of the mislabeled neighbors.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

It’s a killer deal, Tess – Mark

I never want to lose you – Tess

I’ve been thinking about sowing my wild oats – Willow

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