#TheLittleThingsMovie and #SupernovaMovie – Movie Reviews

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The Little Things – Review

The Little Things – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 7 minutes

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Captain Davis calls Sheriff Joe Deacon into his office.  A witness to a crime can’t remember the attacker’s face but remembers their boots.  A crime lab in L.A., Deacon’s old stomping grounds, has them in their custody.  Davis wants Deacon to get the boots and bring them for the witness to identify.  When Deacon arrives at the crime lab, they won’t release the boots because a signature is missing.  When Deacon gets authorization from L.A. homicide, they will give the evidence to him.  Captain Farris welcomes Deacon back, but the current case is the focus of Deacon’s attention.  Over two months, someone killed four people.  The details of the murders remind Deacon of a murder case that he had in L.A. several years ago.  Detective Jimmy Baxter briefs the press while noticing Deacon in the background.  Deacon is a legend for his case closure rate and his mental and physical breakdown over his last case.  Jimmy invites Deacon along to investigate the latest murder.  Deacon finds some very pertinent clues.  While Jimmy collects information on the victim, Farris calls Jimmy into his office.  Farris informs Jimmy that Deacon’s captain cleared Deacon to leave, but he stayed in town and put in vacation time.  Farris believes Deacon stayed in town to work on the case quietly.  Jimmy finds Deacon, and they agree to work together and share information.  Deacon has one name high on his list of suspects: Albert.  Albert works at an appliance repair shop, and the last victim had an order to get her refrigerator repaired.  The police suspected Albert of killing someone years ago, but they couldn’t make the charges stick.  Jimmy is determined not to make that mistake again.  Jimmy and Deacon will work together to get Albert.  

This movie is a mystery that never solves itself.  Be prepared to look up the film’s Wikipedia page to understand what happened.  The movie starts as a whodunit and ends with one man redeeming another to redeem himself.  You leave the theater, or your couch, completely dissatisfied and confused with the ending.  With three award-winning actors at the helm of this project, you wish the script offered more.  This film is the story of a great cast falling prey to an awful writer.  Save this movie for cable or background noise.  

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

When’s your boy Columbo going to break my case for me – Jimmy

Don’t you ever get tired of looking at dead bodies – Deacon

You must really like my car – Albert

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Supernova – Review

Supernova – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 33 minutes

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Sam and Tusker travel to Sam’s family home in their RV.  They bicker back and forth about GPS versus maps, frequency of stops, and Sam’s latest book.  At a rest stop, Sam gets out to buy snacks.  Then, he notices that Tusker isn’t in the RV.  Sam gets in the RV and, in full panic, searches for Tusker.  After hours, he finds Tusker at the end of the road with their dog, dazed and confused.  Tusker admits to Sam that he stopped taking his pills, and Tusker didn’t bring any for their trip.  Sam can’t believe Tusker, who is early-onset dementia, isn’t taking his medication.  Tusker thinks the pills are affecting his ability to write his novel.  Sam asks to read it, but Tusker won’t let him.  Once Sam and Tusker get to Sam’s family home, Sam takes note that Tusker can’t read a speech he wrote Sam for his birthday.  As Tusker charms Sam’s family, Sam sneaks into their RV and finds the lockbox containing Tusker’s book.  Sam finds the key and opens the box.  Inside, Sam discovers Tusker’s hidden pain and the depth of his illness.

This movie tries too hard to make you care.  It becomes a slow, rambling, less funny version of Me Before You (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  For the first 30 minutes, you feel like a child, in the backseat, listening to your parents bicker back and forth.  You want out of the car.  They never say what the disease is, and the plot leaves you wondering if it is dementia, Alzheimer’s, or brain cancer.  The viewer becomes as lost in the story as Tusker and Sam are on the road.  The heartfelt moments come at the end, but you don’t care anymore.  You want the movie to be over.  Skip the theaters, instead wait for it to be available on cable.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Did you hear that sound? Listen.  That was the sound of me ignoring you – Tusker

How did you come to be this person? – Sam

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