#TheKingOfStatenIsland – VOD Review

The King of Staten Island – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 16 minutes


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Scott is a 24-year-old man with a dream of being a tattoo restaurant owner. However, his  ADD and manic-depression stand in his way.  Seventeen years ago, Scott’s father, a firefighter, died in the line of duty.  Now, Scott has a hard time being motivated in any aspect of his life.  He hangs with his friends, does drugs, and plays video games.  His family and friends all worry about him.  While giving his friend a tattoo, a young boy asks to get one too.  Scott draws one line, then the boy runs away in pain. Later, the boy’s father, Ray, confronts Scott’s mom, Margie, about the illegal tattoo.  Margie offers to pay for the removal, but Ray insists on talking to Scott’s father.  Margie informs Ray that she is a widow.  Ray reveals he is a firefighter and knew her husband.  Ray asks Margie on a date the very next day.  For a few weeks, Margie and Ray keep their relationship a secret from Scott.  After they reveal the truth, Margie tells Scott it’s time for him to move out. He has nine months to find a new place to live.  Scott is dumbstruck by the news.  But he knows who to blame for his mother’s change of heart, Ray.  Scott is out for revenge and will do anything to get Ray out.  Including committing a crime, creating a dirt sheet, and fighting.  Who will be the last man standing by Margie’s side?

This movie has the humor of Juno, the relationships of Baby Boy, and the perseverance of 8 Mile (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With so much promise, the movie feels too long. Although this review is missing many parts and characters, they are unnecessary for the overall point of the story.  Nevertheless, it is a beautiful love letter to Scott Davidson.  The lead actor’s real-life father who died in the line of duty.  With a great plotline, every little is rememberable or quotable.  This movie is about a loveable burnout who finds inner peace and self-confidence.  Then, you are given an indie film resolution.  Streaming is the perfect platform for The King of Staten Island.  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You assisted the chlamydia – Scott

You’re my older brother, you’re supposed to look out for me – Claire

He did the 2nd worst thing you can do to a kid in the wood – Margie

Why can’t we be cool like Brooklyn – Tara

I regret my friendship with you guys – Igor

You look like an anorexic panda – Kelsey

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