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Their Killer Affair – Review

Their Killer Affair – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Simon drags his girlfriend, Detective Max, to Jen’s grand opening because Jen is Max’s best friend.  Jen started the store with the help of her husband, Greg.  Jen states she became bored of being a kept woman, so she decided to start a business.  During the opening, Max gets a strange video message.  The masked person warns her that he will bring deception to the light.  She believes her partner, Nick, sent the message.  She forgets about it until they get called on a new case.  Tom was found dead by strangulation with a charm around his neck.  During Max and Nick’s interview with Tom’s wife, Sarah, they learn he was a gambling addict.  But when they interview the house manager, Francis, they learn Tom wasn’t addicted to gambling.  He was addicted to sex.  As they continue the investigation, Max and the precinct get more video messages warning them about more killings.  Soon, a pastor is found dead with slashes all over his body.  A killer whipped the pastor to death and put a charm around his neck.  His wife said her husband loved BDSM and hired women to hit him frequently.  Their investigation of the two killings leads them to a website that caters to people trying to find an extramarital affair.  The owner refuses to shut it down or give up her client list.  The Charm Killer directs his next message for Max.  She tries to brush it off until her ex-husband, Ryan, is found dead.  During their 15-year marriage, he repeatedly cheated on her.  With the personal message and killing, Max’s boss believes the Charm Killer is someone she knows.  Is her boyfriend Simon, her friend Jen, Jen’s husband Greg, or could it be her partner Nick? You will have to watch to figure it out.

This movie is a different type of Lifetime movie because it is a full murder mystery with kinky sex, adultery, an intriguing killer, a distinctive signature, and a horrible friend.  You will be engaged because the body count is high with motivated kills.  Though Max is strong in her relationship, her friendship is toxic.  It’s easy to blame Max, but keep this in mind, it took Max 15 years to leave her cheating husband.  It may take longer for her to drop a horrible friend.  However, that toxic friendship is necessary for the plot.  So before you yell at Max, bite your tongue and watch.  It will be a good payoff.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

The sound of marriage makes me want to vomit – Max

You know what’s worst than a cheating husband, being poor – Francis

In your line of work, tomorrow we may all be dead – Simon

I don’t think Tom was capable of love.  Unless he was looking in the mirror – Sarah

It was a small price to pay – Jen

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How Not to Propose – Review

How Not to Propose – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Travis, a printer salesman, is ready to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Lena.  He bought the ring and has the weekend planned until his boss calls Travis into his office.  Travis’s sales numbers have been down for months.  Now, his boss has decided to let Travis go.  To make matters worse, another publishing company has turned down Travis’s book.  With no job and little money, Travis cancels his weekend plans.  He still wants to propose but doesn’t have a place.  His brother, Cedric, suggests Travis takes Lena glamping.  He can plan fun activities in an inexpensive location.  Then, he can ask Lena to marry him.  Lena is a pediatric resident doing her rounds for a local pediatrician.  A research program in Munich offered Lena a job.  While she wants to work with kids, the position is a huge opportunity.  She decides to tell Travis on their weekend away.  When Lena’s friend, Michelle, asks about a potential proposal, Lena shuts down the possibility.  Lena doesn’t believe Travis is ready to propose.  Lena believes they are still growing as individuals, so marriage is out of the question.  With Lena’s new job offer and Travis’s proposal, this weekend will decide the fate of their relationship.

Although Lena has a secret, this movie focuses on Travis bumbling through his proposal.  He has issues with missing items, unwelcome guests, misreading his coupon, and losing the ring before he can propose.  If that’s not complicated enough, Travis and Lena run into Lena’s ex-boyfriend Warren.  Warren is a successful, mountain man that makes unemployed Travis question his relationship along with his proposal.  While Travis is having a hard time determining if and when he should propose, it’s harder for Lena’s parents.  They know about Travis’s proposal and Lena’s job offer.  Lena’s mom wants to reveal the truth, but Lena’s dad won’t let her.  As Travis and Lena are figuring out their relationship, they accidentally help develop a new one.  After Cedric loses his WiFi, Travis is worried about him.  Lena suggests sending Michelle to help Cedric.  Cedric and Michelle discover they are two unknown peas in a pod.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Sometimes I miss living in the moment – Travis

Life doesn’t care about your plans – Cedric

Ok, you are being crazy.  You know that, right? – Lena

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