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Love in Store – Review

Love in Store – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Terrie and David host segments for Shopping at Home Network (SHN) with distinct styles.  Terrie displays a perfect persona with facts.  David is carefree with inspiration.  They often compete for segments and products.  The network’s top seller, Sharon, has great news.  She is retiring.  Her prime time slot, monthly pick, and spot as head of the network are up for grabs.  Terrie and David, although they admire Sharon, want the job.  Sharon lets them know they are already in the running.  Before stepping on set, Terrie gets some bad news.  Her co-host, Savannah was put on on bedrest until she has her baby.  Terrie offers to do her segments alone, but Sharon believes everyone needs a co-host.  She picks David.  David says ok because he knows it will help with his promotion.  After considering, WWSD (What Would Sharon Do), Terrie agrees to do what is best for the company.  Now they have to work together to compete for the same job.  Too bad love is standing in the way.

With nods to Balsam Hills, an umbrella, and Charlie Brown, this movie will have you laughing (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Terrie and David have a low blow battle of the sexes while keeping it professional.  When Terrie feels in control, her boyfriend, Noah, causes her to have dead air for 10 seconds.  Noah breaks a cardinal relationship rule.  As Terrie and David’s romance is building, a new job, Noah, and SHN stand in love’s way.  While the storyline is predictable; however, Terrie and David’s banter makes the movie watchable.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Don’t vacuum your way through life? What does that even mean – Terrie

Like when a woman asks that question, it’s a trap – David

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Picture Perfect Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds – Review

Picture Perfect Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Picture Perfect Mysteries Dead Over Diamonds Final Image Assets

Camille is having a gallery showing for James Risand’s personal collection.  Among his items are rare photographs, a Nazareth dagger, and the Manchester Diamond Necklace.  During the showing, James is upset the dagger is locked inside a glass case and requests Camille to open it so attendees can see it.  Against her better judgment, she opens it but tells James’s brother he must stay with it along with a security guard.  Allie, commissioned by Camille to take photos, takes pictures of everyone in attendance.  Allie unknowingly has a criticizing conversation about James to James.  Camille asks James to speak about his collection to the attendees.  As James speaks the lights flicker, then Mr. White starts having heart problems.  When everything settles down, Allie is relieved.  But Mya knows her relief is short-lived.  Soon the entire gallery hears Camille’s screams.  The Manchester Diamond Necklace is missing.  Every person is searched and released.  Detective Sam arrives on the case and at ease with catching the thief.  The necklace was surrounded by 8 cameras.  Feeling he has the case solved, he asks Allie out to coffee.  Like Allie’s relief, Sam’s ease is short-lived.  The camera footage for 2 minutes is missing.  Allie plans on staying out until she talks to Camille’s son and her assistant, Noah.  Noah tells Allie that James is planning on ruining Camille’s reputation if the necklace is not recovered.  In the small art community, if a reputation is ruined, a gallery will fail.  Allie has to help Camille before the gallery closes.  And Sam has to find the thief before Allie is hurt.

For all the Perfectionist and Markies, this mystery will pull you in and won’t let go.  Every clue is a step closer to the thief but still a misdirection.  You will need to keep a notepad, or a collage, nearby to keep up with all the suspects.  Now dedicated fans of HMM will believe they have the case all wrapped up but you don’t know how wrong you are, yet right at the same time.  It’s this contradiction that will keep you intrigued and keeping score. Reminiscent of a great heist movie ( <— DON’T CLICK UNLESS YOU WANT A SERIOUS SPOILER) you will have to watch the wrap up twice (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  So get your DVRs ready for the big reveal.  Also, you will get a glimpse of why Sam left New York and its a tough, heartfelt watch.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Is that any way to greet your best friend – Mya

You know you are very chipper for a crime scene – Allie

I had to call in some reinforcements – Sam

You know what sam we all got our failures but you can carry them around with you forever – Luis

I’m a be back in 5 minutes … make that 10 – Noah

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Twist of Fate – Review

Twist of Fate – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Kelly is an interior designer with bad luck.  After her fiance cheated on her, she put all her focus into her work.  Her best friend and business partner, Rachel worries and constantly sets her up on blind dates to help her heal.  Kelly gathers her sketches for a proposal and accidentally puts her car in gear.  She crashes into a ditch and gets stuck under the passenger side dashboard.  The airbag deployment triggers Autocall, a roadside assistant like OnStar.  She is connected with Jeff.  Jeff left advertising to find a more rewarding job.  He hoped to help people in their times of crisis.  When he talks to Kelly, he forgoes his training and keeps her calm by sharing personal details about himself.  They bond and laugh about movies and books.  Then, Kelly realizes she can free herself.  She gets out of the car and tells Jeff she doesn’t need help anymore.  They hang up the line but not their heart.  With every friendship, job, walk, and blind date, a twist of fate is trying to pull them together.  But will lying by omission, tear them apart.

You root for this couple because they have amazing chemistry and heartbreaking backstories.  Each time they come close, you will be so excited.  Each missed opportunity will dash your hopes of them ever meeting.  Of course, just meeting each other isn’t enough.  When they come face to face and realize who the other is, Jeff’s past comes to light.   After all the ups and downs, you don’t want them to fall apart because of a misunderstanding.  Hang in there, they have one more unforeseen opportunity to work it all out.  By the way, don’t give up on Tom too quickly and be ready to fall in love with Rachel and Zack sneaky romance.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Yes, they are natural – Kelly

You’re an idiot – Jeff

Wow, you’re like a real-life superhero – Zack

Maybe you can get into another accident and you two can go on a second date – Rachel

Why is a chick that hot still single? Is there something wrong with her? – Tom

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The Secret Ingredient – Review

The Secret Ingredient – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Kelly runs the Cake Factory in Bailey’s Fork, North Carolina.  While preparing for the day, she gets an order for a 4-Layer Honey Almond Cake.  She knows it can only be for one person.  Her ex-fiance Andrew.  When he decided to leave for a pastry school in France, she ended their engagement.  He is coming home from France and his sister is throwing a surprise party.  Kelly agrees to make the cake but hopes her best friend and co-worker, Sarah can deliver it.  But Sarah has plans, so Kelly has to make the delivery.  Kelly tries to leave before Andrew comes home but his sister keeps her there.  Soon Kelly is face to face with her past.  They make polite conversation and then she leaves.  The next day, Mineet, host of Four Square Cooking Show, comes into the Cake Factory with a camera crew.  A mystery person has chosen Kelly to compete on the special Valentine’s edition of the show.   She will be competing against 3 other chefs but will never see them.  She has to keep her appearance in the show a secret from family and friends.  Excited, she flies to New York and tries to maintain her composure about being on the show.  She hopes to win but knows it’s a long shot because the show has always picked world-renowned chefs.  While touring New York with Brenda – her show’s confidant and handler, she runs into Andrew.  She thought he was still in North Carolina.  He is with his business partner Laurie and they are going out for lunch.  Andrew asks Kelly and Brenda to go with them.  In the competition, the sparks between her and Andrew reignite.  However, Kelly doesn’t know that Andrew is in the competition and vice versa.  It will take a very special person and cake to bring the secret to the light.

Based on The Secret Ingredient by Nancy Naigle, this yummy romantic tale will make you salivate (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While you know the ending, you anxiously wait for the shoe to drop.  You see them trying to mend their relationship while the competition can cut it like scissors.  While the competition is strong, you have the subplot of Kelly’s parents selling their dinner.  You almost forget this storyline until it is resolved at the end.  Watch this when you have 2 hours to kill and some cupcakes nearby.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

What good are you then – Kelly

Your calm reaction is a little unsettling – Sarah

Assistant? Ouch. – Andrew

You can breathe now – Mineet

Don’t look at me, I’m going home – Brenda

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