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The Wrong Cheerleader Coach – Review

The Wrong Cheerleader Coach – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jon and his daughter, Hannah, are leaving Chicago for his new job.  Hannah is less than enthusiastic, so Jon lets her pick any bedroom she wants.  While she decides on a room, he goes to register Hannah for school, which is starting the next day.  At the school, Jon bumps into Janice and Devan.  Janice is the physical education teacher and cheerleading coach.  Devan is her assistant.  Devan offers to walk Jon to the school’s office and sparks a conversation.  His daughter was on the cheerleading team at her old school, so he knows Hannah will be meeting them and trying out soon.  While Jon keeps things friendly, it’s more to Devan.  Devan loves older men, and she has her eyes on Jon.  During the first tryout, Coach Janice has some choice words for Hannah, which leaves her in a state of confusion and worry.  It’s her senior year, and she may not make the team.  After the team leaves, Devan pulls Hannah aside and offers her secret private lessons.  Hannah accepts.  While helping Hannah, Devan quickly puts the moves on Jon, but Jon isn’t interested.  He has his eyes on Melissa, his co-worker.  When they meet, Devan is watching from afar.  She won’t let anyone stop her from having Jon and being Hannah’s mother.

Devan starts off crazy and turns it up to insanity.  She is quick to blow up at her therapist, trainer, and the team if they even imply she has the wrong idea about her relationship with Jon.  And Jon isn’t her only obsession.  Devan’s had plenty in the past.  First, unlike other Lifetime movies, Jon never flirts with Devan.  Without this action, you know Devan has made the entire relationship up in her mind.  Second, Jon doesn’t catch on to Devan’s flirting, but he catches on to her crazy within the first hour.  He doesn’t bury Devan’s inappropriate behavior; he goes to Janice with his issues.  Janice takes his complaint seriously and talks to Devan.  Devan is living in a fantasy world, and anyone can die.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

And I intend to collection – Devan

If that’s what it takes for me to make the team, then I’m in trouble – Hannah

It won’t be easy for you here – Janice

If she was spying on us, that was just straight up creepy – Jon

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Is There a Killer on My Street – Review

Is There a Killer on My Street – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lindsay left her emotionally abusive and mentally unstable husband, James, and started a gym while raising their daughter, Jamie.  After helping her new employee, Valerie, get started on the job, she heads home to see her new neighbor, Stephen.  Because Lindsay is in workout clothes, Stephen approaches her and asks her about the local gym.  She hands him her business card and they flirt. Lindsay walks into her home, and Jamie is quick to give her opinion.  She thinks it’s too soon to hit on the new neighbor.  At the neighborhood watch meeting, the women of the community air their grievances, which is code for fanning gossip flames.  After the meeting, realtor Katherine asks Stephen to give her a ride home.  He offers one to Lindsay, but she turns down the kind gesture because she drove.  Later, Stephen takes Lindsay on a date and the two have a great night, but Lindsay has reason to worry.  She has gotten creepy calls, cryptic messages, and black roses.  At first, the neighbors worry it could be James, but this is not is M.O.  But Stephen believes he knows the culprit.  Before Stephen moved to the area, he was engaged.  Stephen is a psychiatrist, but he started falling for a patient.  When he decided to date her, he ended his business relationship.  After the engagement, she became increasingly unstable and unhinged.  Her name is Valerie.  Lindsay compares notes about her newest employee and Stephen’s ex-fiance, and they realize they are one and the same.  While this seems plausible, Lindsay remembers Valerie talking about her past relationship.  Valerie was a victim of abuse and has the scars to prove it.  Stephen tells Lindsay that Valerie’s abuse allegations are lies and he is a good guy.  Unsure, Lindsay believes Stephen.  But when the police find Valerie dead in Stephen’s pool, they take him away in handcuffs.  Who will Lindsay believe now? Who is harassing her and why?

With two crazy exes in the wings and a slew of nosy neighbors, you have no idea where this story will take you.  You will even take a second look at Jamie during the movie.  Following the HMM format, the movie throws several suspects and motives for you to unravel the case.  As a suspect dies, gets arrested, or holds a murder weapon, you will question everything and everyone.  That is until Lindsay makes one phone call.  Then your jaw will drop to the floor.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Nothing a lot of caffeine can’t fix – Lindsay

Never say never – Valerie

I think you’re being monitored – Stephen

I mean who dates a guy who just literally moved in next door.  Sounds like a disaster to me – Jamie

You wouldn’t have to be dumb, you would just have to be insane – Barrett

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Picture Perfect Mysteries: Exit Stage Death – Review

Picture Perfect Mysteries: Exit Stage Death – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The local theater company hired Allie as a stage photographer.  She takes backstage pictures and will take photos during the show.  While the stage has the play, the real show is backstage.  Cassandra, the lead, walks in late.  Someone slashed her tires, but she made it in time.  While the author, Neil, is happy to see her, her understudy, Laura, isn’t.  Laura was ten minutes away from a debut until Cassandra arrived.  Allie walks to Cassandra’s dressing room to take photos and notices things are awry.  Cassandra blames it on pre-show jitters.  As Allie takes more pictures, Kenny, the stage manager, tells her he can’t find Cassandra and asks Allie to look.  Allie finds Cassandra dead in the bowel of the theater and runs for help, dropping her badge.  Detective Sam starts his investigation and turns to see Allie.  He is unsurprised.  He has to question her since she found the body.  During the preliminary investigation, Sam notices Roger, an actor in the play, walking around backstage.  Sam tells Roger to stop and stay with everyone while he questions them.  In Cassandra’s dressing room, they discover a note.  It reads, “You are going to regret it.”  Since Allie was there and knows most of the suspects, Sam will do the one thing he never thought he would do, ask Allie for help.  This case involves lies, money, and a belt.

Another great installment of the Picture Perfect Mysteries, with plenty of suspects, motives, and questionable actions, you should be prepared to be glued to the screen from beginning to end.  Now, expert sleuthers may figure out the killer but stick around for the full story to unfold.  Unlike most movies on HMM, Detective Sam allows Allie to work with him.  Typically, these movies will have the detective saying “stay away” for 9 to 10 episodes.  Lifting this restriction and rift helps push the story along, allowing Sam and Allie to become a couple sooner.  When Allie’s life is in danger, you see Sam’s deep regard for her.  She notices too.  It’s cute when she calls him after he secretly watches her home all night following her attack.  Their compassion for one another comes through loud in clear in this movie, and you will fall in love too.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I can be ready in 5 – Cassandra

I don’t get it.  Why does this keep happening to me? – Kenny

How is it that you always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – Det. Sam

You heard him, show’s closed.  A girls gotta eat, you know – Maya

You’re welcome – Allie

Because we’re trespassing and it could be dangerous – Noah

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Cheerleader Abduction – Review

Cheerleader Abduction – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Olivia runs off the field to go to the bathroom.  Her friend, Ashley, slips Olivia’s backpack under the stall door.  While Ashley gossips about a party, Olivia cries in the stall.  She took a pregnancy test, and it’s positive.  Olivia pretends to be ok but quietly panics.  She goes home and wants to tell her mom, Trish, but Trish has an announcement: She is running for governor.  Now, Olivia worries about how the pregnancy will affect Trish’s campaign, so she keeps quiet.  Olivia tells the baby’s father, Blake, but he abandons her.  During a cheerleading competition, Olivia runs to a clinic to get an ultrasound.  The nurse informs Olivia that she is 11 weeks pregnant, and the baby is doing fine.  The nurse gives Olivia prenatal vitamins and a list of her options.  As she leaves, she bumps into nurse Pam.  Pam can see the young girl is upset and offers to buy her food and counsel her.  After hearing Olivia’s story, Pam offers to give her baby up for adoption.  With adoption, Olivia can keep her teenage life while saving her mother’s campaign.  Olivia takes Pam’s card, then realizes the time.  She missed the competition, and the team lost.  Olivia decides to work with Pam and keep the baby a secret from her friends and family.  She shouldn’t because Pam doesn’t work for an adoption agency.  Pam is an illegal baby broker.  And she will do anything to get her hands on anyone’s baby.  Even drug, kidnap and kill people.

Seriously, talk to your parents!!! Olivia, while misguided, tries to protect her family, friends, and her cheer team, much to her detriment.  As an adult, it’s frustrating to watch her handle this pregnancy alone.  You will scream at her to tell her loving parents.  However, this is a road scared teens take too often.  She lies about classes, practices, and nights out with friends, at Pam’s advice, under the guise of protecting her family.  When mommy finds out, watch out!!! This momma bear will be on the warpath, and no one is safe.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

It would be nice if you were a little more supportive – Olivia

I can help you Olivia.  I can give your baby a running chance at life – Pam

I’ve got your back Patton but you need to tell me what’s wrong – Ashley

I’m trying my best Livy – Trish

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Happily Never After – Review

Happily Never After – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Josh writes a children’s book series called Jimmy Sweatsock.  His sales are doing great, and he’s number one in his market.  The book garners the attention of a big licensing firm, and they want to turn his book into merchandise and they project massive sales.  Josh can’t wait to see his characters on store shelves.  Kate is a true-crime novelist and recently completed her second novel.  Excited, she waits to hear back from the publishers about their changes and comments to her new novel.  Then, Gene, her manager, calls her and tells her to meet him at a bookstore.  She gets to the store and greets Gene.  Moments later, she hears a familiar voice reading to children.  It’s Josh.  Years ago, Josh and Kate collaborated on a book called The Magic Cellar.  That year, it was the best fantasy fiction book.  However, Kate started working on her first solo novel, and Josh ended their personal and business relationship.  Kate felt like he would never settle down, because Josh only wanted to have fun.  Before hearing Gene’s proposal, Kate says no.  Gene tells her the publishers don’t want to release her next book.  Kate stops in her tracks.  The publishers feel Kate lost her voice, and they want to cancel her second book.  Gene thinks it will be great for her career if she wrote the sequel to The Magic Cellar with Josh.  She can regain her voice and get her 2nd book published.  As they start to work together, words on the page bring them back to their love in their heart.  Will mistakes of the past derail their future?

With an effortless plot, this movie puts more effort into the past than the couple’s future.  You become more interested in the events that pulled them apart and have less invested in their future.  However, their friends, Victoria and Nathan, give you an optimistic and funny look forward.  They are planning an anniversary surprise for each other, but they are failing due to circumstances beyond their control.  This relationship will keep your eyes glued to the screen.  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I know my market – Josh

I wrote it.  How more me can it be – Kate

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My Best Friend’s Bouquet – Review

My Best Friend’s Bouquet – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Josie and her friends sit and enjoy brunch.  Soon-to-be-wed, Ted and Emma, are excited about their wedding, and Emma loves the bouquet Josie made for her.  Josie especially made the bouquet that tells their love story.  Josie’s family believes a bouquet will always find the next woman to be married, no matter the current circumstance of the future bride or groom.  Brian, Athena’s boyfriend, sits with bated breath as Josie tells the family fable.  Athena smiles and listens because, in college, Athena’s told this story several times before.  Alex does the same.  As the friends leave brunch, Emma grabs Alex.  She asks him how long he has been in love with Josie.  He admits his love for her started in college.  Since Josie is a romantic, he’s composing a letter for her to profess his love.  Her response will determine if he takes a new job in Chicago.  Before Ted and Emma’s wedding, Josie and Athena help Emma get dressed.  Excited, Athena tells them she found a ring box, Brian is going to propose.  Josie believes the bouquet will go to Athena.  However, after the wedding, Emma throws the bouquet, and Josie catches it.  She can’t believe it.  Josie worries she jinxed Athena’s wedding, and the bouquet’s fable may be false; until she meets Will at the wedding.  Will is smart, handsome, and charming.  But, he is a threat to Alex’s plan.  Alex has to express his love to Josie before the bouquet pushes her towards Will and his job towards Chicago.

While following the Hallmark protocol, this movie is easy-going and fun.  When you watch, you will worry about Jose and Alex’s relationship coming to fruition.  However, you will also worry about Athena and Brian’s wedding.  With a ripped dress, a burned venue, and an overbearing mother, you will feel their wedding day is cursed.  Each flub will make you cringe and laugh.  With their flubs, Alex has some too.  Each time he tries to show his love for Josie, something or someone stops him.  Those moments will make you cover your eyes and laugh.  This hallmark movie will bring a tranquil smile to your face.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Ok, enough dramatic pausing. What happens next – Brian

The bouquet knows – Josie

Mr. Perfect? That’s a lot of pressure on a guy.  I know because I am one – Jack

Am I that easy to read? – Alex

It’s almost too beautiful to throw – Emma

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