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Table of Reviews

The Road Home for Christmas – Review

The Road Home for Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes


Wes and Lindsey play dueling pianos in New Orleans.  Patrons place money into their bowls and the bowl with the most money is the winner.  Tonight, Lindsey is nervous.  A music manager is in the crowd and Wes is late.  When he shows up, she pushes him on stage and they have a great performance.  The winner is Wes.  The music manager takes notices of Wes and ignores Lindsey much to her chagrin.   She calls home and tells them she has one more performance at the governor’s party before she heads home to beat the birth of her niece or nephew.  She needs that paycheck to pay for the plane ticket.  When the party falls through, Wes suggests they take a road trip.  She doesn’t believe it will work because they are from different places.  But after a short conversation, they realize they are just one town away from each other.  She agrees to the 15-hour trip and creates a detailed road map.  This road trip will lead them into a childhood idol, nuns, a nativity play, and each other.

Famous last words before any road trip: What’s the worse that can happen.  As these two make the trip, you learn how little they really knew about each other.  Lindsey’s reasons for wanting to go home as soon as possible is evident.  But Wes’s reasons fly under the radar.  When you learn his backstory for the Christmas Road Trip.  It will break your heart.  The movie will make you laugh as they keep running into hiccups along the way.  But they kindness they have will melt your heart and bring a tear to your eye.  With the music of Marie Osmond, this will become a holiday favorite (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m not gonna let you mess this up for me – Lindsey

Come on. What’s the worst thing that could happen – Wes

Well, that’s not your impression me. Is it? – Cassie

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A Merry Christmas Match – Review

A Merry Christmas Match – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Corey works at her father’s antique shop and runs the children’s Christmas show.  Her best friend Jillian is back from California to spend time with her.  It was their dream to both go to Hollywood and become famous.  But when Corey’s father died, she stayed in town.  Jillian (aka Jilly) is famous and dating David (aka Davey).  Davey is coming to town later with his friend Ryder to ski.  Ryder is the heir to a real estate tycoon.  Before they make it to the ski resort, Ryder asks Davey to pull over at an antique shop.  Dorothy, Corey’s mother, recognizes Ryder instantly.  He and Jilly were featured in the same article.  Dorothy decides to leave him and Corey alone in the store.  The two exchange verbal jabs but he leaves on top and with a clock & chair.  This verbal sparring left a good and sensual impression.  Ryder makes an excuse to see Corey the next day.  After feeling a connection between them, Ryder asks Corey to go with him to California.  She can spend some time with hin and go to his parents’ fancy benefit soiree.  Corey has only one answer: No.  With a present, Corey has to fix her mistake before she loses Ryder to another woman.

This is one of the most complex and well-written stories HMM has had in a while.  In a normal HMM Christmas movie, Ryder would ask Corey to leave, she says yes, they kiss, and it snows.  With her saying no half-way through the movie, she becomes the pursuer.  She gets the strength and courage to leave what she knows behind and find him.  The choice is hers and hers alone.  This is a strong movie with self-discovery centered around a love story.  And Davey is the funniest wingman ever.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Did you get prettier, I didn’t think that was possible – Mindy

Have a nice Christmas and choose your filters wisely – Jillian

We can’t sell this place. We sell antiques, not the shop – Corey

It’s a pretty decent place you have for being in the middle of nowhere – Ryder

The only place time has stopped is right here – Davey

There’s really no such thing as the perfect love story – Dorothy

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Sweet Mountain Christmas – Review

Sweet Mountain Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes


Laney is working with her manager Danny to change her image.  She was a successful country artist but her last 2 albums didn’t sell so well.  So, Danny hired a team of writers to create pop songs and gave her a new look.  He booked Laney at Santapalooza, in New York, on Christmas Eve to debut the new Laney.  Laney is excited until she hears the date.  She has never missed a Christmas Eve or Christmas at home.   Danny changes the schedule so she can spend some time in Sweet Mountain and get back to New York in time for the concert.  She goes home and runs into old friends but some give her the cold shoulder.  One, in particular, is Laurie.  They had a singing duo in high school.  But Laney made it big and left her and her brother, Robbie, behind.  Laney and Robbie were in love but their love could not withstand Hollywood.  After a snowstorm leaves her trapped in Sweet Mountain, Laney learns Robbie is a jack-of-all-trades.  He plows the show, builds buildings, ships trees, and is mayor to the town.  He is also in charge of the Baxter Theater Christmas show.  With the snowstorm, several of the acts can’t make it.  Remembering the local talent, Laney suggests to asks townspeople to perform.  Starting with Laurie.  Laney is so focused on the show, she forgets Christmas Eve is around the corner.  No need to worry, Danny to the rescue.  Laney has a choice.  The future she dreamed of since she was a child.  Or the past and love she left behind.

This Lifetime movie follows the Hallmark format of a small-town girl leaves the big city for small-town and rediscovers the past she left behind.  The music helps it stand out but not by much.  Not just the actors but the songs of Dolly Parton are the key ingredients to this movie (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Otherwise, this is a normal Hallmark movie on LIfetime that takes place during Christmas.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Whenever I go home, I just spend time with old boyfriends. Then I remember why I left – Beth

Isn’t that car a little small for around her – Susanna

Thanks for the ride, even though its all your fault – Laney

Well, my name’s Robbie and I think you might be mistaking me for her – Robbie

Does singing in the shower count – Laurie

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Designed to Kill – Review

Designed to Kill – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


David Doolittle is a shy, quiet, nerdy kid with an interest in photography.  Since he signed up for electives late, he was happy to hear the school announce a new class with a new teacher.  Jennifer is a famous photographer and wants her students to learn all aspects of fashion and photography.  She wants them to design the clothes, pick the models, create a campaign, and take the pictures.  Having David in her class is a welcome change.  Jennifer watches David crash and burn when he attempts to ask out Caitlyn.  So she gives him a confidence boost.  With a makeover, she buys him new clothes, a facial, a hair cut and takes his photos.  She turns the photos into a magazine and he makes the cover.   At school, David changes from zero to hero.  And the hottest girl, Brittany, asks David out.  David runs to Jennifer to tell her great news.  He believes he owes the upswing in his life to her.  But Jennifer wants much more.  She has fallen in love with David.  Jennifer will lie, photoshop, and kill to keep David.  He has no idea how dangerous Jennifer has been or will be.

The opening scene allows you creepy meter to be set on 10 at the very beginning.  You know Jennifer is insane, it just takes time so see why.  You will cringe as David slowly falls into her clutches.  Like a fly in a spider’s web.  There are two moments that will make you cheer.  First, is the smart principal.  He refuses to take the easy road when hearing a ‘she said-she said’ complaint about Jennifer.  Second, the mom’s strength.  It’s easy to believe Ms. Doolittle is a bitter woman.  She is angry David’s father left and gets upset when David tries to help with the bills.  This back and forth between David and his mother makes it easier for the viewer to understand why David walks away from his mother.  But momma bear kicks it into high gear when she senses something is wrong.  The principal and the mom will make you smile and cheer.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

It’s not tight enough. Fix it dork – Brittany

I’m not interested in the fashion side. I really want to learn about cameras – David

Ok, just don’t mess up that beautiful face – Jennifer

I’m the hottest girl in school and everybody wants me – Caitlyn

Yeah, you did – Mr. Doolittle

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Kindred Spirits – Review

Kindred Spirits – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Chloe is trying to connect with her daughter Nicole but nothing is working.  Nicole is acting out at home and becoming violent in school.  With the commotion, Chloe is surprised to see her sister Sadie pull up in their driveway.  Chloe and Sadie haven’t seen each other in a year.  When they were younger, their parents died and Chloe took care of Sadie.  Sadie moved out a few years after Nicole was born.  Sadie vividly remembers the day she shaved Nicole’s life and replays it in her mind often.  Chloe invites Sadie to stay with them.  Even though Nicole has a barrier up between her and her mother, she and Sadie connect instantly.  The two become inseparable and Sadie even starts dressing like Nicole and starts wearing a wig that mimics Nicole’s hair.  While Nicole’s best friend thinks Sadie is weird for copying Nicole, Nicole thinks its cool.  Nicole should be concerned.  Sadie wants to take over her life and be Chloe’s daughter, not her sister.  To take it a step farther, Sadie wants to be a high school student again.  She will become Nicole’s best friend to form into her worst enemy.

This movie will give you a Single White Female vibe while watching it (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Lifetime had done a great job of making their Halloween movies especially creepy.  And it is followed by one of the most gruesome death scenes to date on Lifetime.  With all it’s positives, the movie feels a bit unfinished.  The police discovery of Sadie isn’t played out on screen or explained.  It’s just shown.  Plus you are left to wonder if Nicole was ever alive.  It’s just a weird ending to a pretty good movie.  Hopefully, they will release a director’s cut with more information.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You can’t wait until after dinner to remind me I was a mistake – Nicole

I just had more energy than this town could handle – Sadie

Be careful, this one’s impulsive – Chloe

No, I won’t tell anyone – Derrick

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Good Witch: Curse from a Rose – Review

Good Witch: Curse from a Rose – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


The town of Middleton is abuzz.  The town’s Halloween celebration has a chance of being featured in a magazine and winning a grand prize.  Mayor Martha just needs to find a theme.  With Cassie’s help, Martha discovers 2 pages in Elizabeth’s diary are stuck together.  On those pages, she wrote about the town having a bonfire and throwing roses in the flames for happiness and prosperity.  They decide to continue the tradition.  Now, the next step is the design.  Martha wants fresh ideas that embody the spirit of Middleton.  Cassie has an idea.  Her college roommate Autumn is in town.  While in school, the two bonded over Autumn’s family grimoire.  One day, Autumn couldn’t sleep so she tried every sleeping recipe in the grimoire.  Nothing helped.  So Cassie tried some family tricks of her own.   Soon Autumn was asleep.  It’s been 25 years since they have seen each other but Cassie believes in Autumn’s skills.  So, Cassie recommends Autumn the job for designing the Halloween celebration but Autumn is nervous.  For years, Cassie believed Autumn has been living her dream of being a designer.  Unfortunately, life has fallen short.  But Cassie has confidence in her old friend’s ability.  After the Halloween Celebration continues to get strokes of bad luck, Cassie uses her strengths to fix things.  Will Cassie have enough magic to save the festival?

With Good Witch, there is always magic in the air.  While the plot of Autumn and Cassie’s passive-aggressive fighting is fun to watch, it’s the subplot of Sam and Martha that will have you laughing out loud. Sam is trying everything he can to celebrate their Anniversary and 1st Halloween as a married couple.  However, his efforts are thwarted by leaks, broken pipes, and unforeseen guests.  Martha loves her husband but she feels neglected.  He has forgotten a very important day in their marriage. She tries to drop hints, make nice, and order a special pizza.  Nothing works.  So, she does something astounding: she leaves him.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Let’s hope so.  You will be intrigued by the main plot and have tears of joy for the subplots.  Sit back and enjoy this Good Witch movie that stays true to its core fans.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I was hoping for suave but I’ll take smooth – Sam

Twenty-five years ago isn’t exactly yesterday – Autumn

Is that risotto? I am so hungry … and interrupting – Nick

Sometimes when things fall apart, better things fall into place – Cassie

That’s quite of coincidence – Abigail

Apparently, I have all day – Martha

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