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Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story – Review

Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story

Alex Cooper, 15,  attends church with her parents, Jessica and Dennis, often and without question.  Devout Mormons, they constantly worry about their next life and how their action today will affect it.  Alex has had a history of partying and smoking pot.  However, she has changed and focuses on church and school.  While Alex and her friend Daniella prepare for Earth Day Recycling, Alex meets some of Daniella’s sister’s friends.  Alex can’t take her eyes off Frankie and wants to get to know her better.  For weeks, the two spend time together.  Finally, Alex expressed her feeling to Frankie.  Soon, the two are sneaking away together.  One night, Alex leaves a note saying she is with Daniella.  Instead, she spends the night with Frankie.  When Alex gets home, officers are there.  Her parents are furious and want to know the name of the boy who seduced her away from God.  Alex admits she is in love with a girl. Her parents kicked her out.  She stays with Daniella’s family until Jessica and Dennis decide to pick her up.  On the long car ride from California to Utah, her parents barely speak to her.  They only tell her that she will be staying with her grandparents for a while.  They pull up to a house Alex has never seen and take her out of the car.  Jessica and Dennis have signed over their parental rights to Johnny and Tiana.  Johnny and Tiana run a conversion camp for troubled teens.  If Alex follows the rules and becomes straight, she will be out in 3 months.  Otherwise, she will be there until she is 18.  Heartbroken, Alex’s parent’s walkout and never look back.  It will be 8 months before Alex is free from her own personal hell.

Based on Saving Alex by Alex Cooper and Joanna Brooks, this movie is as disheartening as it is disgusting (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You will watch as Alex deals with emotional and physical abuse.  While she is surrounded by people, no one is willing to help.  Johnny and Tiana are pillars in the community.  Many in the small town support their cause.  They ignore Alex’s cries for help in and out of the home.  To make matters worse, the real-life Johnny finally came out as a gay man.  His level of self-hatred knows no bounds.  With so much amazing work on the screen, this movie still has some pitfalls.  Alex’s court case was groundbreaking but you see none of it.  And it doesn’t address statutory rape because Frankie was 18 and Alex was 15.  This still a great film to watch.  If you need help, please take a look at Trapped Resources.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I am too and I was kinda hoping we could be friends – Frankie

If you were sorry, you wouldn’t keep putting yourself in danger– Dennis

They’re so worried about the next life, they can’t see what’s happening to me in this one – Alex

Does he know what this behavior could cost you – Jessica

Don’t make this harder than it has to be – Johnny

How could you do that? In our home? In our daughter’s bedroom – Tiana

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Mystery 101: Dead Talk – Review

Mystery 101: Dead Talk – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Mystery 101 Dead Talk

Travis walks into Holly’s coffee shop and sees Amy enjoying breakfast.  Amy is about to head to Teachable Talk (like Ted Talk) to give a presentation on mystery writing.  She worries that she will bore the crowd.  Travis gives her his vote of confidence but Holly lets on there’s more to Amy’s jitters.  When Amy leaves, Holly tells Travis the Teachable Talks are run by Amy’s ex-boyfriend Tim.  Everyone thought they were great together.  Tim is smart, handsome, and British.  And Travis wants to go to Amy’s Teachable talk to … well … give her dad, Graham, a ride.  Or at least, that’s what Travis says.  Before Graham Travis can catch up with Amy, Amy goes out with Tim for dinner.  Tim points out Billy Pool and Alexis McHale.  Both work for McHale Tech, which is owned by Mitchell McHale.  Alexis is Mitchell’s wife and Billy is his best friend.  Amy can’t help but notice the two look very close at dinner.  They talk about old times and make plans to see each other again.  During rehearsal, Amy is interrupted by Mitchell.  He takes over her rehearsal for his own.  He is presenting S.L.O.O.T.H – Sequential Logarithmic Objective Output telemetric Housing.  It is a tool McHale tech created to solve crimes.  Amy thinks it’s frightening.  Later, Amy meets up with Tim, Travis, and Graham at a Teachable Talk dinner.  They see Mitchell arguing with Vickie, Billy, and Alexis.  All 4 leave.  Tim goes after Mitchell to check on them.  As Travis and Amy talk, Rachel approaches.  Travis gives her a huge welcoming hug.  A hug that catches Amy off guard.  Rachel and Travis attended the academy together.  They almost had a thing but bad timing kept them apart.  Rachel wants to connect with Travis but she is there on business.  A dead body was reported by the kitchen staff.  It’s Mitchell.  It’s believed that he committed suicide.  However, Amy thinks something more sinister is going on.  Amy believes that Alexis or Billy killed him.  Travis validates her suspect list however he implores her to include Tim.  He wasn’t in the room during Mitchell’s death either.  Travis and Amy want to investigate but Rachel makes them pump the brakes.  This town is her jurisdiction.  Travis and Amy must work together with no resources at their disposal.  Only their wit and each other.

This is the mystery you expect for an HMM series.  It’s funny, thought-provoking, and well-written.  There are several red herrings, viable suspects, and compelling motives to keep you watching.  A different aspect of this movie is Travis.  This time around he gets a dose of his own medicine.  He is told to stay away from the investigation.  He understands how hurtful he has been to Amy in the past.  He finally calls her a consultant with passion and conviction in his voice. He is not saying it makes her feel better. He is saying ti because it’s true.  We get a glimpse of their past relationships and what they need.  Also, viewers learn about Amy’s other secret hobby.  It will bring a smile your face and joy in your heart.  While the pair don’t get together yet, it’s on the horizon.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

There’s no trap so deadly as the one you set for yourself – Tim

She’s also my wife. And he’s also my best friend, in case your wondering how they go their jobs – Billy

Honestly? Frightening – Amy

That’s a great line. You mind if I use that – Graham

I guess we’re not in Garrison anymore, Dorothy – Travis

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Always a Bridesmaid – Review

Always a Bridesmaid – BET – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Corina is a bridesmaid for the 13th time.  And the 14th is coming up soon.  She is starting to wonder if she will ever be a bride. Her friends and her pastor told her she needs to start dating.  But Corina has had dating issues in the past, so her friends try to help.  One friend tricks her into a blind double date and Corina is miserable.  Later, she attends the 14th wedding with a guy who has had a crush on her for years.  After the reception comes to a messy conclusion, she is saved by Mark.  She and Mark knew each other on campus but she was the unattainable, popular girl. Corina’s friend Janelle puts all the dating apps on Corina’s phone.  During a playful struggle, they accidentally swipe right on Mark.  The app’s algorithm says they are a match.  They have a few amazing dates but one question will ruin all that they have built together.

With so many examples of love around her, Corina tends to focus on the few negative relationships in her life.  Unfortunately, she uses the bad ones has her guide to love.  As her friends hit major milestones, Corina worries that picking a bad man is genetic.  Corina shuts herself down before she starts.  She, like many women, must overcome her hurt and disappointment before she can become a wife.  This movie is all about taking responsibility for your dating life instead of ignoring or becoming a victim of it.  Everyone should listen to the 5 types of people you should not date.  Note, in the movie, it says 5 men but this list can refer to women as well.  So keep your ears open for the list.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

The most consistent male presence I have in my life and you’re a fish – Corina

Yeah, even black twitter can’t compete with Janelle – Mark

God gives each of us free will to use as we see fit– Pastor Althea

Ooo, that’s crass. Even for dad – Carl

Girl, I believe in fiscal responsibility – Janelle

Everything you do is for you – Carlton Sr.

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