#AbominableMovie – Movie Review

Abominable – Budget of $75 million – 1 hour and 37 minute(s)

Film Title: Abominable

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Yi works odd jobs around the neighborhood. She wants to earn enough money to tour China. It was her father’s dream to take the trip with Yi. Sadly, he died before they could start.  Yi is determined to make his dream come true for herself. Yi goes to the roof to stash her money and play her father’s old violin. She sees an object off to the side and discovers a Yeti hiding on the roof of her apartment. Frighten at first, Yi realizes the Yeti is hiding from Burnish’s helicopters. She gives him coverage to keep him save.  Yesterday, the Yeti escaped from the Burnish’s lab and hid on the roof.  He has nowhere to go and no one to help him. Yi is able to hide the Yeti for a while but she knows Everest (the Yeti’s new name) must go back to the mountain top. When Everest gets curious and he steals Nai Nai ‘s air conditioner, Nai Nai sends Jin (Yi’s former friend) and Peng (Yi’s friend and Jin’s cousin) to find it. They find Yi, her Yeti, and the air conditioner. They are astounded and bewildered. Jin calls the police for help. Unfortunately, Burnish’s security is listening to the frequency and track them to the apartment. With a light hum, magic, and each other, the three must stay ahead of Burnish and Dr. Zara (Burnish’s zoologist) and bring Everest home. If Burnish gets his hands on Everest, he will use Everest to gain investors and end his life as a laughing stock.  Good thing Everest has Yi to help him stay on course.  Well, at least that’s what Yi thinks.  Everest has decided that home will be Yi’s last stop … of many.

Visually, this movie should be seen in 3D. The landscape and magic scenes will take your breath away. The voice actors draw you into the story with their layered performance.  In addition, this movie will spark one or two moments in you.  The film sprinkles enough adult jokes to keep parents engaged throughout the story.  However, the story feels more like E.T. or several animated films mashed together (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Even Dreamworks’ classic bad guy reveal wasn’t a shock either.  While the art of animation was there, the movie’s storytelling was not.  With that being said, adults should watch the matinee in 3D.  Anyone with kids, see it anytime but in 3D.  Also, there are no post-credit scenes nor a short film before the main attraction.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t know where you came from but you sure don’t belong here – Yi

Bad guy? Is that what you think of me – Dr. Zara

He’s trying to protect them – Burnish

My babies are growing up – Jin

They are all too young and frighteningly good – Peng

You either eat here or eat there but not on the go – Nai Nai


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