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V.C. Andrews’s Fallen Hearts – Review

V.C. Andrews’s Fallen Hearts – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

V.C. Andrews's Fallen Hearts

After leaving college to become a teacher in her home town, Heaven lives with her grandfather who sees and talks to his dead wife.  She gets regular visits from her old boyfriend Logan and they have friendly conversations.  Heaven’s life looks brighter until her grandfather lets it slip that her father Luke got paid when he gave them away.  She is inflamed and wants revenge.  She puts on a wig and her mother’s wedding dress and heads to the circus.  She wants her father to think he has seen her mother’s ghost.  Heaven’s plan works too well.  Luke is so focused on, what he thinks is Angel, he leaves the lion’s cage open.  The lion pounces but Tom steps in the way.  Luke kills the lion but its too late.  Tom is mauled.  Before he dies, Tom tells Heaven to forgive Luke.  A few month’s later, Heaven is engaged and gets married.  She believes this is a new beginning but the past comes back to haunt her.  Pregnancies, deaths, biology, adoption, and the law can’t save Heaven from her past, yet it is paving her future.

Based on the third book in the Castel Series, this movie has the biggest heartbreaks, twists, and reveals yet (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). In the second movie, Heaven learned about her mother roots and dark past.  In this installment, Heaven will start forging her own darkness.  She tries to follow Tom’s advice but forgiveness is easier said than done.  When she learns how the second wedge was formed in her relationship with Luke, it solidifies another broken bond.  On the other hand, she does find forgiveness when she is guilty of the same crime.   Again, the set and costume designers have kept up with the changing time period and let the wealth disparity shine through.  To book lovers’ delight, this movie rights wrongs in the previous 2 movies.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Just like the old days.  Rebuffed by Heaven again – Logan

He doesn’t deserve to be happy – Heaven

Please find a way to forgive him for your own sake – Tom

Everything is about money – Fannie

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Deadly Influencer – Review

Deadly Influencer – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Deadly Influencer

Jessica Lake hosts a small channel on social media.  She gives fashion and beauty tips to the everyday girl.  While she has a small following, she has caught the attention of Monica.  Monica helped Skyler reach 200,000 followers in a few months.  And Skyler’s star was rising until she had a drunken fall off a balcony.  Jessica knew of Skyler because they went to the same school.  But she didn’t really know her.  However, Monica believes in Jessica and thinks Jessica could be even bigger than Skyler.  Jessica is elated to hear that Monica will help grow her show.  However, Jessica’s mother/teacher Ms. Kessling is worried.  She thinks teens are so connected to their phones that they aren’t connected to each other.  She agrees to let Jessica grow on social media but she must stay connected to the real world and her school work.  With Monica’s knowledge, Jessica’s followers are growing exponentially.  Monica’s has big plans for them both and starts her plan with a management contract.  Jessica wants to sign but Ms. Kessingly decides to look it over.  Good thing she does.  The contract is for 10 years.  Jessica wants to slow down and think about.  This is the same mistake Skyler made.  And Monica made her pay.  Will she make Jessica pay, too?

This movie gives a new, yet necessary, meaning to a “moment of silence”.  While this movie shows a dark side of social media, it doesn’t try to condemn it.  It points out issues with confusing “likes” with being liked and the downside to becoming “Insta-famous”.  This movie gives the teen stalker plot a new, updated twist.  In addition, you are given so many crazy characters, it’s hard to turn away.  Now, this is offset with lots of life lessons.  This movie is fun and informative.  You should watch it with your teen.  Maybe it will inspire their own moment of silence.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I want real professionals handling my career. You just a high school kid – Monica

It’s all your fault – Skyler

I never had a friend like you before, a cyber pal – Jessica

You sound just like her – Doreen

Welcome to my nightmare – Ms. Kessling

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Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Game of Cat and Mouse – Review

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Game of Cat and Mouse – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Game of Cat and Mouse

Aurora plans for her cousin, Phillip’s arrival, and her latest Real Mystery Club members.  She prepares the team’s board to review the evidence of Lipstick killer case and heads home.  The next morning the board is vandalized with no signs of a break-in.  Dave, a newcomer to the group, points out one photograph.  The photograph was taken from Aurora’s folder and posted to the board by the vandal.  And they left a cryptic message.  Dave recognized the phrase from a Shakespeare mystery.  Aurora and her club are ready to solve the case.  As she delves deeper, Aurora becomes a target.  Now, her friends, family, and Lillian are all getting threats.  One is hurt.  Aida pleads with Aurora to leave this case to the professionals.  Aurora can’t sleep in a killer’s crosshairs.  Especially when the killer is close to home.

Based on the Charlaine Harris novels, this movie provides enough questionable characters to keep you guessing (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). With quotes from The Thirteen Problems and Gaudy Night, you will add a few new mysteries to your book collection.  In the beginning, the case slowly unravels as you are introduced to new characters and how they relate to Aurora.  After that, it’s full steam ahead with clues, breadcrumbs, and taunts.  Also, in the first 3 minutes, there is a murder.  At first, you think that is Aurora’s next case until you see 3 years later on your screen.  But don’t worry, it will all come back full circle.  So sit back and enjoy this next great case in the series.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I guy who picks up his socks.  Talk about your dream man – Valerie

I would rather do anything but – Lillian

I think someone is trying to spice up our meeting with a little mystery – Aurora

That doesn’t make me feel any better – Sally

Listing to what others want you to do is never a good idea – Nick

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Love & Sunshine – Review

Love & Sunshine – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love & Sunshine

While Jake has been on duty overseas, Ally has been watching his dog, Sunshine.  Sunshine came into her life at the best, yet hardest, time.  Her boyfriend, Ben, broke off their engagement over the phone, she was sad and lonely.  Having Sunshine to talk to lifted her spirts.  Currently, Ally owns and works at a flower nursery and she brings Sunshine every day.  So, it’s tough for Ally when Jake calls.  He is back and wants to take Sunshine home.  Sunshine is just what Jake needs.  While on duty, his girlfriend Donna sent him a Dear John letter.  When he makes plans to pick up Sunshine, Jake’s mom tells him to get Ally a gift to thank her.  When she sees the gift, Ally knows Jake got it from her nursery with her sister, Emma’s, help.  It’s her favorite flower and she has them all over the house.  Before they sign the paperwork, they take Sunshine for one more walk together.  Ally tells him all her troubles.  After Jake leaves, Ally realizes Jake forgot to sign the paper.  They make a date to meet again.  Each run-in brings them close to each other.  While their families can see the love clear as day, can they help Ally and Jake see it? Especially when both are in business focusing on their exes.

This movie is charming and provides a new type of lead character for Hallmark.   At first, Ally goes with the flow in her personal and professional life.  When her sister points out that she lost herself in her relationship with Ben, she starts standing up for herself.  And she takes a stand with poise and grace.  You want to cheer for her. When someone sees her gift for design, they have to convince her she capable of doing the job.  Seeing her find this confidence in all facets of her life is celebrated and admired by Jake.  He wants to see her do well and that will tug at your heartstrings.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Nothing comes between you and your dog – Jake

I’ve been dreading this – Ally

If it makes you feel better you can scratch me behind the ears but I draw the line at fetching a ball – Emma

I’m not pouting – Ben

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