#Stuber – Movie Review

Stuber – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 45 minutes


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Stu works at Outside of the Box Sporting Good store during the day and drives an Uber at night.  He needs the money to help his friend Becca.  She wants to open a spin cycle studio and Stu is putting up 1/2 the money.  Secretly, he is in love with her but watches her continue to date losers.  Sadly, he is stuck in the friend zone.  Six months ago, Vic lost his partner, Morris, in a drug bust.  The shooter, Tedjo, got away.  Out of guilt, he has become obsessed with the case and ignores his daughter Nikki.  When his boss, Captain McHenry, tells Vic that Morris’s case is going to the feds, he is furious.  Vic meets up with Nikki to get Lasik surgery and the two each lunch.  She has her first gallery showing that night and doesn’t believe her dad will make it.  Unable to make the 2 hour round trip to pick Vic up for her show, Nikki downloads Uber to his phone.  She tells him to use the app to make it to her show – knowing he probably won’t.  Vic goes home to recover, when his CI, Leon, calls him with a tip.  Tedjo has 300 kilos of drugs coming in but Leon doesn’t give Vic the drop location.  Vic attempts to drive to Leon but crashes his car because his eyes are still healing.  He orders an Uber and gets Stu (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Currently, Stu has a 4.1 rating.  If he drops below a 4, he will be fired.  As Vic gets in, Stu hopes the ride will be 5 stars.  Stu has no idea this ride will include bullets, dead bodies, dogs, and hot sauce.

Be ready to laugh til it hurts.  This isn’t a buddy-cop movie.  Stu is not a cop and they are not friends.  This movie is a comedy with great action sequences, a dash of coming-of-age, and a smidge of a mystery.  Current and past movie fans will enjoy references to When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook, La La Land, and The Neverending Story (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While watching, you have to remember that Vic is having a hard time seeing because of his surgery.  So when Stu and Vic go at each other, it is pure gold and a level playing field.  The shooting sequences hold nothing back as you see gunshots with all the blood and brains flying out.    Stu and Vic visit the strip club, the vet, and a bottling plant with funny and murderous results.  These men do and experience everything together.  As they spend more time in the car, they see each other’s flaws without noticing their own.  With fixing each other, they help themselves.  Just a warning, kids under 14 shouldn’t see this movie.  Stuber has brief nudity and lots of foul languages.  Also, there are no post-credit scenes.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I’m gonna take everything from you – Tedjo

My daughter says I curse too much – Vic

Oh no, she’s Catholic. Probably just a bit of anal – Morris

We thought Christmas would be the best time – Stu


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