#FightingWithMyFamily – Review Repost – In Stores Now

Fighting with My Family – Budget of $11 million – 1 hour and 48 minutes

Fighting with My Family

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Saraya walks into the living room and changes the channel from wrestling to Charmed (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  When her father Rick enters, he finds Saraya in a headlock.  Rick tells Zak he is doing it wrong and gives him tips on how to apply it better.  Their mother Julia enters and ask Saraya one question: What are you gonna do about it.  Saraya sidesteps Zak, and twist his arm behind his back.  Her parents know she has a gift for wrestling and asks her to fill in for another girl.  However, she is worried about fighting a random girl.  To fill the card and ease Saraya’s mind, Zak agrees to dress like the Pink Power Ranger and wrestle against her (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  That night Saraya was hooked and started calling herself Britani.  She works in the WAW which is owned and operated by her family.  She and her brother Zak have dreams of making it to the WWE and becoming champions.  They have even made cardboard belts.  Saraya and Zak call WWE every day to see if they watch their tapes.  So when Hutch calls from WWE to invite them to try out in London, they are so dumbfounded that Zak’s fiance has to say yes.  Also, Hutch tells Saraya she has to change her wrestling name because they have a Brittani.  Saraya changes her name to Paige (after her favorite TV witch) and they head to show the WWE what they have to offer.  After a grueling time, Paige is the only person picked to go to NXT developmental camp in Florida.  She rushes after Hutch and tells him she won’t go without Zak.  Zak tells her to be quiet and Hutch gives her 10 seconds to change her mind.  With one second to go, Saraya decides to go to NXT alone.  She has the spark and the ability but can she hang in the ring alone, get over her misconceptions about women in the WWE, and embrace what makes her unique.  In addition, she has to do this all while her brother Zak falls apart.

Based on the documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family, is originally funny while being one of the most heartwarming films in the theater.  Saraya, like many people, starts to question her dreams when the reality is tougher than she believed.  She has to change physically and emotionally.  While some women in WWE are not trained wrestlers, they are there for a purpose.  She tries to change her exterior and discover her true self in the process.  This movie is also about Zak finding his real calling in the world of wrestling.  While he won’t go on to the main stage, he is a guiding light.  This movie is honest because it doesn’t have a villain.  Just a real family going through real issues.  And Rick and Julia never hid who they are from anyone.  It’s truly refreshing to see her parent’s openness.  They didn’t find religion but they did find wrestling.  This movie will help you see the beauty in wrestling and family, too.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Yes, I will not show my penis – Paige

You heard of England. You hit Greenland and make a right – Rick

No for being turned on by my sister. How desperate are you? – Zak

She had you – Roy

The fans now 1000% if you’re not being real – The Rock

What you gonna do about it – Julia

The women took a vote, you’re homecoming queen – Hutch

Click on a vendor to purchase (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)
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