#MarriageKiller – VOD Review

Marriage Killer – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Marriage Killer

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Robert’s company is on the verge of collapse.  If he doesn’t land a client soon, he will have to file for bankruptcy.  He tells his wife, Morgan, to stop shopping until further notice.  He’s concerned he will have to return to computer programming if construction doesn’t pay the bills.  With so much on the line, it’s starting to affect their marriage.  Morgan is feeling unattractive and in a rut.  She gets injured at work and her friend Anna introduces her to a chiropractor, Isabelle.  In a conversation, Isabelle mentions she is a member of an adults-only club called Secret Sins.  It could be the ideal place for Morgan to have fun.  Morgan brushes off the invite.  Until Isabelle brings up the subject to Robert at their dinner party.  Robert is interested and convinces Morgan to go.  The two are entertained by what they see, however they decide its not for them.  Nevertheless, they pull over and have some fun in the car.  Over time, the couple spends more time with Isabelle on outings and at home.  One night they start to kiss and Isabelle walks in.  She joins them for a night of passion and wakes up in love with the couple.  They inform her it was a one-time thing.  But that’s not good enough for Isabelle.  If she can’t have them, they can’t have each other.  She will ruin Morgan’s job, Robert’s business, and their daughter’s (Abbey) love life before the couple leaves her.

Talk about a dose of reality.  This film explores a lot of good and bad aspects of an open marriage.  While the couple admits to being voyeuristic, they quickly state that being a part of ‘the life’ is not for them.  It doesn’t take long for their lives to fall apart once the world knows what they perceive to be the truth.  When the list of the club members and sex tape are released, it sends this family’s world upside down.  However, this couple’s issues are only exasperated by Isabelle’s presences.  Their marriage was already in trouble.  She poured acidic salt on the wound.  It doesn’t take much for her to pull them apart.  While the story is wild, it stays grounded in truth.  The truth of public perception and the consequences of one’s actions.  Also, you are given Isabelle’s motives early in the movie. Seeing her torment is more believable than a long soliloquy at the end. Sit back and watch after the kids are in bed.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Well, why tell you when I can show you – Isabelle

This is a one-time thing for me – Morgan

It was an adventure – Robert

Don’t touch me – Abbey

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