#WhatMenWant and #MissBala – Movie Reviews


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What Men Want – Review

What Men Want – Budget of $20 million – 1 hour and 57 minutes

What Men Want

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Ali has been working since 3 a.m. to get the best deals for her clients.  She has always put her best foot forward and she believes her hard work will pay off today.  Her company Summit Worldwide Management (SWM) are picking its new partner.  It’s her dream job.  But when she is passed over for a male colleague, she wants answers.  She goes to her boss Nick and demands to know why she was not made partner although she has visible and successful clients.  Nick explains that she doesn’t have athletes in the big 3 (NFL, NBA, MLB) and she doesn’t connect with men.  Also, the vote for a partner has to be unanimous and someone said no. In front of everyone, Ali vows to get the #1 NBA draft pick, Jamal, to sign with SWM. Her biggest obstacle is Jamal’s dad-ager, Joe. To blow off steam, Ali goes to her father’s boxing gym for sound advice, then to the bar. At the bar, Ali sees Will. After an adventurous night and clumsy morning, Ali leaves Will and his son Ben behind. That night Ali’s introduced to a psychic called Sista during her friend’s bachelor party.  She airs her grievances about the boys club at her office.   Sista offers Ali tea and a chant.  Later, Ali hits her head in the club and wakes up in the hospital.  Now, Ali has the ability to read all men’s minds.  Ali wants to be helped, at first, so she looks for Sista.  But Sista convinces Ali to use it to get ahead.  What could possibly go wrong?

A gender-reversing remake of What Woman Want, this movie starts and ends with consistent laughs (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While it does rely on double entendres and some fart jokes, it does make the mark without making men one dimensional.  In addition, there is no real bad guy.  Some men are harsh towards Ali.  However, when she can read their thoughts, Ali sees she played a part in the drama.  This movie may make fun of men, it doesn’t demonize them.  It features plenty of guest appearances and heart.  This is a fun date movie but not a family movie.  With all its strengths, one question is left unanswered: Who voted against Ali?  This question will continue to linger on your mind as you leave the theater.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

They hit you, you hit back harder – Skip

I knew that wasn’t a mask – Ben

Do remember this when you are considering my raise – Brandon

Wait, why am I apologizing. I didn’t do anything wrong – Will

Have a great day Dick, I mean Nick – Ali

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Miss Bala – Review

Miss Bala – Budget of $15 million – 1 hour and 44 minute(s)

Miss Bala

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Gloria Fuentes finishes her make-up artist job at LA Fashion Week and heads straight to Tiajuana to see her best friend Suzu.  Suzu has signed up for the Miss Baja California pageant and Gloria happily agreed to do her make-up.  Before the pageant, Suzu wants to go to the Millenium club to impress the important people judging the pageant.  While at the club, the Chief of police gets handsy with Gloria and she excuses herself to the bathroom to get away. In the stall, she hears men coming out of the air ducts.  She tries to hide but they break down the door.  Lino notices Gloria is an American and tells her to forget their faces, keep her mouth shut, and then gives her seconds to get out of the club.  Gloria rushes to find Suzu and ends up in a hail of gunfire.  Suzu and Gloria are separated and Gloria waits for her at a nearby diner.  The next morning, with no signs of Suzu, Gloria approaches a police officer for help.  The officer offers to drive her to the station and listens to her story.  He pulls over for lunch, leaves the car, and enters a building.  Moments later, 3 men exit the same building and pull Gloria into a van.  They take her to Casa Rosita and she is face to face with Lino again.  He questions her and takes her identification.  She pleads her case and he offers to help her find Suzu.   But only if she does something for him.  Until he is done with her, he will keep her IDs.  He puts her in a car with a phone.  He directs her where to drive, then tells her to get out and meet him at the top of a hill.  Once on the hill, she watches Lino blow up the house she parked near.  Gloria is devastated but tries to hold her composure.  Lino takes her back to the pageant and tells her to enter.  She will have a shadow and must keep her phone with her as well as powered on at all times.  She doesn’t want to be in the pageant.  She just wants Suzu.  So she runs away the first chance she gets.  She finds two Americans to help but they put a bag over her head and put her in handcuffs.  She learns the 2 men are DEA agents and she helped Lino blow up a DEA safe house.  She killed 3 men inside.  They have enough intel to put her away for 30 years.  But they offer her a deal.  If she puts a tracking device in her phone and provides info on Lino’s next big deal, they will let her go and help her find Suzu.  She heads back to Lino.  With one drug run, her world will go into a tailspin.  She will expose all the monsters and make a deal with a devil she never knew.

Based on 2011’s Miss Bala, this movie is non stop action with all the twist and turns of a soap opera (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Between Lino and the DEA, you are never sure who the biggest threat is to Gloria’s safety.  There is a moment that will leave you in pure shock and another that will leave you gasping for air.  And when you feel you know all the angles, you are hit with another revelation.  This has the excitement of John Wick with the drama of Widows.  And you will be begging for more.  See this in a Dolby theater today.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You can not talk to my friend like that – Suzu

We are gonna be really good here, you and I – Lino

Are you listening – Jimmy

Where did you get this? Where did you get this! – Gloria

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