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Widows – Budget of $42 million – 2 hours and 9 minutes


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Veronica sits at home thinking of the husband, Harry, she lost when she hears a knock at the door.  Potential Alderman Jamal Manning muscles his way in.  Before Harry died, he blew up in a car carrying $2 million of Jamal’s campaign money.  He wants it back.  Veronica knows he means business because this alderman hopeful is a mob guy trying to go “legit”.  He has learned that police come after the mob with guns but go after the government with subpoenas.  In addition, they have the power to give jobs to whomever he wants and for any amount of money.  With that power, he can control the ward more than any mobster could dream.  He wants his money now or Veronica is dead.  Veronica gets a key with a message from her driver Bash.  Harry wanted Veronica to have it in case anything happened to him.  The key opens a safe deposit box.  Inside is a notebook of all of Harry’s past, current, and future plans.  Veronica decides to get the widows of Henry’s crew to help with Harry’s final heist.  Linda believed she owned a dress shop.  However, when her husband Carlos died, she learned he owed bookies and gave them the store as collateral.  Once he died, the payments stopped.  So, they took the store back.  Alice, who was constantly abused by her husband Jon, wants to get a regular job.  Now that he is gone, her mother wants her to use her looks to be a sugar baby.   Amanda wants to help but she is too busy with an infant since her husband Jimmy died.  With only 3 women involved, they still need a driver.  Linda asks Belle to join.  Belle is a single mother that works 2 jobs.  She needs the money and is willing to do anything for it.  Veronica has her team in place but has no idea how many players were involved in Harry schemes.  This one goes to the top and back.

You will jump more than a horror movie with all the shocks.  You can’t blink in this movie or be late because you will miss a crucial moment to everything these women do and how it gets done.  You will have real OMG moments when each step of Harry’s plan is revealed.  But that’s not the only mystery.  Harry’s plan is written in clues, so the women must uncover the plan before they execute it.  This movie has several surprises but one you will never see coming.  So see this movie before it is revealed to you.  You know it won’t be given here!  Now, to be honest it has one of the worst kisses in movie history and a slow build up to Veronica’s motivation.  Other than that, it still has strong performance and a raw storyline.  This is one to see in theaters.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

What if we say no – Alice

I don’t need a vouch – Belle

You risk your life. You piss it away as well – Linda

How are you – Veronica

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