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One Small Indiscretion – Review

One Small Indiscretion – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

One Small Indiscretion

At the age of twelve, Elle experienced the murder-suicide of her parents; after her mother Margo’s drunken breakdown in response to her father’s infidelity.  Elle learns that her father James had an affair with Carol Winters.  Now, Carol is a marketing executive with a husband and a 17-year-old son Logan.  But in the past, Carol and her husband Sam were separated because Sam had an affair with his secretary Beth.  So, Carol started to date James and he left Elle and Margo to be with Carol.  But when Carol saw how the separation was affecting her son Logan, she broke up with James and reconciled with Sam.  James came back to Margo, but the damage was done.  Elle believes that if Carol and James didn’t have “one small indiscretion”, her parents would be alive.  So, Elle wants to destroy Carol’s life by ruining her job, Logan, and her marriage to Sam.  And when Carol is at her lowest, Elle will kill her.  But the first step in Elle’s plan, move into Carol’s guest house.

Since the murder-suicide happens in the beginning, you watch the movie with the full knowledge of why Elle is coming after the Winters Family. You get to see her ingenious plan slowly come to fruition when she takes photos, threatens people, and befriend each member of the family.  However, watch this movie to root for Elle.  If you don’t, you will be angry at some of the character’s mistakes (i.e. leaving a book next to the computer marked “Passwords”, leaving key marked with what they open, and just leaving purse around with all your information).  It’s too easy for Elle to come into the family and slowly manipulate them.  So, watch this movie for Elle or not at all.  By the way, they left it open for a part 2.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

You would rather throw away your family than you precious wine – James

And divorce is the answer? – Margo

Are we making the right decision? You know I really love our privacy – Carol

What are you afraid of – Elle

She was just sketching me. What do you think we were doing? – Logan

So, are you happy here? – Sam

Oh gosh. I must I have my times mixed up – Hannah

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Garage Sale Mystery: A Case of Murder – Review

Garage Sale Mystery: A Case of Murder – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Garage Sale Mystery: A Case of Murder

Jenn and Dani head to Mae’s garage sale in the country.  They find a mirror worth $12,000 and an old recorder.  Jenn and Dani buy them.  Once Dani sets up a tape in the recorder, Jenn presses play and gets a real shock.  She hears the recorder’s owner scream that someone was killing him.  Out of concern, Jenn remembers that Mae said her husband had run off again.  So Jenn goes to find him at a loft he recently rented.  She finds Dr. Vedders dead.  Jenn learns that Dr. Vedders is a retired psychiatrist that started working on his memoirs.  He headed a support group called, “When a Relationship Ends 101”; and none of his patients (Chris, Deb, and Kendell) were happy to hear of his retirement.  Also, he and his wife Mae were at odds.  He often left for days at a time and was frustrated over money issues in his marriage.  With the tape recorder broken, Jenn will do a little detective work to find Dr. Vedders killer.

Based on Garage Sale Stalker by Suzi Weinert, this is a Hallmark movie with a Lifetime twist and a SyFy boom (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It has 4 possible suspects with questionable past and strong motives.  Being able to uncover the mystery with Jenn is the main ingredient that makes these movies so enticing to watch.  And you will be deliberating with yourself until the last 30 minutes on who killed Dr. Vedders.  And 90% will be wrong.  The subplots of Dani and the Woman Room are fun and entertaining fill-ins.  And dedicated fans will get their beloved banter between Jenn and Dr. Tramell & Jenn and Det. Lynwood.  She does get those guys steady business.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

If you say we can still be friends, I’m going to lose it – Deb

We’re not healers, but mechanics – Dr. Vedders

Clutter desk means a cluttered mind. And an empty desk … – Jenn

Then, I really know that look – Jason

I got to say between you and random joggers, I don’t know who finds more dead bodies – Det. Lynwood

If you want something different, try something different – Dani

I’d avoided dairy but I guess I’m getting cremated anyway. Get it. Cream-eted – Dr. Tramell

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Unwritten Obsession – Review

Unwritten Obsession – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Unwritten Obsession

After writing a successful first book, Maya’s Fall, Skye is in a sophomore slump.  She has written a new novel but publishers hate it.  Her manager Chelsey tells her to write a sequel.  Skye considers it but walks out the meeting furious.  She is deeply in debt and out of money.  At the same time, Holly (an aspiring writer and Maya’s Fall fan) walks up to Skye and ask her to be her mentor and critique her book.  Holly admits she needs 3 more chapters, a title, and an ending before the book is complete.  First, Skye says no.  But when Holly says she will pay $2000, Skye accepts and drives them both to her house.  While Holly is in Skye’s home, Skye hears noises and Holly always push the boundaries.  Meanwhile, when Skye reads Holly’s book, she knows it’s a hit.  She decides to let Holly stay longer, so she can steal her book and give it to Chelsey as her own work.  Skye believes she has the upper hand until she looks through Holly’s computer.  Skye sees Holly has set up cameras in her home.  And one camera recorded her passing Holly’s book as her own.  Desperate for money, Skye wants Holly’s book and will do anything to get it.  Holly knows Skye is a thief and will do anything to prove it.  Only one woman can be on top.

This is a movie with no “good guy”.  It’s fun to play “who is crazier” when watching this movie.  Is it Holly for going into a stranger’s home, filming, and mentally torturing her.  Or is it Skye, who allowed a stranger into her home and stealing Holly’s book under the guise of helping her.  This movie has an intriguing storyline with memorable characters.  It does leave a few unanswered questions.   Those question will not be on this blog because they will be spoilers.  And the “why” is a stretch for the storyline but predictable Lifetime.  Unwritten Obsession will require your full attention, so don’t watch it unless you have time.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

That one was off the record. Just ignored that last one – Chelsey

I am inviting you to my home. This is an exercise in trust for all involved – Skye

And no one can hear you scream – Holly

I don’t want to find out – Paul

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Sun, Sand, & Romance – Review

Sun, Sand, & Romance – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sun, Sand, & Romance

Workaholics Eric and Kate are going on a vacation.  They plan on romance but know a little work will be done.  As soon as they arrive Kate sees Michael “Shep” Shepard.  They were camp counselors 3 years in a row during high school.  So when Kate learns he is the Activites Director, she is not surprised.  When the 3 talk, Shep reveals that Gus is in the same hotel.  Gus is Eric’s idol and he hopes Gus will become a client.  During their dinner, Eric asks Kate if he can step away and introduce himself to Gus.  Kate says no but soon changes her mind because it’s business.  When Eric comes back, he has a golf date set for the next day.  Kate decides she will use the time to work so she can get the new VP job at her firm.  As she is sitting pool side, her papers blow away and Shep is there to catch them.  He convinces Kate to go on a trial while paperwork prints.  The more time Eric and Kate spend on the trip, the more time she spends with Shep thinking about her past.  When Eric gets on one knee, she will have an answer for him.

Sigh.  While the images of the island are wonderful, there is not much else to this movie.  The setup is basic, the storyline has been done, and it plays too much on good friend vs. bad boyfriend.  In reality, Eric isn’t bad.  He is the guy he has always been and Kate was fine with it.  Being himself doesn’t make him a bad boyfriend.  He is just honest.  While the actors did the best they could with the script, it’s just not enough.  This movie is background noise with a predictable ending.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

Life is a book. And I am ready for the next chapter – Kate

I promise this vacation will be 80 percent romance, 20 percent work – Eric

I just don’t want to become a “lifer” – Shep

I think we have our first casualty – Gus

Kate, you did what? – Sally

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