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Logan – Budget of $127 million – 2 hours and 17 minutes

Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy (Exclusive Set), iTunes, and Target (Exclusive Set), Walmart (Exclusive Set) (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)
Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy (Exclusive Set), iTunes, and Target (Exclusive Set), Walmart (Exclusive Set) (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

Logan is working as a driver for hire and hopes to save enough money to buy a boat. He wants to take Charles Xavier to live his final days on the water. However, it is 2029 and time have taken a toll on both men. Logan has blurry vision, has a limp, is having a hard time healing, has uneven claws that must be pulled out, moves slower, and coughs up blood. Charles has seizures that leave every human around him paralyzed and every mutant in agony. Logan has hidden Xavier in a water tank, with his caregiver, Caliban (a photosensitive tracking mutant), to block his powers. After a long night, Logan comes home to distressing news from Caliban, Xavier has been contacting someone. Logan writes this off and believes that Xavier is just talking to himself. While on the job, Logan meets Gabriela. She begs Logan to take her and her daughter, Laura, to North Dakota to a place called Eden. She is willing to pay $50,000 ($20,000 now and $30,000 when the job is done). Gabriela explains that Laura was a lab experiment for Transigen, that was bred to kill, along with several other children. The only problem was that the children didn’t want to fight. Transigen decided to make a better soldier and kill all the kids. Gabriela and the other nurses vowed to do everything they could to save these children. So Logan reluctantly agrees but when he goes to pick them up the next day, Gabriela is dead and Laura is gone. Considering it a bust, Logan goes back to Xavier, but Logan does know that Laura is hiding in his truck. Once Logan learns of Laura’s presence, he realizes Caliban was right. Xavier was talking to Laura. Logan is dead set on leaving the girl behind until trouble comes looking for her. Now, Logan must go on the run with a 90-year-old man and 11-year-old girl before Transigen finds and kills them.

This is a fitting end and treatment of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. It quickly explains the volatile relationship between Xavier and Logan but allows the relationship between Laura and her male counterparts develop. The former relationship can be quick because fans know everything about the actors and their characters. It’s the building of the relationship between Logan and Laura that takes its time. As they drive across country, with no two little words, the group has run-ins with gas station attendants, doctors, a nice family, and Laura’s past. Don’t worry, Wolverine is not getting mushy … in fact … Wolverine is as bloodthirsty as he is savage. Logan earns its R rating with every claw piercing a skull and ripping it to shreds. Fans will be satisfied but hope this isn’t the end … albeit … a fantastic end. So the recommendation is to see it now and in Dolby or IMAX. Do not miss the previews, but don’t stay past the end crawl. 100% worth every penny. This is not just another superhero movie.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

No, not the car – Logan

As I live and breathe, Wolverine and he’s a junkie – Donald

Make way, sir. I said make way – Charles

That was my favorite mug – Caliban

Take her to Eden – Gabriela

Beware of the light – Caliban

De nada – Laura

You are dying. You want to die – Laura

You’re waiting for me to die – Charles

Not funny guys. Not funny – Logan

Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy (Exclusive Set), iTunes, and Target (Exclusive Set), Walmart (Exclusive Set) (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

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