#SleighBellsRing – Review

Sleigh Bells Ring – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sleigh Bells Ring

Parks and Recreations has a surplus this year. So much they can afford the Christmas parade again. Howard ask Laurel, a single mom, to put the parade together in 2 weeks. Feeling the pressure, Laurel (with the help of her assistant Betty) get help from her neighbors and the next town over. While driving home with her daughter Scarlet, Laurel finds a huge sleigh that needs a lot of work. She convinces the owner, Mr. Winter, to let her borrow it for the parade. He concedes, as long as she returns it immediately after the parade. While traveling, the sleigh gets unhinged and almost runs over Alex … Laurel’s ex and “almost fiance”. Alex is drafted to fix it but Laurel says no. Then the sleigh disappears … and reappears in front of Alex’s aunt’s store. Alex swears he didn’t move it, but offers to help fix it again. There are still sparks but Alex is afraid to tell Laurel that he has a promotion waiting in New York. His job opportunities ended their relationship in the past. Alex is connecting to Scarlet and Laurel. He has a decision to make and fast. Will these two ride the sleigh into the sunset together?

Cute concept with a little magic thrown in. But it seems everything that can go wrong with this parade, does go wrong. With a missing sleigh, bad tree shipment, and a vacationing Santa, you will be more concerned about the parade, than the couple. And when the love story takes a back seat, sometimes the plot suffers. The ending is predictable and only a few laughs. This is a movie to watch in the background while completing other task.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

No time to waste – Howard

Anyone seen the reindeer that go with this – Alex

Anything worth wild usually does – Laurel

How do you know my mom – Scarlet

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