#AHusbandForChristmas – Review

A Husband for Christmas – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Husband For Christmas

Brooke, a graphic designer, has 3 big dreams:

  1. Get a promotion
  2. Get a nicer place
  3. Get the love she deserves

But Brooke is concerned when she hears the company is being merged, she meets another graphic designer from the merging company, and she sees some people have been fired. Once she is called into her boss, Richard’s office, she fears the worst. However, Richard tells her she will get a raise that is 4 times her salary and the VP title.  Richard tells her that the graphic designer she met, Roger, will be her replacement. She is relieved … for a short time. Unfortunately, Roger is not a citizen and is work visa is taking longer than expected. If he can’t replace her, than she can’t get a promotion. Her bosses solution is: Marry Roger. Of course, Brooke says no; until a blast from her past makes her envious enough to say yes. They quickly get married, but it doesn’t take long for someone to catch on and call INS. And to make matters worst, Roger gets a surprise visit from his girlfriend, Gwen. With everything starting to fall apart, INS wants to do a home interview and Brooke is still keeping a secret from Roger. But who are they really fooling?

This movie is like driving to a destination. You know whats at the end, so you make the journey fun. This movie accomplishes a fun journey with frienemies, family, and the INS. Just when you think Brooke and Roger have handle on everything, another stone is turned to reveal more. Some scenes are ruined with bad green screen effects and jokes falling flat. But the time with Gwen and Brooke’s parents make the film more fun to watch. This is not ION’s best, but it is a good start for the new network.  DVR but don’t cancel plans to watch.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I think I’m going to throw up – Brooke

Fire you? Darling you’re irreplaceable – Richard

Succeeding – Amanda

Hey you know, Venus and Serena – Erin

I can’t pretend not to love … the seasons – Roger

Kinda of a lucky break, wouldn’t you say – Natasha

Maybe you are, you know, pregnant – Gwen

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  1. I think this is an example of a movie that has a good idea, but doesn’t work. Apart from some decent acting (some) everything about this screams ‘mediocre’. And for my money, Roger could have found a MUCH more attractive woman than the decidedly unattractive Brooke. Ms Fox has not aged well…

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