#LoveYouLikeChristmas – Review

Love You Like Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love You Like Christmas

Maddie has recently earned a promotion with a corner desk and a view. So, when the client responsible invites Maddie to a wedding, Maddie feels obligated to go. To avoid flying, Maddie decides to drive from New Your to Ohio … in a recently acquired bright red Mustang. Everything is smooth sailing. That is, until, she runs into a traffic jam. Upon inspection, she sees Christmas trees all over the interstate. The driver, Kevin, is quickly smitten with Maddie and vice versa. Once on the road, Maddie makes a fateful turn that leads her to Christmas Valley and her car breaks down. The mechanic tells her it will take a day or two to fix the car; but until then Maddie can stay at a boarding house. She gets to know family in charge and their friends … especially Jo, a sweet young girl. Then, Maddie finds out that Kevin is Jo’s father and they start getting to know each other. It will take a while, but can Maddie make it to the wedding and get back home before she loses the promotion she worked so hard to get.

Another story about a town changing a person and the person changing the town with jobs in the balance. The concept is not original nor is the ending. The cast, however, do everything in their power to repair this lackluster script. The story starts as a warning of the consumerism and mass marketing of Christmas, but then it caves to consumerism to save the town and its people. This is DVR worthy but don’t be surprise if you can guess how this ends within 15 minutes.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

A fashionable fish out of water– Bob

Well isn’t that lucky– Jo

How about reluctant holly’s – Kevin

You know, fatherhood is you best feature – Maddie

It is mint condition, except for the broken parts – Cory

If you are in too big a hurry, you’ll miss it – Pam

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