#MerryExMas – Review

Merry Ex-mas – TVOne – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Merry Ex-Mas

For several Christmas Eves, Katrina and DeMarco have been “parents with benefits”. But with DeMarco constant absent-mindedness towards everything, including his daughter Tiffany, Katrina has decided to cut off the “benefits”. Seeing her parents’ pain, Tiffany makes a Christmas wish for them to a very special Santa. Later, Katrina decided to take Tiffany away for the holidays without telling DeMarco. Both Tiffany and DeMarco are hurt by this decision, but it leads DeMarco to a church. Once again, DeMarco bumps into a woman that caught his attention, Vilisa. And on this Christmas day, the sparks ignite between them. As time moves, on their love grows; along with Katrina’s control issues. Katrina attempts everything to ruin their relationship, but who will truly be hurt by her conniving ways? And will Tiffany’s wish come true?

Get ready for the “Bitter Baby Mama Show”. The first 30 minutes show the fault of both parents, but only DeMarco’s reason are exposed in that timeframe. The other 1.5 hours are dedicated to Katrina’s issues. Now there is a twist at the end and a smart mouth little girl that saves the movie. Don’t read twitter comments or it will ruin it. Despite the twist and little girl, the concept isn’t original. This movie is similar to A Firehouse Christmas. This movie can be used as a teaching tool to help people co-parent. Otherwise, DVR this movie and save it for when you have time to kill.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Yeah, but my mom is hiding over there just in case he doesn’t show – Tiffany

Can you focus, at all, ever – Katrina

Aww bro, tell me you didn’t leave your daughter in the car again. They lock cats up for that – Perry

Momma going to sit on santa’s lap. So hard – minnie

That’s because you weren’t watching where you were going – Vilisa

What? You trying to play matchmaker – DeMarco

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