#TheChristmasSwap – Review

The Christmas Swap – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Christmas Swap

Jerry Craig is a soon to be divorced, father of one who is taking care of his mother, Clara, with Alzheimer’s. He lost is father at 11 and became the man of the house. He graduated from college and was off to law school when his mother got sick. He is working paycheck to paycheck in a coffee shop to stay above water. Ellis Craig is hardworking attorney, player whom is settling cases for all his clients. He lost is father at 7 and was able to rely on his brother to get through the hard times. The brothers have no contact and no idea about each other lives. Just weeks before Christmas, Jerry wishes he could live Ellis life and Clara wishes Ellis would come home to Louisiana for Christmas. These wishes cause a big swap. With Jerry in Los Angeles and Ellis in Louisiana, they vow to live each others lives until they figure out a way to swap back. But what happens when one brother wants to swap back but the other doesn’t.

This movie is Freaky Friday mixed with The Kid with a dash of Christmas spirit (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). But the idea that one does not want to swap back makes it original. These two actors pick up each other mannerism and speech tempo. It is heartfelt as much as it is funny. This is one to watch again. Plus Seven and Eleven give it a very cute twist to this holiday comedy.  Is your life what you wanted or what you where told you wanted?

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

The early bird gets the worm – Ellis

Is it christmas yet – Clara

I’m a magnum man now – Jerry

Look at us Jerry, finally we are the man – Eleven

With all that stuff going on in LA, you are better off here – Seven

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