#HerLastWill – Review

Her Last Will – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Her Last Will

Maggie is feeling desperate. She lost a potential job and her mother’s, Ruth, home is going into foreclosure. So, when the Dina’s children (Gill, Harold, and Iona) make her a $90,000 offer, she takes it. She gets the money, if she drives their mother crazy. If Dina is labeled incompetent, then they can take over her will and get their inheritance and no longer be under her thumb. With Maggie’s military background, it is easy for her to rig drinks, pictures, and sound that slowly cracks Dina. But in the end, who is in control of who, who is crazy, and who is left standing?

Marvelous twist and turns. You must pay attention to this movie. Missing one second will have you lost. The connection and cunning of all the characters is completely intriguing. This movie will have you deciding who is the bad guy with Reservoir Dog and Tales of the Crypt moments (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). This is the movie Lifetimers have been wanting after watching 10 Year Reunion.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You can’t do that. That’s our money – Iona

It’s my money – Dina

Well done mother – Harold

Why did you take me in. And after everything I did to you. Why did you let me stay – Maggie

Every warrior needs her armor – Ruth

I am going to kill you – Gill

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