#ChristmasList – Review

Christmas List – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas List

Isobel gets a piece of her child her from her mother, Ellen: Her old Christmas List. But the list is not full of toys, but the things she always wanted to do (i.e. See the nutcracker, make a gingerbread house, have a real tree, etc). Ellen was super organized and wanted her home to say perfect, so Isobel never got the Christmas she saw on TV. Now, Isobel realizes she is becoming her mother and decides to make the childhood Christmas List a Christmas Bucket List. She will get her list accomplished before Christmas. First thing she needs to do, cancel plans with her boyfriend Brett to go to Hawaii. She convinces him to go to a cabin in the “Perfect Christmas Town”. She is ready go, but her boyfriend can’t come because of last minute business. So she goes alone with the hope of him coming later. Once there she finds what she always wanted from Christmas with the help of locals, Jamie and his nephew, Kyle. She is living her childhood dream when 2 visits might derail her plans … or list.

This movie will help you find the true meaning of the holidays. Whether Isobel’s list is the Christmas you have but didn’t appreciate or your Christmas dreams are her list, you will love to watch. Christmas isn’t about perfection, it is about fun and childhood wonderment … sprinkled with love. With so many Hallmark Christmas movies being focused around finding love, in this movie, love is the subplot to Christmas and strength. And be prepared to laugh as Isobel needs a “How to Transport a Tree For Dummies” book and Isobel gets some ill-timed FaceTime calls.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Maybe we wont’ go to Hawaii after all – Isobel

New guy, eww, I don’t like the sound of that – Brett

If they judge by the pound, your golden – Jamie

I listened between the lines – Ellen

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