#ChristmasInHomestead – Review

Christmas In Homestead – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas in Homestead

Jessica, a successful actress, is producing her first movie. She decides to shoot in Homestead, Iowa. It is a small town with true Christmas spirit. Just a few problems:

  1. She is shooting with her ex, Vince, who is still in love with here
  2. The mayor, Matt, doesn’t want her there, but the town does
  3. The paparazzi followed her

It doesn’t take long for Jessica to have a few uncomfortable run-ins with the “everything should be the same” mayor and some memorable run-ins with her biggest fan Sophie (the mayor’s daughter). This shoot will need an ill-timed photo to make everyone come together, be honest, and find their Christmas love.

Once again the kid steals the show. Even with predicable endings, Hallmark knows how to cast … especially the kids. Brooklyn makes you feel a connection with her character, Sophie, and everyone Sophie interacts with … even the paparazzi. Also, the few horrible run-ins between Matt and Jessica will have you laughing out loud; and not in a LOL type of way. You know how the movie will end but the journey makes it worth it. You can skip the last 30 minutes but the build up is worth your attention.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

If this was a movie, this is when we would kiss – Vince

I’m fine with change, as long as it needs changing – Matt
Don’t go selling that on eBay – Jessica
It wouldn’t be the first time – Ian
What’s better than christmas in Homestead. Look at it. It’s perfect – Sophie
Baby, momma’s got to go hurt someone right now – Barbara

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