#BroadcastingChristmas – Review

Broadcasting Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Broadcasting Christmas

Emily and Charlie broke up 6 years ago. They have no thoughts on reconnecting until a pregnancy brings them together … but not Emily’s pregnancy … Gina’s. Gina announces she is pregnant and leaving here morning show Rise & Shine, co-hosted with Veronika. Veronika will work with other potential host and decided who is best before Christmas. Charlie is informed that he is up for the promotion, but Emily learns she is not. So during her live anchor show, Emily makes a plea for the job and the plea goes viral. Now with a “name” in the industry, Emily is up in the running. Both Emily and Charlie are apprehensive about seeing each other but the competition between the two is strong. Charlie wants to prove to his dad that he can get the job. Emily wants to prove that the station should not have chosen Charlie over her 6 years ago. Will these two ever be able to reconnect over competition? Well it will take a phone call, exploding turkey, and 100-year old fruit cake to find out.

Be ready to repeat these well crafted one-liners (i.e. pound sign). This movie, like other Hallmark Christmas movies, has an ending you know but a journey you don’t. This couple’s path to love includes backstabbing and jealousy. This movie is not the best of the season, however it should not be overlooked as a good movie in its own right. And be sure to let the “fruit cake lady” tell you the true meaning of love and traditions.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

That’s why you never mix business with personal. Someone always gets hurt – Charlie

Now stop talking. You’re ruining the moment – Emily

Everybody loves an underdog story. It’s great for the ratings – Patricia

Isn’t that precious – Kate

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