#RemoteParadise – Review

Remote Paradise – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Remote Paradise

Tamara needed some good news after her boyfriend of 2 years left her for another women. And she got it … 8.3 million to be exact. Her father, who abandoned her when she was 9, left her a large amount of money from his invention while he was in prison. Although Tamara is not sad to see him go, she is glad to have the money. The first thing she does is book a 10 day vacation for her and her two best friends, Sherry and Deena. The vacation is a fantasy come true for the three women; and even more so for Tamara because she found love. Dario owns a yacht that he rents to wealthy clients who frequent certain hotels. The connection between Dario and Tamara is instant and hot. Everything is well until Deena is horribly attacked and left for dead. Tamara and Sherry decide to go back to San Francisco to be with their friend. Dario begs her to stay but she leaves. After being home for a while, Tamara decides to go back. Not only for Dario but to catch her friend’s attacker. Tamara quickly mets up with Dario and start where they left off. But she is in for a shock when all her money and Dario are gone without a trace. Will she find the money and who is behind it all?

This love gone wrong is predictable as far as Lifetime goes. You can figure out the attacker because of the first 2 minutes of the movie. But what you can’t predict is Tamara’s reaction. She goes from crying victim to vigilante in 1 commercial break. This movie is a background noise for the first 1.5 hours but the last 30 minutes make it worth it because of the full character arch in Tamera and Sherry. So just hang in there and do something else for 75% of the movie but the last 30 minutes deserves your undivided attention. Let the shots rang out.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

You’re going to regret this – Justin

I don’t want anything of his – Tamara

Tamara never does anything on a whim – Deena

Whoa, I really thought you were pulling something else out of your bag – Sherry

Would I lie to you – Dario

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