#AWishForChristmas – Review

A Wish for Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Wish for Christmas

Sarah is a walking doormat for her friend (Molly), boss (Dirk), and coworkers (Brian). But all that will change when she gets a card from Santa at an office Christmas party. The card allows her to have one wish for Christmas; and that wish would last 48 hours. She only ask for one thing … courage. With courage, Sarah believes she would get credit for her work and respect. The wish takes a hold instantly and Sarah stands up to Dirk at the Christmas office party for stealing her ideas. With The next day Sarah goes to work to pack up, fearing the worst. However, she gets great news from Peter (the CEO of the company). He wants to give her Dirk’s job and fly to meet with potential client to pitch her idea. Sarah just hopes this wish will last until the client meeting, but in their travels she learns so much more about Peter, his family, and his traditions.

A Wish for Christmas kicks off Hallmark 2017 Countdown to Christmas season with a great stride. This movie has all the elements that Hallmark fans will love. It has decorations, food, and love. The cast genuinely looks like they are enjoying themselves and each other. Also a message is given without being preachy or hammering it into your head. The lesson: Everything you need is inside of you. However the downside, is that the ending is predictable for any movie watcher. This is a good movie to start your holiday season. So, put away the wine and get some cocoa.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I know. Christmas isn’t all its cracked up to be – Peter

Aw come on, boss. A little mistletoe never hurt anybody – Brian

Remember leave the big picture stuff to me – Dirk

Yeah, I can barely contain my excitement – Sarah

You don’t decorate the cookies, you don’t eat them – Barbara

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