#DeathOfAVegasShowgirl – Review

Death of a Vegas Showgirl – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Debbie Flores Narvaez, law school and finance degree graduate, left Baltimore to become a dancer in Las Vegas. After working as a cheerleader for the Washington football team, she knew that dancing was were she belonged. In just 2 years (not long in Showgirl time), Debbie is offered to tryout for a lead at the Luxor. At a rehearsal ,she sees Jason “Blue” Griffin and is instantly smitten by the dancer. After their first date, their relationship ran blazing hot. As her relationship ran hot, her dancing suffered. But when her relationship fell apart, her dancing went down the drain. She began stalking Jason and texting him all through the day. Jason started cheating and verbally & physically abusing her. It’s not long before cops are called to intervene. But when Debbie goes missing her opening night solo, the cops reluctantly become involved again.

Inspired by a true story and based on Dancing on Her Grave: The Murder of a Las Vegas Showgirl by Diana Montane and Carolina Sarassa, Debbie is protrayed as a woman that wanted to be loved (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). So brilliant, beautiful, and kind, it’s hard to believe she would fall into the trap of being abused. But that is why this story is important to watch. Debbie isn’t dumb, trafficked, & a prostitute (although those are not reasons to be abused), but it is Lifetime’s pattern for abuse victims. Debbie just wanted to be loved as much as she loved others; and when she wasn’t, it hurt her too the core. This is a story of co-dependance and low self worth. It should be watch and learned from.  And you will be quickly angered by the “this type of girl” response from the police.  The only pitfall of this production is the bad CGI Las Vegas backgrounds. They often distracted the viewer from the film. However the dancing and acting were wonderful. Also, the on-stage candlelight vigil will leave you in tears.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Anything you need, just ask. – Debbie

Debbie, I love you, but sometimes you date the wrong guys. – Roxy

Merry Christmas. I hope to see more of you soon. – Blue

I don’t care about anyone else he’s with. When he is with me, he is only with me. Nothing else matters. – Debbie

She won’t be your best friend, if you ruin this for her. – Jon

I think more than anything, she just wanted to be loved. – Kevin

He told me it was a change your diaper moment – Mike

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