#JeanOfTheJoneses – Review

Jean of the Joneses – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jean Of The Joneses

Jean, the oldest grandchild in the Jones’s family, goes on a break from her boyfriend, is living with her aunt, and is increasing her alcohol and weed intake. She is confused about every aspect of her life when she answers a knock at her grandmother’s door. When she answers it, the man at the door dies. Jean’s aunts later explain that the man was Gordon Jones, her grandfather. With his untimely death and lifelong absence, Jean starts to examine her family and the legacy the Jones’s women have left.

It will take some time to understand the relationship between the characters, so here is some help.

  • Daphne – Jean’s grandmother and mother of 3
  • Maureen – Jean’s mother and Daphne’s oldest child
  • Ann – Jean’s aunt, a nurse, and has a surprise of her own
  • Lisa – Jean’s aunt and mother of 2

Jean, a millennial, learns that more is passed on in a family other than genes. Sometimes you pass on bitterness and pain. But continuing this pattern of pain is a choice. In a house full of mothers, Jean is often passive aggressively criticized and judge. This story is deep and sadly funny, but it is refreshing to see common discussion used without dumbing down the script. The music, fashion, and real locations add a depth and beauty to the script and its characters. An in depth look at Lisa and Maureen would have made movie even better.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Yes, considering there is a dead body between us – Jean

He’s got a lot of nerve dying on my door step after 20 years missing in action – Daphne

You can’t afford a mammogram and technically this is my lunch hour. I am billing this to someone who actually has health care – Ann

Don’t be ungrateful – Maureen

My liquor cabinet is lighter since you been here. I’m worried you may be an alcoholic – Janet

He was so handsome. His only good characteristic – Daphne

It seem like such an awkward conversation to have so early on – Janet

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