#GirlInTheBox – Review

Girl in the Box – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Girl in the Box

In May 1977, Colleen decides to hitchhike to surprise her friend. Most of her trip is uneventful, that is, until she is picked up by Cameron and Jan. She is blindfolded, gagged, tied up, whipped, and put into a box. Colleen is told that she is there to take the pain that Jan cannot. Cameron wants to keep Colleen until Jan gets pregnant, but, soon, that is not enough. When Jan gets pregnant, the couple is worried that Colleen may run and tell. So he make her sign a slave contract, change her name, and move. Colleen’s psyche is completely shattered as fear of “The Company” keeps her in line. As Amber, the couple’s daughter grows, Colleen loses all sense of time & who she is.  Then, she starts to connect to her captors and their daughter.

This movie is hard to swallow and should not be watched on a full stomach. It is human depravity at its worse. And the fact it is based on real events, makes it painful. It’s easy to sit and think of what you would have done to escape, but what would you do to survive? And is Jan a slave like Colleen, a perpetrator, or both? This should be seen as a survival story, not a victim or victim-blaming story.  Watch. teach, and learn about the power of Stockholm Syndrome.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Not every box needs a lock – Cameron

When can I go home – Colleen

If she stays, promise me you won’t have sex with her. Promise me Cam. Just bondage, OK? – Jan

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