#MyStepdaughter – Review

My Stepdaughter – Lifetime – 2 hours 0 minutes

My Stepdaughter

Seven years ago, Casey witness a horrible fight between her mother and father that had a bloody end. This fight has lead Casey to become a recluse and lash out at her new step mother, Jill, and step sister, Lydia. First, Jill tries to connect to Casey with kindness, but when that doesn’t work, Jill sets strict ground rules. Casey does not take kindly to either. Then, Jill’s mother passes away which leaves Jill crushed. But a warning from a very old and sick man, leads Jill to believe her mother’s death was not natural causes. Next, Cassie’s ex-boyfriend, Victor, dies after they had a fight and Casey posted it on the internet. Jill’s final straw is her mother’s questionable will. It’s changed the day after she showed Jill her intentions. Jill believes that Casey is behind everything. But is Jill right or is she delusional?

The best part of a mystery is revealing all the secrets. In this movie, everyone has a secret. It’s easy to see that Jill maybe jumping to conclusions. However, Casey is giving all those Lifetime Evil Teen vibes. Even with the revealing promos this movie will keep you guessing “when will they all figure it out”. Set your DVRs and watch when you are ready. You will have a fun time watching and … during some parts … rolling your eyes and screaming at the TV.

I give this 3 out of 5 stars

Wow, you shouldn’t have – Casey

Don’t test me Casey – Jill

Maybe she needed some fresh air and get away from all the … structure – Skyla

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    • It could have been worst … like Britney Bio worst. However, I did warn that you will be annoyed and rolling your eyes during the movie. If you watch this movie while rooting for the bad guy, you would have had more fun watching it.


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