Trust No One – Review

Trust No One – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Trust No One

The pressure of being the A.D.A becomes too much for Kate after her star witness, Walter, is killed in front of her eyes. She decides to leave the pressure of being a lawyer to become a college professor. After some time, Kate’s boss, Frank, ask her to come back to help, as a consultant, with a case … the case that killed Walter. She decides to help … just this one time. Once Kate is on the case, an office bombing forces her and Greg, the current A.D.A., into witness protection. Kate believes witness protection will be safe and starts to work on building evidence for the case. The closer she looks … the deeper the danger. There must be someone she can trust. Sit back and watch.

This suspense mixed with a thriller and Alice & Wonderland, has bodies dropping like flies. Don’t get attached to any character, or you will share the feelings of Gang of Thrones or Walking Dead fans. The score is not well done because it makes “running for you life” scenes seem comical. Out of several fight scenes, only 1 looks realistic. The others look like they were shot in slow motion. For a seasoned Lifetime or suspense fan, the end is predictable. They best way to watch this movie is to make a drinking game out of it. Drink each time someone dies. This movie is ok but DVR to fast forward.

I give this 2.5 out of 5 stars

You promised me nothing would happen – Walter

Kate, it’s not your fault – Frank

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