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The Gabby Petito Story – Review

The Gabby Petito Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Gabby Petito joins a party and sees Brian Laundrie, an old high school friend, in the corner. She walks over and sparks a conversation with him. They claim that the other ghosted in their friendship, so Gabby takes Brian’s phone and puts in her number. They go on a bowling date and fall head over heels in love. After a few weeks, Brian tells Gabby he is moving to Florida with his parents in a month. He can’t stay in New York because he doesn’t have enough money for a place. Gabby is upset with the short notice until Brian slips that he thought of asking her to come. She thinks about it for a second and says yes. They can both get jobs and save up to get a place together.

For a while, things seem ok until Gabby gets a new job that pays more. She thought Brian would be happy with more money, but he worries guys will hit on her, and they won’t be working together anymore. Later, Brian shows up at her job and questions why Gabby hasn’t answered her phone. She explains she is working and promises to meet later. They go for a walk, and Brian asks her to marry him. However, COVID-19 slows down their wedding plans. Brian gets the idea to go on the road and tour the country, but Gabby doesn’t think his car is sufficient and buys a used van. She follows VanLife bloggers and adds a bed, tables, and plants to the vehicle. This trip will be the content Gabby needs to become an influencer and monetize on social media. At the end of this trip, only one person will come back, and the other will be the subject of a nationwide search. 

As you scream at the TV, remember their story is sadly over. This movie re-enacts Gabby and Brian’s police encounter, Gabby’s photos, and eyewitness accounts of their public altercations. Gabby ignored the signs and thought marriage would help the situation. However, everyone else didn’t see the problems either. Followers got the perfect ‘couple goals’ Gabby posted on social media. She called her family but downplayed the issues. And when the police stepped in, Gabby blamed everything on her OCD. In hindsight, viewers will see when and how everyone could have stepped in to help before Gabby and Brian met their fate. Also, his parents are enablers. At the movie’s end, you shouldn’t be mad at anyone else but Brian. Brian was a toxic, controlling, narcissistic that took the coward’s way out. Watch this movie to learn the signs and recognize abusive behavior from the beginning.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Why is that so crazy – Gabby

It’s spending as much time as I possibly can around you – Brian

It’s insane jealousy, Gabby. – Rose

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How to Live Your Best Death – Review

How to Live Your Best Death – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kristen thought divorcing her husband, Ryan, would be a step in the right direction, but she doesn’t have confidence in her abilities at home or work. Kristen puts together proposals but has yet to head up a project. Her boss gives it to his golf buddies. Kristen’s sister, Sara, suggests Kristen get a life coach to boost her self-esteem and receive guidance. Kristen goes online, finds rave reviews for Ashley, and signs up for a consultation.

Ashley comes in the morning and tells Kristen to walk into the boss’s office and demand a raise. If Kristen’s boss doesn’t submit, Kristen will put in her 2-week notice immediately. Then, Ashley removes the toxic presence from Kristen’s life, including junk food and wine. Kristen takes Ashley’s advice and walks away from her job after her boss says no. Soon, Kristen has a new job, boss, and outlook on life. But that’s not enough for Ashley. Ashley wants total control over Kristen’s life. And if Kristen doesn’t give in, the consequence is death.

This movie may seem typical at first glance but watch it once. It displays perfect cult tactics used to pull people into their way of thinking. Cults make promises like family, friends, and work, and they do deliver. However, it will all go away if you leave. So everything good in your life is because of them, but everything unfortunate is because of you. Soon, they isolate you from your family and friends and change you from your appearance to your thought process. It allows Kristen to cut off Sara and label Sara as toxic but keep Ashley. This film isn’t just entertainment but a learning tool to avoid Kristen’s mistakes. Diane is the authentic life coach in Kristen’s life.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I actually thanked him for it – Kristen

Believe in yourself. I believe in you – Ashley

Competing with others makes you bitter. Competing with yourself makes you better – Diane

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Francesca Quinn, PI – Review

Francesca Quinn, PI – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

It’s been a year since Detectives Francesca, better known as Frankie, and Wyn arrested her stepmother, Megan, for serial murder. Frankie’s father, Chief Jim, and his friend, Detective Bill, had to step down. Frankie and Wyn’s relationship couldn’t withstand the scrutiny, so they ended it, and Frankie started dating her high school sweetheart, Carl. Carl came into town during the trial to write a book about Megan and her crimes. As Carl’s publishers proofread his manuscript, Frankie has reservations. The book puts her, her family, and their relationship under a blinding spotlight. Frankie wants Carl to change the manuscript, but he won’t.

Today, Frankie and Carl are engaged. However, all is not well. Carl comments Frankie wears the bracelet Wyn gave her in the past. Frankie leaves the party to drive and think. She wants to call Carl but realizes she forgot her phone at the party. Frankie goes back and finds Carl dead with stab wounds. She calls the police, and Wyn arrives with his new partner, Beatrice. They question Frankie about the party, her alibi, and her relationship. Carl’s sister, Cheryl, comes into Frankie’s office the next day. Cheryl says Carl didn’t think Frankie would go through with the wedding, but Cheryl hopes Frankie will help her now. Cheryl wants to hire Frankie to investigate Carl’s murder and is willing to pay. Frankie will do it for free because she started yesterday. So far, Frankie has three suspects on her murder board. The first suspect is Kara, Carl’s ex-wife because he divorced Kara to be with Frankie. The next is Pam, Carl’s agent. Carl fried Pam at the party, but Frankie doesn’t know why. The final suspect is Christopher, Carl’s protégé. Carl and Christopher had a falling out recently. Frankie will do anything to find Carl’s killer, but can she handle the truth about her fiancé?

Watch this movie from the beginning. The first five minutes give viewers years of backstory and connections. This tale of murder will have you taking notes during the film to keep up. And you will have to watch it twice because the wrap-up goes quickly. A lover’s triangle, a tell-all book, a twisted family bond, and revenge enrich this movie. And let’s not forget the enigma within the mystery. A prowler called the Sandman breaks into homes while people sleep and steals valuables and family photos. This film series is a perfect addition to HMM with the drama of a telenovela.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I thought you stop wearing that – Wyn

Does it matter now – Francesca 

Who among us isn’t capable of murder – Megan

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Under Wraps 2 – Review

Under Wraps 2 – Disney Channel – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Marshall, Amy, and Gilbert countdown the days until Halloween. An amulet will bring their friend, Harold, a mummy, back to life. They will also resurrect his girlfriend, Rose. In addition, Amy’s dads, Carl and Mike, are getting married; she will throw them a party and be the ring bearer. Gilbert and Amy work together on the school paper. Gilbert shoots daring videos, and Amy edits and writes. But the more time Gilbert and Amy spend with each other, the more Marshall feels left out. They all travel to Amy’s hometown with Buzzy for the nuptials. 

In another museum, Sobek, a mummy with a red jasper amulet, comes to life when an intern, Larry, moves Sobek’s display to retrieve a runaway meatball. Sobek takes off his bracelet and puts it on Larry’s wrist to control Larry. Sobek wants his staff so he can win back the love of his life, Rose, and kill his former best friend, Harold. 

When Amy sees a news report about the missing mummy, she notices the amulet around its neck is like Harold’s. A jeweler tells them the amulet’s red jewel means trouble, chaos, and destruction. Amy reads Sobek’s history and knows Harold and Rose are in danger. Amy, Gilbert, and Marshall will resurrect Rose and Harold, keep them safe until Sobek turns to dust at midnight, and attend the wedding. What could go wrong?

This sequel to Under Wraps starts a year after Marshall’s discovery. For months, Marshall anticipated Harold’s return so he could have his best friend back. Marshall’s issues mirror those of Sobek. Marshall isn’t in love with Amy, but he misses the friendship he had with his friends. Amy discovers she doesn’t have to be perfect. She twists herself into knots, worrying about her fathers and their wedding. Gilbert learns the beauty of fear. He spends so much time being Gutsy Gilbert that he forgets fear can be healthy under the right circumstances. You get three friends, two weddings, and one dance-off in this film. This movie is as fun and lighthearted as the first and has a message for every kid. 

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

If you spot any sign weird, don’t worry. I’m ready to film it – Gilbert 

You two know it’s not a secret if you announce it – Marshall 

Because we get nervous when Egyptian antiquities disappear – Amy

That was awesome – Buzzy

You know what they say. An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Even when you are dead – Larry

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Plus One at an Amish Wedding – Review

Plus One at an Amish Wedding – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

April stands in the espresso line, waiting for her order. When the barista calls her order, a man, Jesse, reaches for it too. They order the same food and drink. They laugh off the coincidence and go their separate ways. Later, April takes her nephew, Zeke, and Zeke’s dog, Scout, to the vet after a car hits Scout. April smiles when she sees Jesse there in a lab coat. April talks to Jesse about working as a general practitioner, but April doesn’t speak about her unhappiness at the clinic. April’s boss clocks how much time she spends with patients and reprimands her for getting too personal with them. Jesse asks April out for dinner.

After dating for some time, Jesse purchases tickets to Paris as a present. However, they must postpone the trip because Jesse’s brother, Levi, will wed in a week. Jesse has not talked about his family before. April was curious about them but didn’t broach the subject. April asks why Jesse is just hearing about the wedding in a letter, no less. And Jesse explains he grew up Amish. After Rumspringa, Jesse decided to leave his family for the English world at the age of 16. He admires his family, but the English world gave him something they couldn’t. April knows Amish life will be a culture shock, but she hopes Jesse’s family will receive her with open arms. While Levi and Jesse’s sister, Rachel, are happy to meet her, his mother, Esther, wants nothing to do with April or her English medicine. Esther wanted Jesse to stay in the community and marry recently-widowed Naomi. April will walk on eggshells around Esther to prove her love for Jesse, but will Esther’s venomous words be too much for April to handle?

This movie is all about love, faith, and tolerance. April knows what it’s like to be on the other side. Her sister, May, had to battle their parents to marry Rob. April stood by May and Rob’s side throughout the ordeal. She refused to let their ignorance stop May and Rob from being happy. Now, April and Jesse will be on the receiving end, with Esther steadfast in her beliefs. At first, April holds her tongue for Jesse’s sake, while Esther throws shade. However, April will stand up for herself in epic fashion.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I love the way you think – April

What’s not to Love – Jesse

What kind of woman never tried a rhubarb pie – Esther

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Hall Pass Nightmare – Review

Hall Pass Nightmare – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Carrie and Justin celebrated ten years of marriage, but Carrie wonders how to keep the passion alive. Her friend Beth says that their friends, Abby and Nick, gave each other a hall pass. A hall pass allows the person to have a one-night stand without repercussions. Carrie’s not sure it would work, but Beth admits she did with her husband. And it did wonders for their marriage. Carrie doesn’t believe that’s for her, but she and Justin haven’t been intimate for months. 

Carrie, Beth, and Lexi go on a girls’ work trip. After boring seminars, they go to the hotel bar for drinks. Carrie spots Dante with his manager, Quinn. Dante was a member of Carrie’s favorite band, Icarus, before going solo. Lexi takes a picture and posts that he is Carrie’s hall pass. Carrie begs Lexi to take it down, and Dante spots Carrie. He comes over, buys them drinks, and asks to speak to Carrie alone. They passionately make out in the hallway until Carrie regains her wits and pushes Dante off her. She walks away, promising to commit only to her marriage. However, Dante won’t let her go. He will make Carrie his no matter what.

First, this moment is not a hall pass; it’s cheating. Carrie never spoke to Justin about it, so he never approved it. It’s interesting to see Dante using his celebrity to play the victim. He does it well enough to manipulate Carrie’s friends and the police. Seeing them blinded by his celebrity status makes this movie believable. Can we admit one thing? Carrie is not acting like an adult. Instead of discussing her issues with Justin, she cheats and lies. You feel so bad for Justin. He is the innocent, caring, and dorky husband that loves Carrie. He has no idea there are problems in his marriage and treats Carrie with the utmost respect. Don’t be surprised if your sympathy for Carrie wanes.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

What? Wine doesn’t count. We discussed this – Carrie

To get something other than mineral water – Dante

Did you cheat – Justin

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Fly Away With Me – Review

Fly Away With Me – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Angie lives with her best friend, Beth, and works with her ex-boyfriend, Kyle, at a production company. Angie dreams of publishing her script, but she has yet to finish it. Angie tells Beth that she’s considering giving Kyle another shot because he’s not being a cad. Beth reminds Angie that finding love, a job, and a guy in the city is tough. Then, Angie gets the email of her life. She won the apartment lottery. Angie quickly moves into the building and meets Ted and the concierge, Lewis. She looks at the impressive space and puts plants on the balcony. A macaw flies into her apartment and refuses to leave. As she tries to coax him out, Gineen, the building manager, comes in with a binder of apartment rules. Her most steadfast rule is no animals except for fish. Any tenant caught with an animal will face eviction. Angie distracts Gineen enough for Gineen not to notice the bird and gets Gineen to leave the apartment. Angie can’t get an organization to take the bird, so she posts two ads: one for a lost bird and the other for a free bird. 

Later, Angie runs into Ted going up the elevator. They realize they are on the same floor and are hallway neighbors. When she hears a bark coming from his apartment, he says it’s nothing. Then, his dog, Zoe, runs out. As Ted tries to explain, Angie’s bird, Gil, prances out of her apartment too. They promise to keep each other secrets. Angie tells Beth about the cute guy next door, and Beth tells Angie to chat him up. However, Angie can see that Gineen is attracted to Ted and doesn’t want to risk eviction. So she will focus on Kyle instead of Ted. But their Bonnie and Clyde act pulls them together, but will the rules tear them apart?

This movie has charming and comedic moments. However, Ted and Angie’s love story is so hit and miss that you stop caring about them as a couple. In fact, Lewis has the most stand-out moments in the film. There are lots of subplots. While dating Kyle, Angie struggles with her career choices, and Ted dreams of obtaining his pilot’s license. Also, Kyle is doing everything to keep his company afloat, and Gineen lives in her father’s shadow. It’s a lot to juggle, but the title comes together at the conclusion, and everyone leaves happy. With all that, this movie is forgettable and a filler for the Fall Into Love series.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

It’s impossible to find a job, a boyfriend, and a place to live – Beth

The napping’s just a cover – Ted

What? Where’d you come from – Angie

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