#HocusPocus2 – VOD Reviews

Hocus Pocus 2 – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 47 minutes

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As the town of Salem gears up for another Halloween, Becca and Izzy plan to celebrate Becca’s 16th birthday with a trip to Gilbert’s magic shop, some spells in the woods, and a horror movie fest. Cassie can’t believe they are doing the same thing again, then her boyfriend, Mike, misspeaks that Cassie is throwing a party. Becca, Izzy, and Cassie were best friends until Cassie started dating the popular jock, Mike. 

Becca and Izzy visit Gilbert’s magic shop and gleam at his story about the Sanderson sisters and their return in 1993. Gilbert says Becca and Izzy are his favorite customers and tempts them the buy Angelica Leaves, and because it’s Becca’s birthday, he gives her a candle. He declares a witch gets her powers at the age of 16. Becca and Izzy go to their secret place in the woods, light the candle, and say an incantation. When they hear singing in the woods, they blow the candle out. However, the flame reignites and the Sanderson sisters, Winnie, Sarah, and Mary, appear before them. Winnie tries the call Book, but it doesn’t come (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The sisters get a whiff of Becca and Izzy and can tell their teenagers. After Zachary tricked them, the sisters raise their hands to kill Becca and Izzy. But the girls tell the sisters their 40, idolize them, and want to help them. The sisters want to know what potions they use to look so young, so Izzy and Becca take the sisters to Walgreens. After looking down a few aisles, the sisters realize Izzy and Becca tricked them, so they go to their old home, now Gilbert’s shop. Gilbert unlocks Book and gives it to Winfred. He witnessed what happened in 1993 and looked for a way to bring them back. So, he gave Becca and Izzy the black flame candle hoping they would light it. Izzy and Becca run to the Gilbert’s, and the sisters put them in a dungeon. They look around Gilbert’s shop and see a re-election flyer for Mayor Jefry. Winnie can see he is a descendant of the dreadful Reverand Traske.

On Winnie’s 16th birthday in 1653, the Reverand decided that Winnie should marry his son. It would provide a man of the house after the sisters’ father’s passing. Winnie refused because she was in love with Billy. The Reverand gave Winnie one more chance, and she said no again. He decided to take her sisters, Mary and Sarah, away, so Winnie wouldn’t be a bad influence. They fought and ran into the forbidden woods. There, a witch saw them and could tell Winnie was something special. The witch gave Winnie Book and told her not to say the all-powerful spell, Magicae Maxima. 

Today, for Winnie, living forever isn’t enough. She wants to be the most powerful witch ever so she can kill Jefry and destroy Salem. She tries to read the Magicae Maxima spell, but Book won’t let her. Winnie decides she doesn’t need Book. Instead, Winnie uses Gilbert to get the ingredients for the potion. One ingredient is the blood of her enemy. Winnie’s enemy is Mayor Jefry because he is the descendant of the Reverand, and he is Cassie’s dad. She gives Gilbert one hour to get all her ingredients, or he will die. Overhearing everything, Izzy and Becca must find Jefry and Cassie, stop the sisters from becoming all-powerful, and destroy them for good. Or the Sandersons will demolish Salem and Jefry’s bloodline.

The sequel to Hocus Pocus packs all the drama, slap-stick comedy, and singing fans expect and need (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The script takes the sisters out of their element and puts them into Walgreens. Fans will delight seeing them interact with the doors, adoring fans, and Roombas. And let’s not forget their first encounter with an Alexa device. In addition, you get the sister singing a Blondie classic and enchanting the town as they did in the last movie. Hocus Pocus focused on their youth and children, but this movie focuses on their sisterhood. Winnie, Mary, and Sarah do care for each other. A fact lost in the first movie with constant insults and gut punches. For newbies, you don’t have to see the first movie to enjoy this sequel. The plot gives a brief synopsis of what happened. To the lovers of the cult classic, you will have this one in your Halloween rotation every year.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I made an inference – Becca

I don’t know, but I literally can not stop watching them – Izzy

No more luring children to their demise – Sarah

Oh, know I don’t want space – Mary

How many children’s souls are in those potions – Winnie

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