#EasterSundayMovie – Movie Review

Easter Sunday – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 55 minutes

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Jo takes his son, Junior, to school and promises to make the teacher-parent conference later. Junior could be on academic probation and lose extracurricular activity privileges without this discussion. The meeting is at three, and Jo has an audition at 2. Jo tells Junior he will make it. 

The audition runs late, but Jo does a great job. Jo turns to leave for the conference, but an assistant stops him. They want Jo to do the lines in a Filipino accent. Jo refuses and calls his agent, Nick, on the way to the meeting. Nick points out that Jo does the accent in his stand-up routine. However, Jo only uses the accent when he imitates his family. He doesn’t use the accent as a punchline. Nick pretends to lose the connection and hangs up. Then, Jo’s mom, Susan, calls and wants to know if Jo is coming for Easter Sunday dinner. After a guilt trip, Jo says he is coming and bringing Junior. 

Jo and Junior arrive at a battlefield between Susan and Jo’s aunt, Teresa. The two women have been in a feud for decades, but no one knows why. Jo’s sister, Regina, tells Jo that Teresa is hosting Easter lunch and Susan is hosting Easter dinner, but neither is attending the others. And Susan doesn’t want Jo to go to Teresa’s lunch either. The family, including Regina, expects Jo to bring peace. Regina laughs at Jo’s predicament and leaves for work. 

Jo sees his cousin, Eugene, pull up in a truck he and Jo invested in. However, it’s not the taco truck Jo expected. It’s a Hype-truck. The truck shocks Jo. He can’t believe Eugene changed the plan and squandered his money. Susan tells them to stop arguing and go inside the church for the Easter service. Jo tries to talk to Teresa about attending dinner, but the battle ensues because Teresa bought the same dress as Susan. Jo sits next to Eugene during the sermon and wants to know where his $20,000 investment went. When the pastor hears $20,000, he assumes it’s Jo’s donation. Jo apologizes and puts in $40, but the pastor wants Jo to put his comedy routine to the test and preach in front of the congregation. Jo performs a skit about his family and gets Teresa and Susan to agree to go to each other’s Easter events. Jo thinks everyone is at peace, but the feud continues. 

At lunch, Susan refuses to eat Teresa’s food and tells Jo to do the same. Junior leaves the bickering to talk to Eugene about the Hype-truck. But Eugene starts to panic when he sees a man standing in the shadows and drives off. Junior attempts to warn Jo, but Jo is too busy refereeing his family quarrels and fielding calls from Nick. Soon, a man, Dev Deluxe, gets out of his car and tells Jo that Eugene owes him $40,000. Jo lied to his family and told them he got a part on a TV show, so Dev trusts Jo has the money. Dev expects the money from Jo by tonight or else. Jo finds Eugene hiding in Susan’s basement and demands a solution. Eugene unveils Manny Pacquiao’s gloves from his famous Las Vegas fight. Eugene stole the gloves from Dev because Dev took them from the arena. Eugene wants to sell the gloves to a Filipino for the cash and give the money to Dev. Jo feels like it’s a pyramid scheme but agrees. Jo concludes that he has a sound solution, but Nick calls. The network wants to talk about him doing the show without an accent, but he has to leave Easter dinner to make it to the meeting. Can Jo save Eugene, bring peace to Susan and Teresa, and get the role? 

Welcome to the story of an American family. It’s loud, funny, and complicated, but the love always shines through. Jo has a complex relationship with his mom, but he doesn’t see that he creates new mistakes with Junior. Jo isn’t judgmental, but he is absent-minded. Jo defends Susan but loves making Teresa proud. However, Susan’s praise of hustling Eugene annoys Jo. Viewers will connect with this family while watching this effortless comedy and find relatable moments. Unlike some movies, this one isn’t about generational trauma. It’s about disagreements, laughter, and karaoke. No family is perfect, but it will stand if love is the family’s foundation. By the way, what do you think about baby Jesus?

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

People who don’t know you think you’re charming – Junior

I’m 5 minutes away. 20 tops – Jo

You look just like your dad, except good-looking – Regina

And she doesn’t know how to season her food properly – Susan

See you, creeper – Tala

A lot of people think so – Nick

You’re doing 45 in a 25 in a Subaru. I should be arresting you – Vanessa

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