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Jurassic World: Dominion – Budget of $165 million – 2 hours and 26 minutes

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After Maisie freed the dinosaurs, the humans and animals must find a way to co-exist. While some mixtures of the species work, the influx of prehistoric lifeforms brings a new element of illegal activity. Claire forms the Dinosaur Protection Group to save them from poachers, breeders, and dinosaur fighters. She reports the violators to the authorities, who send the animals to Biosyn. Biosyn created a sanctuary in Italy for the animals and now researches them to develop pharmaceuticals.  

Doctor Ellie Sattler arrives at a cornfield infested with locusts. The owner captured one of the insects, and Ellie discovers something disturbing. The bugs are enormous and carry a genome from the Jurassic era. Ellie uncovers the locusts didn’t ravage the neighbor’s crops and ask why. The farmer tells Ellie the neighbor uses Biosyn seeds. Ellie takes the locust to the one person who can examine it.

At a dig site, Ellie catches up with Doctor Alan Grant. He looks over the insect after catching up with Ellie. He determines that her suspicions are correct and the bug is genetically modified. Ellie believes Biosyn created the insects to manufacture a global food crisis with their crop being the only food source. Ellie wants to go to Biosyn and investigate for evidence. Alan’s not sure how Ellie will get onto the facility because it’s under Top Secret security. Ellie tells Alan not to worry because she has a friend on the inside: Dr. Ian Malcolm

On the outskirts of Alaska, Claire and Owen privately raise Maisie because the world knows she released the dinosaurs. They warn Maisie to stay on their property and not go past the bridge that leads into town. But the defiant 13-year-old is going through an existential crisis. Maisie is a clone of her mother, so she feels like she doesn’t have parents, doesn’t know who she is, and shouldn’t exist. Maisie sees a small velociraptor in the woods with Blue’s markings. It’s Blue’s child, but Maisie can’t figure out how Blue had a baby with no males around. She names the small velociraptor Beta and feeds it. Soon, Blue steps in and gives a warning cry to Maisie. Owen steps out to help and calm Blue down.  

As Owen surveys the property, he hears Blue’s cries for help. He sees Rainn, a poacher, kidnapping Beta. Rainn shoots at Owen and misses. Owen looks up and sees a woman grabbing Maisie and pulling her into a van. Owen runs home to tell Claire that Beta and Maisie are gone, and they prepare to help. They run to the car, and Blue confronts them. Owen explains to Blue that the kidnappers have his kid too. He promises to bring Beta back, and Blue roars and leaves. Rainn stole Beta and Maisie with a purpose. Doctor Henry Wu needs them and their genetic makeup to fix his mistake and save the planet. The past and the future will collide to reveal the evil plan behind the lies of benevolence that is Biosyn.

The screenwriters attempted a massive feat by bringing the franchise’s past and present characters together along with the dinosaurs. It does help to watch Jurassic ParkJurassic World, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to understand each character’s backstory and the movie’s easter eggs (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). However, they took some liberties with Maisie and Charlotte Lockwood’s backstory. With Now This News commentary, the film attempts to give a brief overview of the prequel’s major plot points, but you don’t get an understanding of the character’s arcs. The CGI department created thrilling new dinosaurs and improved fan favorites. There are plenty of jump-scares, bone-crushing, and near-death close calls. Some are new, but others are a nod to the older films. This movie falls flat because it’s the same underlying story: two lost kids are inside a business with no respect for mother nature. While viewers could imagine a world where Jurassic Park and Jurassic World could happen, this installment strips that away and pushes the film into pure fantasy. This movie is thrilling, but nothing will top the first.   

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

He slid into my DMs – Ellie

Nope – Franklin

You made a promise … to a dinosaur – Ian

I have a mother – Maisie

What’s the plan – Owen

Whatever happens.  That’s the plan – Kayla

I have regrets – Claire

This isn’t about us – Alan

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